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Mens Leonardo DiCaprio inception

If you are a budding movie buff or even a person who is aware of the Hollywood movies then you will have definitely heard about the movie inception. The movie is on almost all the best films and movies to watch before you die list. All the fuss surrounding the movie is 100% well placed since Christopher Nolan has made a masterpiece out of the film though it might require more than one watching. While basking in the brilliance of the screenplay and of course Leonardo DiCaprio's expert acting one other clever thing that gets missed out is the costumes. In this article we discuss the Leonardo DiCaprio inception suits , the reason behind their details and also how best to style them for people who are thinking of getting their own souvenir.

The mind bending sci fi thriller is ahead of its time and thus the wardrobe choices for the characters all through film also follow the same concept. For people who are aware of the plot of the film you would know that the film consists of many layers and it is easy to get lost in the fine area that blends reality and fantasy. For people who are new to the film the story revolves around the concept that people can enter others dreams and then use the secrets to your advantage. The film is equal parts scary as it is fascinating with the actors navigating the dytopian world and fighting in the zero gravity areas. Now while all these are great things about the film if you are a person who takes fashion seriously you would inadvertently be left with the question as to who made these suits and what was the concept behind the selection.

Inception is not a one man film thus Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits aren't the only ones that are carefully selected though he is the main character of the film. There are six guys in the film and when you note carefully each have their unique costume styles. This is because of the fact that the costume selection involved selecting costumes that reflected the personality of each character making the film more interesting. Thus the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits that you see in the film do not only serve as an eye candy and involved careful deliberation before they made on the screen. This again proves the importance of the clothing and the powerful role that they play on how people perceive you depending on the clothes that you wear.

Coming to the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits it matches the role that the man plays onscreen. In this film DiCaprio plays the role of dom cobb who is a professional their who enters people's dream and extracts details that would help con his victims. Cobb is a man who is haunted by his past and this results the designer with a complex character and thus the costume selection for the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits are carefully curated. When you observe carefully you would note that all the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits come in understated and subdued shades. This monochromatic palette of the Leonardo Di caprio inception suits well the intense character that DiCaprio plays in the film.

Off White Suit All the Leonardo Di caprio inception suits and the costumes for all the other characters were especially made for the film since the story in itself is too original to adopt the pretailored costumes. The costume styles of the film were designed keeping in mind a corporate atmosphere that is not exactly futuristic but in a way that the viewers cannot date it exactly. Jeffrey kurland is the costume designer for inception and the Oscar nominated designer has gone to great lengths to make the costumes work for the film. Not only the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits but all other costumes even the casual ones were made from scratch for the film. That is the fabrics for the costumes were bought and then were tailored as per kurland's design. This makes all the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits that he wore in the film to be designer ones and when you need an original like that it can cost you several thousands. But instead you can choose to get the inspiration from the film's costumes and choose the similar ones that are available at a lower cost. There are a lot of sites from where you can purchase the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits online. But it is important that you check the quality of the suits and the authenticity of the clothing site before you pay for it.

The fabric of the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits are an important detail to note since they influence the look of the outfit a great deal and also the quality. For example all through the film costume designer kurland has used fabrics of different weights and textures to get the modernised yet classy look for the suits worn by the protagonists. For example Michael caine who plays the role of miles a university professor is seen wearing a tweed jacket which suits his personality the best. Thus when you are getting the Leonardo DiCaprio inception suits for your own go with the ones in which you feel the most comfortable. In the film mostly the wool suits Leonardo DiCaprio inception are featured given that they give the most formal look when compared to all the available styles. There are even variations that you can try out like when you need a simple look go with flannel Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits but when you need a more interesting look opt for textures with the worsted wool Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits.

