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Taupe Suits

There are very few suit colors that men pick without having a second thought. Gray is one among them but this mostly refers to charcoal gray. There are a lot of shades in gray but we tend to stick with the one that we think to be safe. But with the constantly evolving fashion world it is time that we think and dress different than our usual styles.Taupe suits are one of our recommendations for you to try out this summer. Here is everything that you need to know about Taupe suits and some tips on styling them.

As for the start taupe is a shade of gray that comes with a tinge of brown to it. It can be regarded as a dark or light shade depending on the season you are wearing it. There are different shades in taupe with the brown showing in different ranges. The dark taupe suits can be used for formal use in the winter season. The lighter shade of taupe suits are best to be used for semi formal and casual events in summer. Taupe suits are a great choice for weddings whether it be formal or casual.

Recently the taupe suits are having a peak time with many prominent personalities being spotted in the suit. For example the North Korean president recently became well known for his fashion choices. Taupe must be one of his favoritecolors since the leader is often seen in varieties of garments in the same color. A little while back in 2014 former USA President Barack Obama was spotted rocking a taupe suit on the podium while addressing a serious political topic. This received equal levels of both criticism and admiration. But the fact that taupe is a powerful color of suiting option still remains to be noted.

Mens Khaki Suit

Taupe suits have a slightly neutral shade that will help you style the garment best. Taupe has a earthy tone to it which can be paired with many colors. According to the event you are attending you should select the shade of the taupe suits you are going with. The classic shade of taupe suits have a proper mix of gray and brown and thus gives out a neutral shade. But if you want to try something new you can go with little more stylish and sophisticated shades of taupe suits. The taupe suits with gray as a dominant shade gives out a steely and cool look when compared to the classic taupe suits. These taupe suits paired with a white dress shirt and navy blue tie is a good look for any formal wedding. Complete the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

Taupe suits with more of a brown tinge to gray makes it look warmer compared with the steel taupe suits. These suits are better to be worn to summer events like beach weddings and cocktail parties. These taupe khaki suits look great when paired with warmer shades of red, olive greens and dark blues. A khaki taupe suit paired with a white button down shirt and a plaid tie is a laid back look for a summer event.

Another thing that you should note when it comes to selecting the taupe suits is the material from which the suit is made from. If you are styling the suit for a formal event that is set to happen in winter then it is best to go with wool taupe suits. But when you go with lighter shades of taupe suits that you are wearing in summer then it is advisable to go with lightweight materials. Cotton taupe suits are the best for formal events and is considered to be the best light weight alternative to the wool taupe suits.Taupe Linen suits are best reserved for semi formal and casual use since the material tends to wrinkle fast. Linen taupe suits might be a great choice when you pack for summer vacation or travelling. Silk taupe suits might be a good choice when you dress for special occasions. The natural fabric taupe suits have great Breathability characteristics and therefore is comfortable to wear. But they can be quite expensive for a budget buyer. If you are looking for cheap priced taupe suits then you should give the synthetic ones like polyester taupe suits and rayon taupe suits a try.

Slim fit taupe suit Other than the solid taupe suits you can go with the ones which has patterns on it when you need a distinct look. Plaid taupe suits can be a good choice for men who like to make a bold fashion statement. You can select the pattern based on your requirements. Bold checked taupe suits might be a good choice for casual events while tighter checked taupe suits can be used for formal and semi formal events. Other than this you can also go with taupe pinstripe suits and polka dot taupe suits depending on your requirements. Taupe pairs exceptionally well with gray and this can be a great advantage since gray is considered to be one of the most formal colors in today's fashion world.

The fit of the taupe suit also matters a lot to deliver a proper look.A taupe slim fit suit paired with fitting dress shirt and a narrow tie is a good look. The slim tie will easily complement the cut of the suit giving a desirable look. A skinny fit taupe suit paired with a medium blue dress shirt and dark blue thin tie is a good look. The tie can be made of shiny silk material or of mixed textures. Classic fit taupe suits are a good choice when you need to go with the garment that you can wear the whole day comfortably. The classic fit is more comfortable to wear when compared with the slim fit taupe suits and skinny fit taupe suits since they have some more room. People who are not satisfied with these fits can try out the big and tall taupe suits.