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With the companies open and people getting back to work it is time again to upgrade your wardrobe. For the most part of the last year and this year we have been living in the loungewear and of course we are comfortable with it. But we also missed dressing up and now it is time again. Instead of going back to the same old routine of the navy suits and the grey suits it would be better if you choose a different approach. Black windowpane suit is our recommendation for today since we consider it one of the best styles that you can easily integrate into your business wardrobe. Here are the things you should know about mens windowpane suits and we hope that it will be your next purchase.

2 Button Suit Toddler Suit Suit Windowpane Suit Black Suit

People who aren't too much into patterns might not have an idea of what is windowpane suits. In that case we would like to explain first before going into the details of the suit. Windowpane refers to a checked pattern that comes from the intersecting lines. The checks resemble the old style of the window panes and hence the name. The windowpane pattern is bigger than the usual checks like the gingham check pattern or the plaid pattern. They are subtle and thus it is the one that is most recommended when you are a person who is trying out the patterned style for the first time.

Because of its subtle look you can style it easily for your work without attracting too much attention. The checks are more close to being rectangles than squares and this provides an visual advantage. The squares make the wearer look taller and slimmer making it a great choice for the short and stuffy men. Black windowpane suits would be a great choice for a regular work day at fall but if you are still not confident with the whole suit look you can style it as separates. Windowpane is one among the very few patterns which would offer a great look even when styled as separates.

Checkered Suit The look of the windowpane suit black outfit depends on the styling aspect. Depending on the event you are attending and your personal style you can choose the right combining garments. There are n number of ways in which you can style the black windowpane suit and we are here to provide some of these possibilities from which you can choose the one that impresses or suits you.

Black windowpane suit would provide you with a dressy look when compared with the solid suits and thus it would be best if you style the suit for the special occasions. For example a day of presentation or an important meeting would be perfect to be wearing the black windowpane check suit. For an impressive look you can style the double breasted black windowpane slimfit suit with a white dress shirt and a black solid tie. You can elevate the simple look with an addition of a white pocket square and a pair of black leather horsebit loafers. This is the CEO type look that would instantly give you an authoritative look while the single breasted suits might give you a toned down look.

If the weather is chilly and you want some warmth you can style the single breasted black windowpane suit men with a white dress shirt and a cream colored crew neck sweater. A pair of black leather Oxford shoes would be a great way to complete the look. If you are still feeling chilly you can add a long wool coat to the outfit. Other than this you can also try going with the black windowpane 3 piece suit. This gives out a more serious and dressed up look than the 2 piece suit look and is recommended for the special occasions. You can go with the matching black windowpane suit vest or you can choose the solid vests depending on your taste.

Plaid Suit As for the casual styling you can style the windowpane suits with the casual garments too. For a simple yet dressy look you can style the suit with a black turtleneck and then contrast the whole look by adding with the outfit a pair of white high top canvas shoes. If you are going with the windowpane black suit outfit for a summer wedding then you can style the suit with a light blue dress shirt and leave out the tie. Add with the outfit a pair of black sunglasses and dark brown suede tassel loafers for a cool look. For a laid back look you can style the slim fit windowpane suit with a light grey crew neck t-shirt and leave it at that. As for the footwear adding a pair of black socks along with black chunky leather derby shoes would be a great way to complete the look.

We have already mentioned that windowpane suits work great as separates too. Here are some of the black windowpane suit separates look that would help the beginners start with the style. A grey wool suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt, charcoal grey tie and a pair of mens windowpane suit pants is a classic workwear style. Adding a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers would make the whole ensemble come together really well. For a simple and elegant look you can style the windowpane check suit blazer with a light blue dress shirt and a pair of charcoal grey dress pants. Black leather loafers would be a perfect way to finish off the outfit in style. If you are dressing for a summer event you can dare introduce light colored garments into your outfit. For example a black windowpane suit jacket paired with a black dress shirt and a pair of white dress pants gives you an incredibly smart outfit. A pair of grey suede loafers would look right at home when added to this outfit.