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When the Halloween nears or you have an invitation to any of the costume party the panic of picking out the costume for the event starts to set in. While there are a lot of styles from which you can choose it will be better to choose something that you already have in your wardrobe. Also if you are a person who would not to give up your impeccable style even for Halloween then you have the option of going with suits. There are a lot of choices like James Bond, Kingsman costume and many others which you can try out for the event. In this article we discuss the Al Capone suits and how you can style it properly for the event you are attending.

Al Capone Overcoat Al Capone costume might not be as popular as the James Bond costume but if you like your look to be slightly different making the people think about your costume then Capone suits might be a great choice for you. Now most of you would have heard about Al Capone but for people who don't know he was one of the most notorious gangsters in the 1920s. You might wonder why a gangster has this much popularity and continue to fascinate people even after more than a century of his birth. For this you will have to get to know a little about his life and choices that shaped his image.

Al Capone was a native of New York City and was born on 17th January of 1899 to immigrant parents from Italy. It was a family of eleven and Al Capone was among the nine siblings. His parents were known to be hard working people with his father being a barber and his mother a seamstress. Al Capone took over the needs of the family once he became involved with the mob.

Al Capone Costume Al Capone had a notorious start even in his childhood. Though he was good at the studies he did not conform with the strict rules in the Catholic school that he attended. Thus at the age of 14 he had to drop out of school since he Allegedly punched a female teacher in her face. After this he worked a lot of odd jobs and at last he joined the gang. Starting from the small robberies and many more his involvement with the gang grew after which he started doing big jobs. It was during one of these jobs he got the punishment of being slashed on the face which earned him the famous nickname 'Scarface'. Soon Al Capone grew in rank and became one of the most feared gangsters of all time.

Though he was one of the youngest gangsters he regarded himself as a man of style. He never stepped out without dressing properly. Al Capone was a big man and he dressed elegantly for the size. He was known to care much about his appearance so much so that he had the photographers take the pictures only from the right side so as to avoid the three scars on his left side of the face. Though he was famously known as scarface he was said to have preferred to be known as snorky which meany elegant and ritzy thus showcasing his importance of style.

The Al Capone suits were even famous at his time. He never slipped in terms of style and most of the time he was seen in three piece suits complete with a fedora hat so much so that this ensemble of Al Capone three piece suit paired with a fedora hat became a signature style for him. As for the fabric of the Capone suits he wore them all in the fines fabrics that can be found at that time. Most of the fabrics for the Al Capone silk suits or the blended Capone suits were mostly imported from Italy. The high quality Capone suits that he wore at that time is estimated to be about 6500 dollars in today's money. The Al Capone pinstripe suits and chalk stripe Capone suits were some of his favorites.

Brown Suit Al Capone Outfit Al Capone Black Suit

His love towards the high quality dressing mostly is connected with his rough childhood. As mentioned before he was a big man but he made sure that the style and the stitching of the suits were impeccable and suiting for his body. Most of the time Al Capone double breasted suits were frequented by him. He wore variations of the double breasted style like 4x1 or 6x2. As for the details on these Capone suits all of them has wide lapels and he wore the double breasted jacket with a vest and full cut trousers.

As for the colors of the Al Capone suits most of the time he stuck with conventional colors. Charcoal Capone suits and Al Capone navy suits were the ones that were mostly popular. Other than this for summer look he shifted to lighter ones like Al Capone tan suits and Al Capone beige suits. Being the fashion enthusiast that he was he also sometimes tried the brighter ones like purple and lime suits.

Mens Alcapone Suit As for the details he liked to be complete and thus he was mostly seen with the white pocket square that was added to all the suits that he wore. Fedora hats were usual for the man and most of the time it was of a light contrasting color compared to the dark suit. He also liked wearing expensive accessories like rings and more. He also was said to have an affinity to flashy and bling items and he also always chose buttoned barrel cuffs compared to the cufflinks.

