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With the dress code for work undergoing major revolution, it is time to look for stylish alternatives of the wool suits. You get to focus more on the style rather than to blindly follow the rules of the dress codes. In that case, we have an suggestion for your next purchase – brown corduroy suits. Mostly men tend to stick with navy and grey for the suits and brown is a rare phenomenon in the formal wardrobe. But when it comes to corduroy suits, brown tend to offer a stylish and classic look which you just cannot pass. In this article, we will discuss more on the mens brown corduroy suit styles and the ways in which you can utilize the garment for your use.

2 Button Suit Corduroy suits have quite a reputation of being preferred by the boring professors and the nerdy students. But recently corduroy has undergone a style makeover making it a fabric that is close to velvet. If you love the look of the velvet garments but think that it might be a little too much bling for your preference then you should be choosing the corduroy suits. The corduroy suits will deliver the elegant look without much of the pretence.

We are constantly moving towards a casual wardrobe preferred path and brown corduroy suits is the right garment to start with. You can style the brown corduroy classic suit for both the semi formal and casual events. When you select the right shade and the right combining garments, these suits can also work for the formal events. Always choose best quality brown suits and pay attention to the shade. Choose the dark brown suits when you want a subtle style and the light brown suits for summer use. Avoid choosing the ones that come with the orange tinge to it.

Using the options like brown corduroy suit near me can help figure out the sites and stores that have this particular style that you are looking for. Purchasing the brown suits online is as easy as swiping the styles in your lunch time. You can go through various styles from the comfort of your own space. You also get to choose the factors by which you can make the choice. For example, you can go with the most expensive brown suits or you can choose to go with the low cost corduroy suits. It all depends on the choice and preference of the wearer.

Corduroy Suit How to style the corduroy suit?

When we view a suit, most of us immediately choose the dress shirt and tie option to pair with it. But we live in a time where every good thing is versatile. Suits that you choose should also be versatile for your wardrobe to be cost effective. corduroy Mens brown suits also are versatile but it is best to take some time to choose the right type of combining garments while thinking about the event you are attending. Here are some ideas on how you can make the brown corduroy suits the star of your wardrobe.

The corduroy suits can work for both formal occasions and casual ones but choosing the right outfit matters. Hence think about the event you are attending and then make the choice. Our first and most important advice would be to select simple combining garments and let the corduroy suit be the star of your outfit. Strong combining garments with bold textures and patterns can make the outfit look overwhelming.

If you have decided to give the stylish brown corduroy suits a try then choose a casual event first to experiment with the style. This would help you build confidence to wear it for the formal events. If you are attending a casual party type event then you can choose to style the brown suit with a simple crew neck t-shirt and a pair of trainers. This simple outfit can deliver a surprisingly cool look especially for the casual events. You can even start with styling the suit as separates. For example, styling the designer brown corduroy sequin suit jacket with a light brown crew neck t-shirt and a pair of white chinos is a cool way to first introduce the Corduroy style into your fashion. A pair of black leather Chelsea boots would make the style a roaring success.

Brown Suit If the event is more on the formal side and you want to dress fancy for it then you can go with the three piece suit look or use it as separates. For example, you can style the three piece brown corduroy wedding suit with a white dress shirt and a white pocket square. A pair of dark brown leather formal shoes would make the style of the outfit perfect in all aspects. As an alternative, you can choose the three piece brown corduroy suit on discount and then style the brown suit vest with a white linen shirt and a pair of charcoal grey suit pants. You will have to add a pair of dark brown leather boots style of footwear to match the vibe of this outfit.

Some people might find the white dress shirt to be too stark against warm tone of the brown suit. In that case, you can style these unique brown corduroy slimfit suit with beige or ivory dress shirts to make the contrast softer. You can also choose other colored combining garments. For example, styling the branded brown corduroy suit with a blue chambray dress shirt is also an easy but stylish choice. Adding a pair of dark brown Chelsea boots to the outfit is our recommendation for further enhancing the style. If you are ready for the all business type of formal look with the corduroy suits then you can style the costly brown suit with a white dress shirt, light blue print tie and a white pocket square. To match the formalness of the outfit, include a pair of dark brown leather dress shoes with it.