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Mens Blue Suit Gray Vest

Three piece suit style is gaining a lot og popularity in the recent times and we thought we could make a suggestion for you. This is a style that you do not have to think twice before styling. Blue suit gray vest is the topic of today’s discussion and we can assure you that it is a style for all. Blue and gray are both the colors that men tend to feel comfortable wearing and if we are right you already have a wardrobe full of blue and gray garments that can last a lifetime. Instead of always going with the same styling it would be better if you give it a new twist which is by going with blue suit gray vest outfit. As mentioned before this is an easy style but we would provide you with some tips on how to make the look work for different occasions.

When it comes to blue suit and gray vest style there are a lot of variations you can try out. Textured garments and patterns on the suits or vests can be added so that the outfit is more interesting. Depending on the type of look that you need you can choose the right outfit.

Three piece suit style like the blue suit with gray vest inherently offer a more formal look when compared to the 2 piece suit looks. Thus instead of simply styling the suit for any day it would be better if you pay attention to the formal events where you want to look dressed up. For example weddings and important dinner events are some of the occasions where styling the three piece suit style would work a great deal. All it takes is to spend some time getting the basics right and then you are ready to rock the outfit style.

There is no need for a lesson on styling the navy blue suits for men since most of the working men spend too much of their lifetime wearing it. But when we mention blue suits we do not only mean the navy blue suits since there are numerous shades in blue. Instead of sticking with the same old navy suits always it would be better if you try to find a different style that would match the vibe of the event.

For example if you are attending a formal wedding then definitely a navy blue suit gray vest outfit would work but you might risk looking like you came straight out of the office. Thus instead of the navy blue suits you can choose to go with the midnight blue suit gray vest or such. If it is a summer wedding and you are allowed to go with the brighter styles then you should try choosing royal blue suit gray vest style. Other than this there is also the option of going with the light blue suit gray vest style but know that it would offer a much casual and relaxed style when compared to the navy blue suit look.

As for the patterns on the outfit most people tend to avoid it thinking that it is hard to pull off. But this is not the case if you choose the garments right. When it comes to gray vested blue suit style it would do you good if you choose one patterned garment whole keeping the other one solid. For example if your suit is patterned then choose a plain vest and vice versa. Adding too many patterns might create a busy look thus rendering your outfit shabby. If patterns are not your style and you want a subtler choice then we would suggest you to choose textures. Textures give a deep look for the garment and make it look more interesting. Mens gray vests especially the ones in lighter shades looks great with the textures and you can utilize this well.

If you are convinced about trying out the mens blue gray suit outfit but aren’t very clear about the styling aspects then we are here to help. We have compiled some of the best blue suit gray vest outfit ideas for you and this can help you find the right one that fits your need. Starting with the formal outfit that you can wear to a formal office event without even giving a second though we would suggest you to style the blue classic mens suit with a dark gray vest, white dress shirt, burgundy tie and a white pocket square. This would be a simple yet smart look that would be appropriate for any formal event and make you look relevant.

On the other hand if it is a more casual type of event like a wedding then you can go with the lighter shades. If you are the groom for the event then you can choose to style the royal blue suit with a light gray windowpane vest, white dress shirt and a dark brown tie. Add a boutonniere to the lapel of the suit and then complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes. This would be a perfect gray blue wedding suit outfit to walk the aisle.

If you are a fan of the tonal styles then you can choose to style the classic blue suit with a blue gray vest, a white dress shirt and a classic blue tie. This classic blue gray vest outfit can be completed with a pair of black leather derby shoes. If you consider the patterns too much on the suit or the vest then you can keep it simple by adding a patterned tie to the otherwise plain outfit. For example you can style the gray blue slimfit suit with a white dress shirt, light blue gray vest dress and a white and blue polka dot tie. To pull this look together you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather shoes. Instead of the blue suit gray vest outfit you can also choose the gray suit blue vest outfit since both the colors pair with each other well.