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4 Tips on Buying Affordable Suits for College Students: College is a time for having fun, and half of the fun is in looking good! Sure, a suit may not be what you wear to class each day, but college is full of networking events where you are likely going to want to make an impression, and what better what to get that initial bit of attention than to dress to impress! Still, being in college isnt a time when youre usually dripping money, so take a look at these tips for finding yourself an affordable suit without sacrificing your aesthetic!

Tip #1: Dont Listen to Your Elders

Almost everyone knows the old saying, usually prefaced by the word son, invest in one good suit, its all youll ever need. But times are changing. First, it is no longer so socially acceptable to only own one suit, which you will drag out for every wedding and brush off for every event. Just like wearing the same dress, people do start to notice. Second, money is no longer such a huge barrier. The reason men used to only own one suit is that one suit was really expensive. But now you can find suits that are acceptable for about $100 and suits that look great for under $500!

Tip #2: Do Some Research

The truth is a $100 suit could look terrible. So before you put down even that amount of cash, do a little background check on the garment. First, look into the type of fabric it is made of and at all costs avoid synthetic fabrics! Second, look at the fit and make sure it will suit your body type. Above all else, avoid a boxy jacket!

Tip #3: Go for a Classic Fit Suit

4 Tips On Buying Affordable Suits for College Students - Buy A Classic Fit Suit
The Classic Fit

If youre looking for something traditional and dont mind sacrificing all the bells and whistles of a more expensive suit, then there is really nothing better than a classic 2 button suit, like this

Tip #4: Dont Skimp Out on Cleaning

4 Tips For Buying Affordable Suits For College Students - Suit Care and Cleaning
Care For Your Suit

This one might seem like a no brainer, but no matter how cheap your suit may have been, be prepared to spend a little more of your hard earned green on the dry cleaners. You wont regret it.

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4 Tips For Buying Affordable Suits For College