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White And Rose Gold Suit

Wedding suit is one of the most important day in not only the womans life but is also one of the most remembered ones in any mans life. Apart from all the exciting wishes and congrats the stress of organising the wedding is one of the hardest moments in life. Though your groom suit men will have your back it is still hard to shop for all the necessary things. Now before all the stresses begin it is better to get your outfit for your wedding planned out so as to avoid the accumulation at the last few days.

Now your outfit for the day depends on the type of wedding you have and also the location in which it is happening. If you are thinking of having a winter wedding also in one of the halls in the centre of the city then it is obvious that your outfits should be dark colored and more formal. It is better to stick with classic colors like navy, dark grey and other colors. Black can be worn but it is best to be avoided and reserved for more gloomy occasions.

Now if you are going for a more casual type of wedding then it is better to have light colored theme. It is especially good for the outdoor weddings and the ones in beaches. The light in these places greatly aid the bright colors making them look beautiful. For these weddings go with less conventional colors like tan, cream, beige, white and rose gold. If you are not much fond of the whites then go with the off whites.

The advantage with having light colors is that they can be used as the wedding theme. These light colors look beautiful and instantly give out a festive feel. Rose gold with white is one such lovely color that looks beautiful.

Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular as silk suit styles especially in occasions that are connected to weddings. If you are a person who is already bored with the usual navy and black colors then it is time for you to explore the lighter colors which are a delight. The rose gold is one such color which combines the glamour and elegance of the golden color with a hint of pink. This color is undeniably romantic and what best color than it for a wedding. If your bride is going with a rose gold suit gown then incorporate the color into your suit to give a matching effect. If you are not going with white and rose gold suit although it is a good choice then try to incorporate it in pieces like in the pocket squares or the boutonniere. You can also play with the texture of the rose gold suit to give out a more romantic feel. If you are going to incorporate the rose gold into your suit then it is best to match the metallic accessories also in the color. The accessories like the watches, cuff links and in some cases even the belt buckles come in rose gold hues.