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Men’s Navy Chalk Stripe Suit

The navy chalk stripe suit also known as navy pinstripe suit is a staple wear for formal occasions. We have seen celebrities rocking this look from Johnny Depp at the Graham Norton Show to Harry Charcoal in The Kingsman and Michael Douglas in Wall Street, this style literally shows the epitome of masculine professional fashion. the chalk stripe suit is one you can’t go wrong with.

The navy color in itself is one that speaks the language of elegance. It is alluring, trendy, classy and a staple color among men. Fairly new to suits? Try a black or navy blue suit to get started.

loafer Pinstripe suits are worn for all forms of occasions, like weddings, proms, homecoming, business purposes, dinner etc. They are available for men of all ages and sizes. Big and tall, medium, small, extra-large, it is all there.

How to style the navy chalk stripe suit?

A dark navy blue shirt with two-buttoned navy chalk striped suit with brown derby shoes is exactly what you will need. It is a safe option to go for if you are new to wearing pinstripe suits. A white dress shirt and tie with striped suit is highly professional and formal - best for office-wear. So if you want to make a better statement that reeks of high-class grace and elegance, try out the very classy look consisting of red shirt with navy blue chalk striped suit. Red with navy blue (and the right amount of confidence) does some inexplicable magic on every man!

For an extremely respected event where you need to stand out and make connections or even business meetings, try out the navy blue and gold pinstripe double-breasted suit. This look is very bold and few can rock it. Pair it with white dress shirt and blue tie to add extra works. This is actually a look derived and modernized from the 1920’s.

For more casual events, like dinners and brunches, look hot and suave with the navy blue one-button pinstripe suit and white dress shirt. Ditch the tie to achieve the casualty. Wave back your hair, and get ready for the extravaganza you have created! The three-piece pinstripe navy blue suit is also a great alternative.

Usually, all kinds of tie go with a pinstripe suit- even a bow tie.

While talking about pinstripe suits, this smartness can often come at an expense. At an unreasonable expense, in fact. But suits are, and have always been a good investment. So head over to Navy Chalk Stripe Suit and check out our wide range of men’s suits, shirts and accessories specially designed for men of class, like you. All men’s clothing is made of comfortable, breathable, easily-washable materials. Range of options and style offered might surprise you!