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If you have been thinking of adding something to your winter wardrobe then you should be going with the green corduroy suits. Most people would go with the safe choice of the wool suits but it can get quite boring with time. Corduroy suits would provide you with a new and fashionable look and green is the color of the season. For a long time we have believed corduroy to be a fashion for the middle aged people but in recent times the fabric has garnered a lot of attention. In this article, know more about the mens green corduroy suits and the various ways in which you can style the garment.

The corduroy fabric has been in use for quite some time now and the fabric has been in and out of style during this period. The origin of the corduroy fabric is traced back to the ancient Egyptian city called Al-Fustat. Around the second century, this city was the center for the tough woven fabrics like corduroy. It also served to be the country's capital for about 300 years. At the time of crusades, the officials ordered to burn the city down so that it's wealth does not get stolen. After this Cairo which is the nearby city gained prominence and later became the Egypt's capital.

The predecessor of the corduroy fabric was one of the legacies of the lost city. This fabric was called fustian and it is a heavy cloth without the raised cords like that in the corduroy fabric. There is record of the catholic Church being associated with the fabric since the priests were instructed to wear outer vestments that were made of linen or fustian rather than the expensive fabrics. The fustian was primarily used for the making of the pants and jackets. They faired well with the men of the working class because of the durability.

The corduroy fabric is believed to have inspired from fustian and the magic must have started in Manchester, England. Some claim that the corduroy fabric is of French origin but there is no definite evidence to any claim. Nevertheless corduroy came into style and people simply loved the style. For over centuries the style has thrived while being in and out of fashion. Recently the fabric has come in the spotlight again and hence we consider it to be the best time to try out of style.

Green Suit Corduroy has a soft and neat look which makes them preferable by people who value comfort. If you like velvet fabric but find it too flashy for your taste then you should be trying out the corduroy suit styles. The stylish and sophisticated look offered by the fabric is one of the best ways to spend your winter. While giving out a luxurious look, the fabric is also quite durable. You can wear them for the outdoor events both formal and casual. The fabric also holds the shape and required very less maintenance. The price range of the fabric is also reasonable.

Green seems to have impressed a lot of people recently since we have been noting increasing instances of people rocking the green suit style. If you are one among these people who have just found the appeal of green for the formal garments then think about adding the unique corduroy green suit to your wardrobe collection. Go through the various styles of the suits present and then choose the best quality green suits that you can find. Using options like corduroy suit near me can find the sites that have the garment on sale.

We would recommend you to purchase corduroy suit online rather than choosing them from the stores since with online shopping you get to check out the recent trends and make a well informed choice. You can also choose the range of price without being influenced by external factors. For example, you can be viewing the most expensive green corduroy suit one minute but decide to go with the green corduroy low cost suit at a drop of the hat. Your satisfaction and choice matters the most. Also you can easily find sites that have the green suits on discount.

If you are convinced about trying out the green corduroy suit style and want some ideas to be starting then we are here to help. When it comes to green suits, most people would prefer to go with the dark green shades of suits since they are more versatile than the brighter or lighter ones. With corduroy, it is always best to choose the dark shades of green since it gives a deep look for the outfit. Here are some of the outfit ideas for you.

For a simple formal style, you can style the double breasted branded green corduroy suit with a white dress shirt and a navy striped tie. You can tone down the look of this outfit by adding with it a pair of navy socks and dark brown leather brogues. If the cold needs more layers, you can style the designer green corduroy suit with a navy turtleneck, grey scarf and a navy overcoat. Find the outfit to be too overwhelming? You can dress down it a bit by adding a pair of dark green socks and dark brown leather tassel loafers to the mix.

For a polished smart casual look, you can style the green corduroy classic suit with a blue chambray dress shirt and an orange pocket square. To include a sense of stylish casualness a pair of beige suede tassel loafers and a beige trenchcoat can be added. For a refined and sophisticated style that would be great for the parties, you can style the costly green corduroy suit with a black turtleneck. A pair of black leather Chelsea boots would round off this stylish green suit outfit. For a simple contrasting look, pair the green corduroy wedding suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and then a pair of white low top sneakers.