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Leonardo Dicaprio Black Suit

While there are all types of style icons in Hollywood it is rare to see one who has been consistent with his style ever since the start. We are talking about Leonardo DiCaprio since the man has never stepped out looking less than sharp for any event. While the man has donned on many hats in the silver screen and did it well his off the screen look has always been consistent. Thus if you are a person who likes to dress in a conventional and gentlemanly way then Leonardo DiCaprio might be a great style inspiration for you. In this article we discuss about the Leonardo Di Caprio black suits and some of the best ways you can style the garment.

Black suits is not a new style when it comes to men's fashion and it is possible that most of the men's first suit is the black suit. While the black suits have always been the standard garment for the important events. Even in black tie events the black suits are the norm since there is nothing more formal than the black suit. The classic black suits are the ones that are most recommended for formal events like weddings and such. The black suits are the first recommendation for the groom attire since black is a color that is said to represent eternity.

While the black suits have always enjoyed a reputation of being a classic in menswear in recent times they are avoided stating that they are too obvious and boring especially among the younger generation. But the truth is black suits are never going to stop being the classic and we are always going to back to the style. Thus it would be a better choice to style the classic black suits in modern ways. If you think that it is impossible then you need not look further than the Leonardo DiCaprio black suits style that he wears to almost all formal events.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most photographed men in the world and this does not seem to bother him much. Though there are some endearing papparazi photos of leo in sweats or shorts when it comes to formal events like press releases or premiere of his movies Leonardo DiCaprio has never looked less than perfect. This does not mean that he goes on exploring the newest trends in fashion but he sticks with the most basic ones like black suits and he has become one of the most stylish icons of this time.

He has proved that black suits can be the perfect choice for any type of event that you are attending. There are some serious style lessons that every man can take from him. Thus if you are thinking of reinventing your black suit in your wardrobe or thinking of buying a new one here are some Leonardo Di Caprio black suit ideas that might help you get some classy and stylish ideas.

While the actor went into mountain man mode for his film ' The revenant' but when we showed up for the press tour he looked great in a simple black suit. For the event he showed up in a sophisticated dark suit paired with a contrasting light colored shirt and nicely tailored trousers. He also showed up for the premiere in the same type of outfit. The peak lapel Leonardo black suit was the epitome of class when paired with a white dress shirt. He left out the tie option instead leaving the shirt open for a few buttons at the top. He completed the look with a pair of black leather formal shoes. One thing that we can take from Leonardo DiCaprio black suit outfit is that it is a classic look that any man of any age can easily pull off. Also you can wear this style to almost any semi formal or casual event.

You can alter this standard Leonardo black suit look according to the event you are attending. For example if you want to attend a formal event like a black tie event then you will need to dress up this formal Leonardo black suit outfit by adding some details. For example you can style the same Leonardo black suit with a white dress shirt with French cuffs and add a black bow tie. This is a good look for the black tie event or any type of formal event where are you are required to dress up. To complete the look you can add a white pocket square and a pair of black patent leather shoes.

Now if you are attending a semi formal event then the style that Leonardo DiCaprio wore to the premiere would be sufficient. For a still more formal look you can go with the Leonardo DiCaprio black three piece suit look. The vested black suit look would give you with a little more formal and elegant look when compared to the Leonardo DiCaprio black two piece suit look. When you need to try out something different than this Leonardo DiCaprio black classic suit look then you can swap the white dress shirt with a black silk dress shirt or a navy dress shirt. The dark suit look is more stylish when compared to the usual black suit and white dress shirt look. Though the dark Leonardo black suit look would not work for strictly formal events it is best to reserve them for the semi formal and casual events like dinners and dates.

But if it is for a event that you need to dress up then you can opt for a Leonardo DiCaprio black silk suit and then pair it with a black satin dress shirt and add a black tie. It might be a better choice if you go with the shawl lapel Leonardo black suit since the style looks more dressy. The Leonardo DiCaprio all black suit look will be sure to capture much attention in a subtle way.

