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Blue Windowpane Suit

Patterns are a hot thing when it comes to men's suits. They add dimension, texture and flair to your outfit. But most men are unaware of the shirt and tie combinations to match with the patterned outfit and thus actively avoid it. Thus knowing some key points can give you a great look.

There are a lot of varities in the patterns that are available so choosing a right one may seem a daunting task. If you want a simple look you can start with smaller patterns like thin stripes and dots. Striped suits have the reputation of being old fashioned but with some simple tips the style can take a whole new turn. The key is to select stripes that are pencil thin that are subtle when compared to the suit color.

If you go for a more refined subtle look stick with simplistic large prints. Window pane suits are definitely for men who likes to dress flamboyantly. It has a European feel to it. Window pane suits has slim lines that cross each other to make shapes like old style window panes, hence the name. They have been trending recently and not without reason. Window pane suits have the patterns that give a paradoxical look that makes a slimmer guy beefed up and larger man slimmer. This is because of the patterns and choosing the right pattern matters the most in attaining the look.

If you are a person who finds it draining to coordinate the colors in your outfit then window pane suits must be choice. The uniform pattern gives you an easy way out match the shirts and ties with the jacket. These suits are simplistic and straightforward and when you crave for subtle elegant outfit you can always turn to the window pane suits.

Next thing to consider while selecting a suit is the color for the occasion. Window pane suits slightly leans towards the formal side of clothings and it is better to choose basic colors like black, blue and grey. Sticking to darker colors may be the right option when you decide it to be a office wear.

loafer When it comes to selecting the shirt that goes with the outfit a crisp white shirt always works be it for any color of the suit like black or blue. But if you are into minute detailing you can pair the color of your shirt with the color of the pattern on your suit. For example if you are wearing a blue window pane suit with boxes patterns of light blue then you can select a shirt that matches the color. Plain shirts can give you a good look but if you opt for patterned shirts remember to contrast the pattern of your shirt with the pattern of the suit you are wearing. If you are wearing a blue window pane suit then make sure your shirt has tight patterns like fine striped shirts that contrast with the large window pane patterns of the jacket.