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John wick suits

If you are a fan of action movie genre then you would definitely watched the John wick movie franchise. The simple storyline combined with the impeccable acting style if Keanu reeves makes an impossible story connect so deeply with the people. Truth be told it can be considered to be one of the best American action movie franchise till date. So if you haven't watched it already give it a try. While this is a great movie with a lot to rave about the detail that we choose today to rave about is the John wick men's suits. In this article you will see all you need to know about the John wick men's suits and how you can make the style your own.

John wick franchise started out slow with simple storytelling that did not help us know what we are getting into. Even the title is the name of the main character and it too leads to nothing. But as the story progresses we are pulled into the story and this resulted in the great success of the movie franchise. The first movie of the John wick franchise came out in 2014 and then followed by two other in 2017 and 2019 respectively. All three films were considered to be a success both critically and commercially. The 4th film in the franchise is set to be released in 2022 and the 5th film is also said to be in progress.

As for the costumes on the John wick film most of the time he is seen wearing suits. If you note the details in the John wick men's suits then you would see that the character is written to have a good style in clothing and especially in impeccable tailoring. You might wonder what makes the John wick men's suits so special than the suits from movie franchises like the James Bond and kingsman. The thing is the John wick men's suits have nothing notably special about them and this is the thing that makes them stand apart. If you are a suits lover and you also happened to have watched the James Bond franchise then you would know that getting a James Bond type suit would require a huge budget. This is the same with the kingsman suits. But when it comes to john wick men's suits you can see that they are one of the best but you need not burn a hole in your pocket if you want to get the same type of John wick men's suits.

The sleek john wick men's suits are elegant in their look but most of the details involved here is with the tailoring of the suit which makes it a great choice when it comes to budget. If you know a good tailor then chances are high that you can get a similar suit to the John wick men's suits. The John wick men's suits for every movie were designed by Luca mosca and he is a well known name in the styling department. For example he has dressed Gary oldman for the 2013 thriller paranoia and also Dwayne Johnson for the action film the skyscraper. But he is well known now for the careful yet simple designing of the suits for Keanu reeves in the John wick franchise.

At the first glance the John wick men's suits might look to be the same as the usual black suits that mafias and contract killers wear but the details on the suit are the ones that makes the suit special. The idea for the John wick men's suits was obtained by the designer working closely with the films directors and Keanu reeves himself. The color and the texture of the John wick men's suits were one of the main considerations while the fit of the John wick men's suits remained to be one of the most focused detail for the creation of the suit.

There are slight detail changes in the John wick men's suits with every new film in the franchise but the designer seems to retain the original design intact with only making the changes to refine the existing design. This was because of the fact that the John wick men's suits were received well in the first film and thus the template remained with only slight changes in the new films.

In one of the John wick films there is a scene in which Keanu orders a suit from a tailor in Rome. While the suit that comes is not if authentic Italian style some of the details point to the direction. There are a lot of things like the suit fabric, fit of the suit, the details on the suit and many more that you will have to note when you need to perfectly imitate the john wick men's suit style. John wick men's suits are a great Halloween costume choice for men who does not like to slip down on the dressing style even if it is for a fun event.

To start off let us start with the fabric choice of the John wick men's suits. In the film Keanu reeves plays the role of a badass hitman who is trained in impressive combat skills and many more. Most of the we are used to our action hero's fighting off the villains in spandex suits and capes but with John wick it is a normal suit and this means that the suit needs a lot of details that makes it work. In the film the John wick character seems to be wearing suits that are made from bulletproof fabric and with a little stretch woven into the material. As for the details that made the John wick men's suit work for the action sequences the designers had to allow spaces in suits for pads that will ensure the safety of the actor and also tiny pieces of fabric called gussets which were inserted into the jacket sleeves and the trouser legs which ensured the stretch of the fabric without it tearing off. But these details might not be important if you do not enter into life threatening fights on a daily basis. Therefore it might be better for you go with simple wool John wick men's suits or even cotton john wick men's suits. Most of the time the wool suits might work but if you want a lightweight summer alternative then you can also opt for John wick linen suits. If you are on a tight budget then you can opt to go with polyester John wick men's suits or rayon John wick men's suits.