The real life style of Leonardo DiCaprio mostly revolves around the classic black suits and occasional blue suits. Once he also sported a Leonardo DiCaprio black plaid suit to the premiere of one of his films. He is regarded as one of the rare men in Hollywood with thorough taste and style. As for the material of the Leonardo black suits it mostly seems to be of wool. High quality wool Leonardo black suits are the common style when he appears on the red carpets. While the high quality Leonardo black suits give him an air of authority he complements the garment with proper combining garments.

Leonardo DiCaprio black Wool suits might be a good choice if you are looking for a formal garment that you can wear to weddings and such. But when you need a lightweight one then it would be a better choice for you to opt for Leonardo DiCaprio black cotton suits or linen Leonardo black suits. For special occasions where you want to look impeccable then you can also try out the Leonardo DiCaprio black silk suits or Leonardo DiCaprio black velvet suits. All these natural fabric suits might be of higher price especially if you are going with the high quality ones. If you are within a budget then you can opt for synthetic ones like polyester Leonardo black suits or rayon Leonardo black suits. These synthetic suits might not be very durable like the natural fabric ones and would need some maintenance. Thus if you want a budget style and do not mind compromising a little on the durability then the synthetic Leonardo black suits might be a better choice for you.

Now while the outfits that Leonardo DiCaprio wear for the red carpet events are simple and elegant he had done many roles in which the he portrays all types of characters. Some of them are regarded as best dressed characters even after years of its release. Here are some on screen Leonardo DiCaprio black suit costumes that we think can be a good style inspiration for you.

Inception is one of the most celebrated films in the Hollywood industry. The mind blowing thriller has a carefully picked out wardrobe choices for its characters. The film had six main characters and all had their unique wardrobe choices which matches their character. Thus most of the suits for the main characters were specifically designed. Also the film was based in a corporate atmosphere thus suits being a main part of the actors wardrobe.

Now when it comes to Leonardo DiCaprio black suits in inception it was specifically designed for the particular character. Leonardo DiCaprio in this film plays the role of dom cobb who is a professional thief who cons his victims by infiltrating their dreams. Most of the suits that he wore were dark and monochromatic thus giving him a complex and intense look that suits the character.

In a scene Leonardo DiCaprio wears a classic black suit that gives him an elegant look. The traditional Leonardo black suit look was one of the much celebrated one and he wears this look for one of the most special moments in the movie. As for the details of this inception Leonardo black suit it is double vented with four buttons on the cuffs. The single breasted Leonardo black suit also has one welt pocket and two jetted pockets. The Leonardo DiCaprio inception black suit is paired with matching flat front pants. The Leonardo black suit trousers are lined to the knees with two slant pockets and two rear pockets.

If you are thinking of going with the Leonardo DiCaprio inception black suit costume for any costume event then you can pair it with a classic white dress shirt when solid black tie. If you are into details then complete the look with the slicked back hair of the Leonardo DiCaprio in the scene.

The next outfit that you can try out is the Leonardo DiCaprio great gatsby black suit. In this 2013 movie Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Jay Gatsby. This movie is based on a book and in the book the character which Leonardo DiCaprio plays is well known for his fashion choices. True to that Leonardo DiCaprio shows up in every scene with an impeccable style of suits. In one of the scenes he is seen wearing a high quality black suit and this is our style reference. The Leonardo DiCaprio gatsby black suit at this scene is three piece with satin facing collar. The three button Leonardo DiCaprio black suit also comes with flapped pockets and gauntlet cuffs. At that time people who wore three piece suits were considered to be rich since they could afford the extra fabric involved in the making. The peak lapel Leonardo DiCaprio black suit is a good choice when you attend any of the formal or semi formal events since it gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. The Leonardo DiCaprio great gatsby black suit costume is completed with regular fit matching trousers, white dress shirt and a black bow tie.

The next style reference is from the another 2013 film wolf of the wall Street. In this Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Jordan Belfort who is one of the biggest scammers in US stick exchange history. The suits for the film were designed by Giorgio Armani and to trace the characters evolution he starts off with gray and green tone suits and later ends with dark toned suits. leonardo DiCaprio black Striped suit costume is one of the signature styles in this film since it represented the 80s and 90s.

Which ever the Leonardo DiCaprio black suit style you are choosing make sure that you go with a nicely fitting one. Leonardo DiCaprio black Slim fit suits and Leonardo DiCaprio classic fit black suits are the ones that are best to imitate his on screen characters.