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Mens Cheap Fitted Suits

If you ask a person what aspect of the suit you should never compromise, there might be different answers. People who value comfort over everything would choose the quality of the fabric while the people who are very particular with their attire would choose the style of the suit. But there is one factor that you should pay the most attention – the fit of the suit. Properly fitted mens suits will provide you an awesome look irrespective of the other factors. Even if you had to choose the cheap mens fitted suits because of the budget, make sure that the fit is impressive. In this article, we would like to emphasize more on the importance of having mens fitted suits and the different options that are available to you.

Brown Suit The devil is in the details and this cannot be more true when it comes to suits. While most men focus on the major details like the fabric and style, fit remains to be the factor that most influences the look of your outfit. Even a cheap mens fitted suit can win over the badly fitted expensive suit. Hence take the time to know the details involved in getting the perfect fit for the suit.

You might be using the suit for any event – be it formal or casual a proper fit is important. Fit is the reason why custom made suits and some branded suits score better than off the rack suits. When a suit looks like it is made for you then it can make you look like a million bucks without even trying much. Look for the best quality fitted suits which would offer you this kind of look. Search the web with options like mens fitted suits near me and cheap fitted suit near me to find the right style of the suits. This would get you the list of the best sites and stores in your area that have the mens fitted suits on sale. If you visit the store, you can try on the suit to check the fit but not all of us can afford the time to check out various stores. Purchasing mens fitted suit online is much easier since it saves you a lot of time while also getting you to check out more options. You have the option of checking out the most fitted expensive luxury mens suits one minute but choose the low cost fitted suit the next minute – all without feeling the guilt.

How do I choose the right fit of the suit?

There are a lot of choices in the mens fitted suits. You can choose the designer fitted suits for men of you can choose off the rack suits. The most important thing would be to find the right fit that fits your body type.

Shiny Suit Most people prefer choosing the slim fitted mens suits since it offers a sophisticated and cool look especially when you are a tall and lean person. There is also the modern fit of the suits and classic fit. Classic fit suits have more room for the person so that they can comfortably wear the suit. Classic fitted suits are mostly preferred as office wear since the people want to spend their whole day in the suit. Modern fit is the fusion of the slim fit and classic fit suits and are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. You should know your measurements and then choose the fit that could deliver the best look for your body type. Here are some tips to know whether the suit fits you properly.


The shoulders of the suit is one major thing to be noted since it is almost impossible to be altered. The shoulder of the suit should sit perfectly on your natural shoulder and you should be able to move your arms freely while wearing the suit jacket. Most men immediately recognise the jackets with shoulders too small for them but most are okay with choosing jackets that are one or two size bigger than their original size. This makes the wearer look drowned in the suit that they are wearing. Hence make sure that you get the measurements for the shoulders right for the classic fitted suits for men.

Slimfit Suit Black Suit White Suit Business Suit

The neck portion of the suit jacket has the collar which should be properly noted while selecting the suit. The collar of a well fitted mens suit would perfectly rest on the neck portion. If you notice the collar standing away or the fabric around the collar bunching then it is time to look for a different fit. Standing away of the collar means that the jacket is too big for you but bunching of the fabric means that you need a bigger size of the Jacket.

Chest and body

The suit jacket ideally should have one or one and half inches of space between it and the shirt. You should be able hold two fingers between the suit jacket and shirt without trying too much. This slightly loose style is the perfect fit for the suit jacket since it allows you to move freely while wearing the suit.


While most of us spend time fussing over the fit of the suit jacket, we seldom pay attention to the suit pants. If you find crumpling in the seating area and you find it hard to sit and squat while wearing the pants then you should go with a bigger size of the stylish fitted suit. But if you find extra fabric creating a baggy look throughout the seating area and the thighs then go with a smaller size of the suit. As for the trouser cuffs you can choose to have half breaks or quarter breaks. But if you want a cool and stylish look like if you are choosing the fitted wedding suit for men then the better option would be to choose trousers with no break. Most people who choose mens dress suits tend to go with the no break trousers especially if you are intending to use it as workwear.