Brown Suit Jacket After you decide on the suit fabric of the John wick men's suits you will have to start next with the basics. Most of the time you will see the character in John wick black suits which makes the choice even simpler. Most of the men tend to have a black suit in their wardrobe which can be a good choice when dressing for Halloween or any costume event. But remember that due to the simplicity of the John wick men's suit you will have to focus more on the details so that the look is recognisable.

When it comes to the John wick men's suit jacket it is always single breasted with flap pockets. The 2 button John wick men's suit is a great choice since it suits most of the body types. The notch lapel John wick men's suit is also provided with double vents in the rear side and the jacket with higher armholes. These are details that are usually not required for a body type like Keanu reeves but considering the profession of the character in the movie these details are put on place so that he will have more freedom of movement near the hips and the legs portion. Also most of the time Keanu reeves wears the single breasted John wick men's suit jacket unbuttoned for the same reason.

As for the John wick men's suit pants it also follows the simple designing of John wick men's suit jacket. The flat front John wick men's suit pants comes with no cuffs and higher rise which are the details that aid the free movement of the wearer. As for the length of the john wick men's suit pants it comes with no break at the end so that there will never be a case in which the character trips because of the excess fabric. Also the John wick black suit pant legs are slim fit and are tapered without it being overly suffocating.

As for the combining garments the John wick black suit is combined with alternating cycles of several dress shirts. Most of the time he is seen wearing a white dress shirt sticking to the theme of a simple outfit. Sometimes he is seen wearing a black dress shirt or a dark grey dress shirt with the John wick black suit. While most of the times the dress shirts are ordinary with usual detailing there are scenes in which he wears the shirts with French cuffs and cufflinks. Knowing the fighting skills of the John wick these small materials can also be a possible killing weapon for the character. There are some scenes in which he is seen wearing the John wick men's suit with a black turtleneck or goes with a John wick three piece suit style with an addition of a black vest.

Slim fit Suit
The next main thing to note with the John wick men's suits is it's fit. As we mentioned before the fit of the John wick men's suits is one of the major detail that makes the garment look great. While in the film the John wick men's suits are custom made by the designer Luca mosca himself most of us would not afford to go with the custom made John wick men's suits. There is a rumour that more than 200 John wick men's suits were made as a backup for a particular action sequence in chapter 3. The key to the perfect fit of the John wick men's suits is to have a fit that will allow space for movement and flexibility. For this classic fit John wick men's suits might be a good off the rack option. But if you are not much onto the physical activity then you can simply go with the John wick slim fit suits or the modern fit John wick men's suits. Whichever the fit you are going with make sure that you choose the one that you will comfortable in. As for the extra details that will make the look perfect you can add some accessories to the John wick suit style. The signature John wick men's suit style to go with the all black style. Thus it might be a great choice if you pair the John wick black suit with black leather belt, black socks, black leather dress shoes and black tie. In the film he is a person who is mourning the death of a loved one and thus the all black look perfectly resonates with the state of mind of the character.

Another major detail that you will note in the John wick costume style is the timepiece that the character wears in all the films. Go with the bold wristwatch and for a keener detail you can wear it facing inside the wrist as Keanu wears in the film. This is a deliberate detail that will avoid the glare from the sun for the character. As for the tie that he wears with the John wick men's suits he seems to wear it with a tie bar. Also you can go with cufflinks with the suits style which is another signature look of the John wick style.

Lastly when you are going with the John wick men's suit look the main thing to keep in mind is to go with a simple style. Never stray much away from the black, white and gray styles maintaining the sombre look of the garment. While John wick men's suit is a simple style you can get from your existing wardrobe you can also go with the option of getting it as a whole from online sites that offer the John wick men's suit sales.