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Mustard Suits

If your wardrobe is filled with navy, charcoal and black suits then it is a clear indication that you are not a fan of brighter colors. But it may also mean that you do not go through the inconvenient process if styling the bright colored suits since you think that they are hard to pull off. If you are one among the latter group on men then here are some tips that will help you style the bright colored suits like mustard suits in an easy manner.

Single Breasted Mustard Suit The reason why we suggest you to go with mustard suits is that they do not exactly come under the bright colored category since they have a slightly muted shade when compared with the bright yellow suits. Mustard suits are not a usual style to find in most mens wardrobe but it has become a style favorite among men who are sartorially aware. In recent times mustard suits and other mustard garments are constantly making an appearance in the fashion shows and even in the red carpets. This made us notice the mustard suits and find out why they are having a popularity surge.

The subtle yet stylish look of the mustard suits is one of the main reason why it is preferred by most men. If you are a person who wants to try a new style but do not want to go over board with then mustard suits are the best choices to go with. Also mustard suits can be a versatile garment when you know to style it right. Here are some tips that might help you in the process of styling the mustard suits incase you opt to try one.

Since mustard is comparatively a bright color it is best to style them with subtle dark colored garments. Black and blue pair well with mustard and this is works out be a great advantage since most mens wardrobe are filled with black and blue garments. While you pair the mustard suits with dark colored garments it makes the mustard suit the main piece of the outfit thus making it stand out. When you pair the mustard suits with brighter colors like red and green since they will for sure clash with the mustard thus spoiling the look of the whole outfit. Other than the dark shades light ones like pink and light blue might also work especially the pastel shades.

The mustard suits are a good look when you attend a semi formal or casual event. They might be a little over the top when it comes to formal events. Also mustard looks best in the warmer months of summer and spring since they might stand out too much in winter and fall. For a summer wedding type look you can pair a double breasted mustard suit with a white dress shirt and burgundy leather double monks. If you are the groom then aim for a little more formal look by going with a mustard 3 piece suit complete with a tie and a pocket square. You can add a boutonniere for a dressy look. If you are the guest to the event you can pair the single breasted mustard suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie which is a simple yet elegant look.

For a smart casual style you can pair the notch lapel mustard suit with a white T-shirt and a pair of white canvas high top sneakers. For a more dressy yet stylish look you can pair the peak lapel mustard suit with a white dress shirt that has a top 2 buttons left open. Get the summer vibe by adding a white wool hat and brown athletic shoes. A single breasted peak lapel mustard suit paired with a purple turtleneck also a distinct style to wear.

Mustard Zoot Suit

Other than the solid mustard suits you can also try out the patterned ones. mustard Striped suits and mustard windowpane suits are good for a subtle look while the mustard floral suits and Paisley mustard suits gives a dressy look that is best for special occasions. If you are not ready for patterned mustard suits then you can start out slowly by pairing the solid mustard suit with patterned dress shirts. For example a 2 piece mustard suit paired with a navy floral dress shirt is an outfit that has a summery vibe to it. You can complete the look with a pair of gray slip on sneakers. The 3 piece mustard suits give a little more formal look than the 2 piece ones. You can go with a matching mustard vest or you can go with the odd vest for a distinguished look. Navy blue vests or black vests might be a good choice to try on with mustard suits.

Another advantage with the mustard suits is that you can style them as separates. For a smart casual look you can pair the single button mustard suit jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. You can complete the look by adding a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots. For a dressy look you can pair the mustard slim fit suit jacket with a black dress shirt and black dress pants. The contrast of the mustard with black will create a nice look which you can complete with a pair of black suede loafers.

For a casual look you can pair the mustard linen suit jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt and mint chinos. Complete the look by adding a pair of light blue sneakers. For a vintage look you can pair the mustard classic fit suit jacket with navy knit wool turtleneck and navy plaid chinos. Add a tan wool hat and tobacco leather brogue boots for a classy look. Mustard suit pants paired with a striped shirt and a navy suit jacket is a good look that you can even wear to your office. For a casual style you can pair the mustard suit pants with a light blue denim shirt.