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Grey Windowpane Suit

window pane suits are back in fashion and increasing people are rocking the style with time. Window pane suits consists of a square pattern made of thin or thick stripes that are arranged in a grid style which much resembles a old style window pane. They have a European feel to it and once were exclusively the realm of audacious British sartorialists. These are the best choice for men who are newbie to patterned suits and are looking for a subtle one. Its simple yet flamboyant style is the right fit if you want a effortless elegant look.

The patterns on the windowpane suits are more rectangular than square. This gives a illusive look that can make a larger sized man look slimmer and a slim man look beefed up. The patterns in that suit are the cause of this and selecting the pattern carefully is the key point. If you are a slim man and would like a slight puffed up look go for a pattern that is more of a square. On contrary if you want a slimmer look go for the rectangular pattern. This elongated patten when paired with the right fit can give you a taller look than in turn makes you look slimmer.

Another benefit is that these suits are best for people who find it hard to coordinate their outfit in terms of colors and patterns. This simple straightforward look makes it easier to attain a undemanding outfit.

If you plan on this outfit as your office wear stick to subtle colors. This outfit can work as a whole suit but it is better to avoid it to serious meetings since it can give you a indifferent vibe. For these type of events it is better to go with the seperates that is pairing the windowpane jacket with a coordinating outfit. Stick with classic colors like black or grey and you are good to go.

If you are looking for a more casual style you can go with grey suits. They range in different shades from dark grey to light grey. A white shirt looks good when paired with a grey suit. It is better to add a pop of color in the tie that mostly suits with the color of the patterns on the jacket. If the outfit is wholly light then go for red or burgundy suits so that your grey outfit doesn't look washed out.

loafer If you are looking for a outfitsoutfit that is more formal go for thinner patterns on grey suits that give you a blended look that doesn't pop too much. Wider light colored patterns can be chosen for a more casual look and can be paired with light colored shirts other than white. A powder blue shirt paired with dark grey shirt looks good especially if the patterns are light blue. This can be paired with a navy colored tie. Just keep in mind to get the right fit tailored since loose fit can make the suit look outdated.