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Light Gray Pinstripe Suits

The light gray pinstripe suit is a good choice when you need a versatile outfit that you can wear to both formal and casual events. While the darker shades of suits are more formal the gray suits are gaining a large fan following in the corporate world. And gray being an neutral color and further aided by the pinstripe pattern will make it a good alternative for your usual navy suits and charcoal gray suits. If you are already thinking of getting a light gray pinstripe suit then here are some ways to style them to a lot of events.

Grey Stripe suit Light gray pinstripe suits also are versatile since they pair well with almost all colors. Thus if you are a sophisticated suit wearer who loves you experiment with different styles in your existing wardrobe then light gray pinstripe suits are one of the best recommendations we could give you. When it comes to light gray pinstripe suits some would have difficulty distinguishing between the light and medium tones of gray. If you are one among them then one of the easiest indicators is that if the white lines of the pinstripes stand out easily then it can be considered to be medium gray and if the white pinstripes considerably blend in then it can be termed as light gray. The shade of the suit is one of the most important elements that determine the look of the suit and thus it is better to select it carefully.

Though we mentioned that light gray pinstripe suits can be used has a formal wear it has its limitations as any other light colored suits do. You can wear the formal light gray pinstripe suit to a semi formal dining or dancing but it is better to avoid wearing it to a regular day at office since a light gray pinstripebusiness suit is almost an impossible feat. Other than this you can also style them for casual events like summer parties or a casual day around the town. Pinstripes are formal patterns but it is rarely present on the light colored suits. Hence style the garment carefully. The patterns on the light gray pinstripe suits are usually woven in darker threads so as to show the contrast with the lighter color of the suit.

Three Piece Vested Suit As for the season at which to wear the light gray pinstripe suits it is mostly recommended as a summer or spring garment. The light shade of the suit might stand out too much in winter and thus it is best to avoid in for winter and fall. Since it is predominantly a summer garment it is best to go with lightweight light gray pinstripe suits since it will keep the wearer more comfortable in the hot day. Light gray pinstripe Wool suits are also available but when you go with lighter ones like gray pinstripe cotton light suits or light gray pinstripelinen suits then you can also be comfortable. Other than these usual choices you can also go with seersucker light gray pinstripe suits. When you need a cheaper priced one it is best for you to choose synthetic ones like polyester light gray pinstripe suits and rayon light gray pinstripe suits.

If you decide to go with one of the lightweight styles of light gray pinstripe suits then another thing that you will have to note is the fit of the suit. Linen and cotton are light and thus the fit might not be perfect when compared to the wool suits. The linen suit tends to billow on its own and thus it is important that you choose the perfect fit. Light gray pinstripe Slim fit suits are a good choice but if you want a still more fitting look then you can go with light gray pinstripe classic fit suits. The modern fit light gray pinstripe suits are considered to be a versatile choice that you can style to both formal and casual events. If you are not still satisfied with the fit then you can go with lightweight light gray pinstripe wool suits since the material itself has a natural drape thus perfectly fits your body type.

As for styling the light gray pinstripe suits here are some ideas that we think might be good choices when you want to style the outfit. For a formal look that you can wear to a summer wedding you can go with light gray pinstripe double breasted suit paired with a white dress shirt and dark brown Paisley tie. For a complete look you can add a pair of dark brown socks and dark brown fringe leather loafers.

2 Button Suit 3 Piece Grey Suit Grey Wool Suit Grey Vested Suit

When you want a versatile garment that you can style even as separates you can go with single breasted light gray suits. A single breasted light gray pinstripe suit paired with a white dress shirt and navy Paisley tie and black leather derby shoes is a nice look. For a more grounded look add a black overcoat. When you need a casual look you can pair the notch lapel light gray pinstripe suit with a red polo and white canvas low top sneakers. Other than this you can also pair the peak lapel light gray pinstripe suit with a white crew neck tshirt and white canvas low top sneakers.

You can choose the look of the light gray pinstripe suit depending on the prominence of the stripes on the suit. For a strong look you can go with a dark striped light gray pinstripe 3 piece suit. The contrasting black stripes on the light shade of the vested light gray pinstripe suits will give out a bold look. But if you want a subtle look then you can go with light gray pinstripe suits that come with lighter colored stripes. Also you can style the combining garments by matching them with the color of stripes on the suit. For example a black striped 2 piece light gray pinstripe suit paired with a black crew neck sweater gives a balanced look.