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Joker suit

Joaquin Phoenix stunned us all with this extraordinary performance as Joker and with the Halloween approaching it may be time to honor the legendary supervillian he played. While the Joker is one of the most worn costume for Halloween styling it right is a feat achieved by only some. While a Jason Voorhees mask or Freddie Krueger sweater may give you the half baked look the maniacal DC villian deserves more than that. Also the Joaquin Phoenixs portrayal of the Joker is not the same as the past renditions by Jared Leto or Heath Ledger. This article focuses on the details which will help you nail the grim look of the most disturbing character Hollywood has ever seen.

While the past versions of Jokers were always seen favoring the purple in their suits this recent one fully turned fiery with a crimson joker suit. This may be the connection to his failed comedian role but the character is seen donning a crimson jacket and trousers along with a gold colored vest and a sea green button down shirt. This iconic combination without doubt will make you stand out even among a sea of people and that is exactly you want on a Halloween party. The jacket can have notch or peak lapels and the vest should be high necked with atleast 5 buttons. If you do not get the exact crimson then you can go with slight variations like burgundy. The fabric of the jacket, trousers and the vest originally is tweed and the shirt is cotton. The jacket has three cuff buttons and these are the small details that can make your look truly authentic.

As for the shoes an old pair of Oxfords will do the job but it has be worn or atleast look like it. Brogue detailing on the shoes may help to get a slight sombre effect. You can purchase a new pair of these shoes since they are usually made of leather and can last you a lifetime. While it is easier to get this the costume as a whole set you can also get them as separates from different stores. Yes it requires time and patience but it is the case with all good things.

The Joker costume apart from being famous radiates making a bold statement than any other generic outfits. You can also use this look for themed parties, costume parties or even for fancy dressing up occasions. A small set can also help for the fancy dress competition of your child. You can also use the joker suit as separates if you are the one who likes wearing bright colors. But it is better to refrain doing that since it may fade out and the next time you wear it as a whole it does not look the same.

Apart from the costume another major thing to do is the makeup. Make sure to recreate the creepy look and the smile since the character that you are cosplaying is a wild and chaotic one.