His shirts that were worn with the suits were always white that came with a long point collar. As for the ties he went with the silk ones. Most of the time they were gray, red or blue with sometimes small patters like dots and stripes. When he wore overcoats most of the time they were double breasted made of wool but sometimes they were also single breasted. As for the shoes he liked to complete his suits elegantly and thus mostly preferred to go with black or brown leather oxford shoes. It is a popular belief that he wore black and white spectator shoes but he was rarely seen with it and if worn in the summer seasons.

Now after you know the basics of the capone suit you might have gathered the essence of the costume. You might also have deduced that the Capone suit costume is easier to style and sometimes even can be done with your existing wardrobe. 1920s were a time of gangsters and many emerged at that time. This has fascinated the men and even today Hollywood tries to capture the lives of these people at that time. Al Capone was a man of many legends and thus his story is one of the most interesting ones that you can find. Thus Hollywood was fast to take up his story and make it into a film. ' The Untouchables' was a film that came out on 1987 and follows the life of Elliot Ness and Al Capone and was set in the time of prohibition era. This was a time when the alcohol was illegally distributed in the country and the gangsters controlled the network. Robert De Niro was casted for the role of the Al Capone and his method performance was greatly applauded at that time.

The costume design of this film was on point and this also attributed to the popularity and the success of the film. Thus if you are thinking of trying out the Al capone suit costume then you can take some ideas and inspiration for the film. Here are some ideas from the film that we think might help you with the styling process.

Mens Suit In one of the exciting scenes of the film Capone and Ness confronts each other. This was a fictionalized scene and did not take place in real. In this Robert De Niro opts to go with a light Al Capone gray suit costume. This suit was cut from the tailors who used to work for the real Al Capone. Robert was well known for his method acting and it is said that he personally tracked down Capone's tailors so that they have a realistic look of the gangster. Now you might not need to track down the tailors but you can go for a well fitted light gray three piece Capone suit paired with a white dress shirt and black tie.

In another scene Ness confronts Capone in the hotel when he is heading for a baseball game with his son and bodyguards. Though he is heading for a baseball game De Niro still looks impeccable. In this scene he wears a gray peak lapel Capone suit which is made of silk. Again when he attends the court session he wears the gray silk Capone suit which is hardly the style a man would choose for such a serious occasion.

Under both the single breasted capone suit he wears a white dress shirt with large spread collar and the French cuffs which are fastened with the use of silver links. The slightly floral patterned tie that he wears at the court scene was a tribute to a real one that the man wore on a occasion with his lime green suit.

As for the costumes that you will have to get ready so that you can impeccably imitate the style are being discussed below. For a gangster Capone suit it is best to go with the double breasted suit that comes with wide lapels. Single breasted suits might also work but make sure you go with the three piece look for this one. As for the fit of the suit it is best to go with Al capone slim fit suits or Al Capone classic fit suits since the suits at the 1920s were well fitted. You can also go with custom made Capone suits since they will give you a well fitted look.

Grey Al Capone Suit The Capone suit jacket that you are opting for should be buttoned up high. Dark gray Capone suits are a good pick and this might be a easy choice for you since there is a great chance that most men have dark gray suits in their wardrobe. But if you want to stand out a little with the Al Capone costume then it would be a better pick to go with white Capone suit which might be even better if you go with a white chalk stripe Al Capone suit.

As for the material it will be a good choice to go with high quality wool Capone suits but silk suits were also a favorite of the gangster. When you need 1920s style then you can also give the tweed Capone suit a try. Other than the usual styles the brown pinstripe Capone suits were also a common style for casual meetings.

For the Al Capone suit trousers make sure that they are high waisted since it was the trend at that time. The fit was narrow with flat fronts until the 20s after which the pleats and wide fit was introduced. As for the vested Capone suit look make sure that the vest is also high with 6 buttons and notch lapels. Complete the look with a dark colored overcoat that will give the Al Capone outfit that you are going with an mysterious feel. Al Capone overcoats are mostly black or brown. Make sure that you don't forget adding a fedora hat. Go with a beige Al Capone fedora hat that contrasts with the dark color of your suit. For extra points you can add a cigar which is a detail that will make you Al Capone costume impeccable on all ways.