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Olive Pinstripe Suits

Olive is one of the most underrated colors especially in mens formal clothing. But a well tailored olive suit is a great look that you can wear to almost any event given that it is styled right. If you are interested read further since in this article we discuss the olive pinstripe suits and the reasons why you need to get one for your wardrobe collection.

Olive Wedding Suit Olive is a great color that you can easily wear to formal settings even to work. Olive is a dark yellowish shade of green and green is usually a color that is associated with country side clothing and nature. Thus people may hesitate to use this color for formal office settings and that is why we add pinstripes to the mix. The pinstripes have been a formal pattern for a long time. From the time of their origin they have been associated with bankers. It was typically the uniform of the British bankers and the banks differentiated the workers based on the thickness of the stripes and space between the stripes in the pinstripe suits. While the pinstripes were at the height ov popularity the economic crisis came and the bankers pattern declined in sales. During this time the manufacturers opted for a different strategy by introducing the pinstripes in casual garments like T-shirts and such. This strategy worked and proof of this is the striped garments that we use on the daily basis.

Olive suits might be a great look for a regular day at office when you know to style the garment right. It will make you stand out from the people wearing the usual navy and charcoal gray suits. If you are hesitant about using bright colors for work then olive is the best choice for you. It has a muted shade that conforms well with the formal setting and thus might be the style choice that you want to try without going over the top.

2 Button XL Suit If you are thinking of styling the olive suits for business use then here are some recommendations. The fabric from which the suit is made plays a major role in the look. For a business olive pinstripe suit look it is best to go with slightly heavier fabrics. Olive pinstripe Wool suitsand olive pinstripe tweed suits are the usual recommendations. You can adjust the weight of the fabric keeping in mind the season at which you are intending to wear the garment. A worsted wool olive pinstripe suit paired with a white dress shirt and a blue tie is a great style. You can finish off the look with a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes. When you need a boardroom worthy look you can go with a olive pinstripe 3 piece suit.

When you need a smart casual look with the olive suits here are some recommendations. With the corporate world changing the smart casual outfits are becoming the major sensation. When you style it right you can easily wear the smart casual outfit to your office as well as to the any semi formal and causal events. For a regular day at office you can go with peak lapel olive pinstripe suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and dark brown suede double monks. You can add a beige overcoat to complete the look. For a little more casual look you can go with pairing the notch lapel olive pinstripe suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and white canvas high top sneakers. Single breasted olive suits are easier to style in variations like formal and casual styles. Olive pinstripe Double breasted suits are the best for a formal events but you can also style them as smart casuals. For example a double breasted olive pinstripe suit paired with a navy dess shirt and black tassel loafers is a great style. This is a good style when you attend semi formal events since they give a perfect balance between the formal and casual style.

Olive Green Mens Suits Olive Green Wool Suit Olive Business Suit Olive 2 Button Suit

For a casual style you can pair the olive suits with casual combining garments. These casual olive pinstripe suit styles are best for summer events like beach weddings and cocktail parties. If you are the groom and is going with a summer wedding theme then you can pair the olive pinstripe shawl lapel suit with a white dress shirt and a tan silk tie. You can complement the tan tie look by adding a tan pocket square and a pair of brown leather tassel loafers. If you are the guest to the wedding then you can go with the casual 2 piece olive pinstripe suit and pair it with a beige polo. You can complete this simple look by adding a pair of charcoal fringe leather loafers. For a weekend look that you can rock to the clubs you can pair the single button olive pinstripe suitwith a floral white and black casual shirt. Complete the look by adding a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a effortlessly stylish look you can pair the olive pinstripe linen suit with a pink dress shirt that has the top 2 buttons left open. You can add a brown wool hat and a pair of brown leather brogues for a perfect look. The rough texture fabrics like worsted wool olive suits and tweed olive suits might offer a great look to these semi formal and casual events.

Pinstripes make the wearer look tall and lean and this should be kept in mind while styling the garment. Go with a nicely fitted suit to get the maximum benefit. Skinny fit olive suits and olive pinstripe slim fit suits will offer a great look for a person who wants to look taller. For a versatile choice you can opt for modern fit olive suits. You can wear this suit to both formal and casual events. olive pinstripe Classic fit suits are for men who like a roomier style when it comes to formal garments.