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Mens Grey Wedding Suits

If you have been attending weddings for quite some time now you would have seen the shift happen right before your eyes. The 1990’s and the early 2000 grooms all stuck with the black tuxedo attire for their weddings but in recent times there is much more innovation happening here. Grey wedding suits are another one of the styles that have been considered to be a style favorite for most grooms. What is so special that the grooms are ditching the ever classic black tuxedos and choosing it as alternative? More so how to best style the popular trend? We have all the answers here at the article and we urge you to take some time reading it.

Grey of course has become one of the most popular styles in menswear and some consider it a better alternative to black. Grey is no better a color than black since it also is a neutral shade but you can see the appeal with the numerous shades of it present to make a choice. It ranges from dark to light and depending on the type of the event you can choose the shade.

Coming back to the weddings we have to admit that the tradition has changed a great deal. Church weddings were the only option for a long time but now you have numerous choices like the garden weddings, destination weddings and more. As the venue and the type of the event changes it is also imperative that the dress code adapts to it. While the black tuxedos might be a good look for a formal church wedding it might look at place with the beach wedding. Thus grey wedding suits offer you the flexibility to be worn to any type of weddings with only a few tweaks done.

For example if you are indeed going with a church wedding then it would be advised for you to choose a matching formal style like a grey wedding 3 piece suit which would be appropriate for the event. On the other hand if it is a summer wedding then it would be best for you to go with grey wedding linen suit. Thus consider the venue, time and the type of the wedding before you choose the wedding suit.

3 Piece Suit We have already mentioned that the grey suits have become widely popular in mens fashion and the proof of it would be the celebrities who would often sport the style for the various events that they attend. If you don’t have the time to sort through the garments and try on different styles to find the right one then you can take the celebrity styles as inspiration. These are people who are usually dressed by the top designers and thus think it as getting an opinion from the experts. You can copy the style as it is or you can add some details that would reflect your taste in the style. Either way going through the celebrity grey suit wedding outfits would always do you good and thus we have compiled some of the best ones for you.

Zac Efron

The high school musical star has never failed to impress us with his outfit choices and we can see that the habit started long back. For the Cannes festival 2012 Efron looked every bit the heartthrob he is in the simple 2 piece dark grey wedding suit which he paired with a white dress shirt, white pocket square and a black slim tie. With the properly trimmed hair and a pair of black leather dress shoes this would be an outfit that would get you through even the Monday office day. If you are going with a formal wedding and would want to look dressed up for the event then this would be a good style for you. If you want the look to be even more formal then you can go with the grey wedding suit tuxedo and pair it with the classic combining garments. While the outfit itself might look simple what makes it Cannes worthy is the perfect fit of it. The slim fit grey wedding formal suit rightly accentuates the body type of the star making it a cool style.

Gerard butler

If you are a fan of the tonal outfits then you should definitely check out the one that Gerard Butler wore for the Boss event. He was unveiled as the latest celebrity ambassador of the brand and for this important event the 300 star was seen sporting a light grey wedding coat suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a slightly darker grey tie. He completed the outfit by adding with it a pair of charcoal grey leather oxford shoes. This would be a great look for the people who are going with the summer wedding but would still like to keep it formal.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has always been a fashion inspiration with looking good in all the outfits he wears. He is also known to keep it simple in most cases. This is proved yet again in the wedding light grey suit outfit that he chose for an outdoor event. The mens grey suit wedding was paired with a black dress shirt and then a pair of formal black dress shoes. The contrast between the light shade of the suit and the dark dress shirt made the outfit more interesting. If you are going with the casual weddings or if you are the guest then you can choose to go with this grey wedding suit outfit.

David Beckham

David Beckham is the best when it comes to suits. The former football player has always been on point with his styles and the 3 piece grey wedding suit was also perfection the 3 piece style offers more options since you can style the grey suit vest wedding with other garments too. If you are feeling adventurous add patterns to your outfit like going with grey wedding check suit or such.