In the film you can note that Leonardo DiCaprio transitions to lightweight clothing at some points and this change in fabrics is inevitable considering the various shooting locations that the film employed like Tokyo and Morocco to name some. Thus if you are in a tropical country and would like to go with the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits then it would be best for you to go with the light weight ones. Some of the examples include Leonardo DiCaprio inception cotton suits and Leonardo DiCaprio inception linen suits since they keep the wearer cool even under hot temperatures. But when you are on a budget then the natural fabric Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits will be considered expensive. In that case you can choose to go with synthetic ones like the polyester Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits or the rayon Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits since they are much cheaper than the natural fabric ones.

The designer not only takes care in the design of the costumes for all the characters but also in the fit of the suits so that it matches the apparent timeline of the film. The film does not provide the year or any such details about when it is taking place and this makes the designer concentrate more on the personalities of the character to decide on the fit. As for the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits they are less traditional when compared to the suits worn by his anti hero counterpart don Draper in the film. The Leonardo DiCaprio inception classic fit suits are the ones that are most preferred through the film and this comfortable fit must have been selected to facilitate easy movements for the actor since the film consists of a lot of action sequences and of course running. Thus if you are a person whose work involves physical activities or you would prefer comfort over all else then the Leonardo DiCaprio inception classic suits are the best choice for you. But when you need a more versatile style of suits then it would be best for you to go with modern fit Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits since they can easily be worn for both formal and casual events. While the classic fit suits fit Leonardo DiCaprio in a perfect way you should also note that he is a well built individual of moderate height. But if you are a tall and lean person then it would be better for you to go with Leonardo DiCaprio inception slim fit suits or classic fit Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits since they better suit the frame of your body type. Thus knowing your body type and which type of fits would look the best on you is the key to selecting the outfits that will flatter your body.

Divaprio Suit Though the designer sticks with the classic cuts for the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits you can note that the suits also come with modern detailing which again makes them harder to place on a certain timeline. While these details keep changing for the costumes of different characters through the film one common thing you can note is that every one of the suits or the costumes are impeccably tailored to fit the actors in a perfect way. This is the most important thing to take away from the film's costumes since the perfect fitting is the key for any type of look that you want to achieve. Thus when you go with Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits make sure that you go with the well tailored ones. You can choose to go with the custom made leonardo Di Caprio inception suits or the designer Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits but they might get expensive. On the other hand you can get the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits online for cheaper price and then get it altered to your size with your tailor.

The color of the Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits or the film costumes on the whole is another detail where the designer has taken extra care. Most of the time DiCaprio is seen wearing dark suits with black ties so that the concept suits the brooding personality of the character. As for the formal Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits the first one to note is the simple tux that he wears for the party. The modern American style tuxedo is mixed with the traditional peak lapel and is then paired with a French cuff white dress shirt and a long tie. This simple Leonardo DiCaprio inception 2 piece suit is an indication that the character plays safe with fashion and goes with the simple choices. But when you take Arthur on the contrary goes all out with the 3 piece suit with studded tuxedo shirt and bow tie.

The Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits feature more palette when compared with the other character's costumes since he occupies more screen time. For example in the first scene that we see him he is wearing a corduroy Leonardo Di Caprio inception suit paired with a striped shirt and a striped grey tie. But in the next scene you can see the same grey Leonardo Di Caprio inception suit that he wears but it is in a better condition than that of the previous scene. This detail is put in place to indicate that in the previous scene DiCaprio is not in control of the dream while in reality the suit changes while he is in control.

When you need a classic Leonardo DiCaprio inception suits style then you can simply choose a dark suit and then pair it with a white poplin shirt and a matte tie. Leonardo DiCaprio inception black suit would do the trick since it perfectly matches the concept of futuristic yet timeless silhouette of the costumes throughout the film. Leonardo Di Caprio inception suits and even the casual styles that he wears have the more relaxed and rugged style when compared to the traditional and perfect look that the other characters wear. Other than the Leonardo DiCaprio suits inception some of the other pieces that are noteworthy in the film are the dark navy plaid flannel shirt that he wears with jeans which indicates the importance of texture to the outfit and also the brown leather jacket that he wears in the start which mirrors the 70s gangster look which nolan uses for the kidnapping scene.