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Light blue pinstripe suits is going to be the topic of today and we can already see people logging out of the conversation when they heard the word light. But hear us out. Light colored suits are greatly trending at the moment and if you have been thinking of trying out the light colored suit styles but never got to it this is the right time. Light blue pinstripe suits is a great choice for the people who are trying out the light colored suits for the first time for many reasons. Let us convince you why you should think about the light blue pinstripe suit mens for your next purchase.

As for the first reason there is no better color in which the men are comfortable with rather than blue. If there is a lighter shade of color which you can wear without feeling too self conscious it is going to be light blue. There are different shades even in light blue and depending on your taste you can find the right shade that suits you. As for the pinstripes you would have already known that it was the unofficial uniform for the bankers in the last century. Since then it has gone through questionable name tags but now it is considered to be one of the respectable and easily styled patterns in menswear. If you are a person who is used to the solid suits and trying out the patterned look for the first time then blue pinstripe suits is the best choice.

Summer Suit While the pinstripe pattern was mostly found only on the suits in the last century now it has become one of the common styles that you can find on literally anything starting from the t-shirts to the swim shorts. Thus pinstripe suits have also become a common style that would not earn you second glances. This is the reason why the pinstripe suits are considered appropriate for the formal events and even as workwear too. Thus when you get the mens dark blue pinstripe suits they are going to be a versatile garment that you can wear to different events. For a more casual event like a wedding where you want to look dressed up go with the brighter choices like the royal blue pinstripe suits.

Light blue pinstripe suits are best to be styled for the summer and spring events. It would give out a laid back and casual look for the fun events like the parties and such. Mens blue pinstripe wool suits are the ones that are usually recommended for the formal events but when it comes to blue pinstripe suits we would recommend you to go with the cotton or linen suits. This way you can keep the heat out while still feeling comfortable to wear the look for the whole day.

Styling the blue pinstripe suits might be confusing for the people who are starting out with the look for the first time. Thus we have brought you some tips on how to style them thus making your choice easier. Go through these styles and some more online and then find the right style that would suit you just right.

Instead of the standard styling of the suits like we go with the formal suits it would be better if you try something new. For your office you can style the mens blue pinstripe suit with a white dress shirt and navy tie and get the look over with. But for the summer and spring events you should include more colors and if not lighter shades.

3 Piece Suit For a simple and cool look you can style the light blue pinstripe suit with a light blue dress shirt and a brown tie. For a winning footwear option to add with the outfit go with a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes and grey socks. If you like to dress in shades then you can choose to style the mens blue pinstripe suit with a light blue dress shirt and a dark blue polka dot tie. To finish off your look in a cool and laid back way you can style the outfit with a pair of navy socks and brown suede loafers.

Summer weddings are one of the events where wearing the light blue pinstripe suits would be a great choice. If you are the groom and would want to look perfect for the event then we would suggest you to go with the blue pinstripe 3 piece suit. The outfit complete with a dress shirt and tie would make a great groom outfit. You can also choose the double breasted suits light blue since it also gives out a cool and dressed up look.

On the other hand if you are the guest then you can choose a more casual look. Here are some of the outfits that we consider are cool and trendy. For the first look you can style the light blue mens pinstripe suit with a white dress shirt and white pocket square. This outfit would look perfect when added with a pair of dark brown leather loafers. For a more casual and trendy look that is best for the casual events you can style the suit with the white dress shirt but instead of the formal shoes like loafers you can choose a casual look of white leather low top sneakers.

White looks great when paired with light blue but you can also try adding other colors to your outfit. For example you can kick up your style game by styling the 2 tone pinstripe blue suit with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black leather loafers. Usually when it comes to patterned suits we would suggest you to choose solid combining garments since we do not want the patterns to clash too much. But if the patterns on your blue pinstripe suit is subtle then you can try adding subtle patterns to your combining garments.