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Mission Impossible Suit

Mission impossible is a great franchise when it comes to action films. Tom Cruise kills all the impossible missions and does it all in suits!!! While it may be impossible for us to do the same stunts the least we can do is suit up like him. In this article we are going to discuss some of the famous styles that the handsome gentlemen wear in the films.

The Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film sees a fair amount of three piece suits. A character called Jeremy Runner is seen wearing a classic sharkskin along with a grey on grey suit. The outfit is paired with a crisp white shirt and a tie. He wears a low cut vest with it since he is not very tall. The lapels on his jacket are large and not advisable for a man of his stature but if you are going for a dependable look then it is best to stick with classic proportions.

The next ensemble is the tuxedo that Simon Pegg wears to the opera in a scene. He goes for the classic style donning on a black jacket along with a white pleated dress shirt and a neat bow tie. Since he was on a secret mission he keeps everything classic thus trying to blend with the crowd.

Next outfit is the one Cruise wears when he hangs from the plane as it takes off. The mission impossible suit in this scene is bespoke and it is a navy blue suit with classic details. Before shooting this scene a stunt double was sent up wearing an off the rack suit and after the scene was done the suit was checked for damages due to the air currents. After inspecting them, Cruises suits were reinforced in the areas of potential damages before shooting it properly.

In Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise wears a lustrous blue suit in Dubai that soon skyrocketed into popularity. The mission impossible suit has a vintage feel to it and also a lustrous feel to it which can be linked to Italian tailoring and fabrics. That particular mission impossible suit was of mohair fabric thus having the ability to catch the light and look different depending on the angle and intensity of the lights. Mohair is also very durable and does not crease easily which makes them a good choice for business suits. Now the mission impossible suit that Cruise wears is single breasted and the jacket features notch lapels, single vents and three button sleeves. The mission impossible suit is slim fitted with it tapering at the waist making it look narrow. It also has high armholes with tapered arms and legs. He wears this suit with a classic white shirt. The blue of the mission impossible suit makes it stand out in the crowd and thus is better for special occasions where you will need to dress up.

If you would like to go for a little toned down look then go with the light grey suit Jeremy Renner wears that is very similar to Toms but is a little less ostentatious.