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Mens Royal Blue Slimfit Suits

Blue has always been a comfort color for most men and this seems not to change in the near future. With blue being one of the colors that gets easily included in almost any kind of dress codes it is time that we get to know it beyond the one shade that we are obsessed with. Navy blue suits are indeed the essentials for any man's wardrobe but know that there are also other shades of blue suits that you can try out. Royal blue slim fit suits are our recommendation for today and we consider it to be one of the strong contenders which has the potential to even replace the navy blue suits in the future. Read further to know more about why you should think of getting a royal blue slim fit suit and also some of the aspects of styling it.

Blue Suit Royal blue is a brighter shade and would offer you a vibrant look so that you don't look like you stepped out of the office right then. To be simply out royal blue slim fit suit men is like the exciting cousin of the navy blue suits and sometimes we do need the hype. We of course know that the navy blue suits are styles that cannot be simply ignored but that does not mean that you have to wear them for any event that have the slightest semblance of formal in it. Royal slimfit blue suits provides the people who are used to the navy suits an out to try out new styles without freaking out. Some people might be uncomfortable going with the light blue slimfit suits or any light or bright colored suits but would also be bored with the navy suits. Royal blue suits would be the perfect middle ground for these people.

The shade of royal blue slim fit suits are close to the blue slimfit classic suits since they both have a quirkiness that is absent with the navy blue suits. As for styling the royal blue suits with the right combining garments you can style them anywhere – be it formal or casual events. Thus choosing of the combining garments matters a lot with these suits. Take some time to figure out the type of look that you need and then choose the right styles.

You can style the royal blue fit suits to your office day but it would be best if there is a special occasion especially if your workplace still follows rigid dress code rules. Outside of work mens slimfit blue blazer suit would fit in almost anywhere and thus you do not need to worry much. linen slimfit Royal blue suits are one of the style favorites of the men who are going with the summer outdoor weddings. Royal blue slim fit suits as the groom attire would offer a perfect look since it would make you stand out from the crowd of people wearing navy suits. You can also style the royal blue slimfit suit mens for any type of special events where you want to look dressed up but in a subtle and polite way.

Slimfit Suit Royal blue slim fit suits are of course one of the favorite red carpet outfits for the celebrities. There are many instances where different celebrities rocked the royal slim fit suit outfits for different events and we have compiled some of the best ones for you to take a look. Going through these outfits might help you find the style of your own or the one that suits you.

Chris Hemsworth

If you are looking for an subtle style that would make you look sophisticated but without much of a fuss then you should take Chris Hemsworth as your outfit inspiration. For an promotional event that the Marvel star attended he was seen wearing a men's blue slim fit suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and a white pocket square. There were no extra accessories except for the black belt and the pair of black leather loafers. If you are attending a wedding or any semi formal event and would want to look casually stylish then consider this outfit.

Tye Sheridan

Royal Blue Suit On the other hand if you are looking for a style that would help you get through the workplace dinner event that you organized then we would like you choose Tye's outfit style for the lionsgate event he attended. For this event the X-Men actor was spotted wearing a royal blue slimfit pinstripe suit that he paired with s white dress shirt and a navy blue tie. He finished the look with a pair of black leather formal shoes. This is a no brainer look that would make you look appropriate for any type of the formal events you attend.

Michael J. Willet

If you are a fan of tonal looks and wouldn't mind going all blue for the event you are attending then Michael's outfit is the perfect look for you. For the M tv music awards event the American actor was spotted wearing a royal blue slim fit suit that he paired with a light blue long sleeve shirt and a pair of navy leather formal shoes. You can also try introducing different shades of blue combining garments and experiment with the style.

Gerald Butler

If you have had enough with the formal styles and would want to try out a smart casual or casual look then we would suggest you to copy Gerald Butler's look. The 300 star was seen sporting a royal blue slimfit suit that he paired with a simple white crew neck t-shirt and then completed with a pair of black leather wholecut shoes. This would be a stylish yet acceptable look for the semi formal events and would even work as blue slimfit wedding suit outfit if you are the guest. If you are a fan of patterns and textures you can also go with choices like royal blue slimfit check suit and such.