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Lavender Suits

Two-Button-Lavender-Vents-Suit Purple is one of the trending colors in the year of 2020. Since the definition of purple is vague as a color somewhere between red and blue purple comes in a lot of shades that can give you different looks depending on the one that you prefer. One of the shades of purple that is gaining a lot of spotlight in recent times is the lavender suits. This is surprising indeed since the purple being an unconventional color is hesitated to be chosen even in darker shades let alone the lighter shades like lavender. Thus we bring you everything that you need to know about the lavender suits and the facts on why they are getting the importance that they deserve.

Mens-Three-Buttons-Purple-Suit Purple is a shade that is often connected with royalty. This is because of the fact that the purple dye was hard to extract in the earlier times and thus they were reserved for the kings and other Royal members. But thanks to the technology that we have now purple has become a common color that can be attained by people who love to wear it. But the sentiment still remains and the purple color still remains to be a color which reminds us of a noble look. For a long time the color and shades of it like lavender were not noticed much in the menswear but recently the designers have taken notice of the color and the versatility of it.

Another major aspect that contributed much to the sudden boost in popularity of the lavender suits is the trending of the pastel shades in recent times. Pastel shades of red and pink are some of the colors trending even in formal garments like suits. The fashion show designers and our favorite celebrities are embracing the style. With this the common people are also trying out the style more. Therefore if you are thinking about trying out the dark purple suit style then it is the best time to try it out.

To start with the style there are some things that you should note. First to note is that the lavender is basically a light shade of purple and thus it is most suited for semi formal and casual events. Also the color of the suit also is influenced by the season at which you are wearing the suit. The lighter shades like lavender suits is a great look for warmer months like summer and spring.

Casual suits have a muted look to them. which is best for semi formal events. Another advantage with the wool suits is that the material gives a proper drape giving it a great look. If you are styling the garment for a casual event like beach wedding then you can go with linen lavender suits or cotton lavender suits. For cocktail parties and clubs you can go with seersucker lavender suits and for a cheaper price you can go with synthetic ones like polyester lavender suits and rayon lavender suits.

Lavender looks flattering on most skin colors and this is a major advantage for the color. Some colors tend to make a pale skinned person look paler but pinstripe suits give you a softer look thus looking great on a pale skinned person. Lavender has been a style favorite in women wear with even the queen preferring the color. Lavender is a recent sensation only in menswear and thus we can take out a leaf from the women's lavender styling ideas. The styling of the lavender suits mostly depends on the event you are attending and the formality of it.

Two-Button-Lavender-Vents-Suit For a semi formal look like a wedding you can go with beach suit. The vested lavender suit look gives a formal style that is great for the summer style wedding. A single breasted lavender suit paired with a purple vertical striped dress shirt is a nice look for beach wedding. Double breasted lavender suits are the recommended choice for a little more formal look.

These 2 piece lavender suits look are more relaxed when compared to the vested suit look. Apart from the type of suit another thing to note is the type of lapel on the lavender suits. Peak lapel lavender suits are a formal style while the notch lapel lavender suits gives a relaxed look. Shawl lapel lavender suits are recommended for events where you want to look dressed up. Shawl lapel lavender suits with black lapel is a trending style especially among grooms of summer weddings.

Two-Button-Lavender-Vents-Suit Apart from the solid lavender suits you can try out the patterned linen suits look. They give you a distinct look that makes you stand out from the crowd of usual suits. There are a lot of patterns available from which you can choose the one that suits your taste and personality better. For example pinstripe lavender suits are a good style for semi formal events. If you are trying out the muted look for business lavender suits then striped suits are the best. Other than this you can also go with plaid lavender suits or polka dot lavender suits. When you need a fun style that you can wear to parties and costume events then zoot lavender suits are the ones that are recommended.

The number of buttons on the suit also aids the overall look. Single button purple suits and 2 button lavender suits are the ones that are recommended for usual use. 3 button lavender suits and buttons more than that are recommended for tall persons who would like to have a balanced look. As for the fit of the suit it is important to have a perfect look since the light colored garments tend to attract attention more than the dark colored ones. Slim fit lavender suits and skinny fit lavender suits are the ones that are most recommended for a fitted look. Other than this you can go with classic fit lavender suits or Italian cut lavender suits when you need a little more relaxed fit of the suit.