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Men's Crushed Velvet Suits

Hunting for a suit that you can wear to the special occasions? One that would help you look like a million bucks? Then our suggestion for you is to go with the crushed velvet Men's suit. This might be a new style for most people since we all would have heard about the velvet suits but the crushed velvet Men's suit is a different territory. It is always best to try out new styles now and then. crushed velvet Men's suit is one of these styles that aren’t very common and thus would deliver a cool look. In this article we discuss more about the crushed velvet Men's suits and some of the best ways in which you can style them for the different events.

We will start with explaining what is the crushed velvet Men's suit since most people still don’t have an idea about the garment. This is a velvet garment but has a crushed look about it. The fabric is manufactured by applying heavy pressure to the material and pushing the pile to one direction. This created a patterned look for the fabric and it is also shiny. If you are looking for a garment that could give you an unique look you should definitely think of going with the mens crushed velvet suit style. Velvet has been a style favorite of the menswear in recent times. There are different styles available and crushed velvet suit is only one of these styles. Other than this there is also panee velvet, embossed velvet and many more. You can go through these styles and then choose the one that would suit you the best.

Usually we don’t see many men willingly go with the crushed velvet Men's suit or any velvet suit for that matter since it considered to be a flashy style and thus hard to pull off. The plush and soft fabric gives out a cool and trendy look for any type of event. You just have to think about the type of the event and then choose the style that would be appropriate. For example crushed velvet suit when it is of appropriate color would even get you through the formal events. Thus for an extent the color of the crushed velvet Men's suit dictates the events for which they can be styled and thus it is best to put some thought into it.

Another one thing that is a concern with the crushed velvet mens suits or any of the velvet suits is that most people do not know when to wear them. Velvet is not your regular fabric and we understand the confusions and hesitation surrounding it. Thus we have included some of the tips for styling the crushed velvet Men's suit mens for different occasions and different seasons.

Velvet fabric comes in different weights and thus does not have to restricted to one season. Often people associate the plush fabric with winter style but most times the velvet fabrics come in bright colors. While the thick fabric suits the winter it is not the case with the bright colors. Thus when you are choosing the garment it would do you good to consider the season of the event for which you are getting the suit. Crushed velvet is a light-weight fabric and thus you can style them for the spring or even to the summer events. Make sure that you feel comfortable in the style you are choosing. If you are getting the style for the first time then it would be great to buy it offline since you will get a feel of the fabric before you actually buy it.

Velvet suits despite the hostility surrounding them can be worn to almost all events given that the color and the combining garments are chosen right. But it would be best to avoid wearing them to anything related to work since it might be considered to flashy for it. But if there is a formal dinner event that is meant to be fancy then you can choose to go with the crushed velvet dinner blazer. This would provide you with a confident outfit that will get you through these events.

If you are the main character of the event like if you are looking for the groom outfit for your wedding day then you are allowed to go all out with the look. For example you can even go with the crushed velvet 3 piece suit since it is your special day we are talking about. crushed velvet Wedding suit is a common pick among the grooms but most settle with the crushed velvet suit jacket or blazer. While this would offer you with a subtler look the 3 piece suit would ensure that all the eyes would stay on you and know that you are the most important person for the event even if there is a crowd full of people wearing suits and even tuxedos.

Whichever the style of the crushed velvet suit style you are going with make sure that you find the right color that suits the type of event you are attending. If you are trying out the style for the first time then we would suggest you to stick with the dark colors unless you feel comfortable wearing the velvet fabric suit. crushed velvet mens Black suit and crushed velvet navy suit are the ones that are most recommended since most men feel confident with the colors. Even while these colors are very common we will ensure you that the crushed velvet suit in these colors will be sure to stand out among all other simple fabrics like cotton and wool.

While these are the most versatile choices you can also have some fun with choosing the colors. For example crushed velvet green suits and burgundy crushed velvet slimfit suits are some of the styles that are known to have a stunning look since the color works beautifully with the fabric and creates a deep and cool look.