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Fitted Suits

Fitted Suits

When it comes to a suit, one of the most popular pieces of advice that a man receives is to give attention to the fit of the suit. Manliness, masculinity, and all other terms relating to it definitely lies in this factor what we call as ‘fit’. Having said that, people sometimes get the wrong notion of it, this piece of article will throw light on how a fitted suit should be.

  • Jacket length:The hands are a good marker when you need to know the right length of the jacket. Yes! Your suit jacket should fall past the waist and swathe over the top of the curve produced by the butt area.

  • Shoulders: Shoulder measurement is a defining feature to count on for a well-fitted suit and it should lie flat. To make it very clear, the line of stitching on top of the shoulder should be the same measurement lengthwise as the bone under it, and should meet up the sleeve of the suit right where your arm meets your shoulder. As with shoulder construction, post-purchase alterations would be a blunder, so do not buy a suit that has an ill-fitted shoulder.

  • Lapels: as with lapels, you should be conscious of the tie you will be wearing because lapels should correspond to the suit width. Lapel width, lapel roll, lapel type are the main elements that you need to mull over on.

  • Cuffs: as far as cuffs are concerned, you need to make sure that the suit sleeve doesn’t rise above the cuff entirely. Likewise, the jacket sleeve shouldn’t cover up the big and tall short sleeve dress shirts completely.

  • Button stance: Your jacket’s second button should lie just above your belly-button, never below

Now that you know what the predominant parts to concentrate on are, when you are buying a suit. If you are introducing suit to your wardrobe for the very first time, try for the one that is not too slim neither not too relaxed to be on the safer side. Irrespective of what you buy from MensUSA, be it a tuxedo, a dress shirt, a three piece suit or a belt, you can be sure of having the best bang for your buck and it will give you the desired fit as well. Browse through our entire suit collection and you will love them all.

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