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Blush Pink Suit

Pink has long been stereotyped as womens color and men have shied away from this beautiful color. But recent times have been seeing an increasing number of men embracing the styles in this color and also the fashion experts contributing a lot by introducing lot of choices to choose from. At the moment every piece of clothing that comes under menswear starting from t-shirts to blazers have been coming out in different shades of pink. So now is the good time if you would like to add this versatile color to your wardrobe.

Suits have been one of the staples of the menswear and thus the pink fever could never skip it. If you are already bored of your usual navy and grey suits then it is time to add some colors to your wardrobe. A three piece blush pink suit is a great choice to attract attention to any event that you attend. You can pair them with a classic white shirt and add to the mix a floral tie. Since theblush pink suit is the obvious centre keep the accessories subtle so that they do not divert the attention.

If you are going for a still more casual look then you can go for the two piece blush pink suit. You can go with lighter shades like blush pink especially for summer look. You can add a printed shirt to the mix and you are ready to vacation at Miami or Cuba. As for the footwear always keep in mind that light colors go well with all shades of pink be it dark or blush. If you are in the formal side of things then go with light colored loafers. They also can be worn in velvet. But if you are wearing a dark colored tie then you can go with navy shoes. As for casual suits strictly stick with trainers that are light preferably white since it greatly aids the summer look.

loafer The blush pink suits versatility is no joke. You can easily wear the two piece blush pink suit with your favourite t-shirt. You will just have to keep the t-shirt to light color and when you add on white trainers you get the slick casual look. The versatility of this outfit is good news for your wardrobe and at the same time for your wallet. When it comes to accessories choose the ones that enhance your outfit. Sunglasses is an obvious choice since it is like the first pick for summer look. You can also go with silver bracelets and watches since they look good with pink.

The added benefit with getting a three piece blush pink suit is that you get to play with different styles mainly the vest. Vest is a simple piece but gives you a lot of options when it comes to dressing. As for this blush pink suit you can just go all David Beckham by wearing the vest with trousers and ditching the jacket. You can also wear the waistcoatwaistcoat with jeans or light colored chinos complete with trainers.