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Men's Slim FIt Double Breasted Suits

You might have quite a collection of suits in your wardrobe but do you have a slim fit double breasted Men's suit? The appeal of the double breasted suit with an impressive fit is unmatchable and we would recommend all of you to try it. The magic of the double breasted suits is getting noticed with the designers vouching for more and more orders for the style coming in. Of course single breasted suits are the most versatile but it will not hurt to try out these stylish suits once in a while. This article is for anyone who doesn’t have a double breasted suit in their wardrobe and also for the ones who have it already.

Black Suit The instantly powerful look offered by the double breasted suit is one reason why most people avoid choosing it. Or there is a confusion on when and where to wear the double breasted suits. While you can make the single breasted suits to work for almost all events, double breasted suits are one everyone’s cup of tea. But when you get to know the basics of the styling then it can be your cup of tea. In this article we would like to help you do just that.

For people who are new to the suit terminologies, a double breasted suit is the one in which the suit jacket comes with the overlapping front closure. The suit wraps around the chest of the wearer and is usually cut shorter than the single breasted suit jacket. If you are a person who wants to accentuate your body type then you should be going with the mens double breasted suit. This unique style of the jacket would offer a broader look for the wearer.

Another major detail that you will note on the mens slim fit double breasted suit is the prominence of the suit jacket buttons. There are different options in the button styles and you can choose the one that suits you the best. Most people choose to go with the standard 6 x 2 button type. But there is the military style (6 x 3), minimalist style (2 x 1), 4 x 1 and more.

Navy Suit The double breasted suit jacket comes with a peak lapel. The extension of lapel on the shoulders creates a strong look when compared to the notch lapel of the single breasted suit. The lapel also helps in giving the right type of look for the cut. The slim fit double breasted classic suit also comes with the double vents on the back. While the single breasted suits might come in variety of designs – single vent, double vent or ventless, the double breasted suits come with two vents only. The trousers of the double breasted slim fit suits are similar to the single breasted suits but mostly we would recommend to choose the pleated ones over the flat front ones. This is because of the fact that they add a bit of flair for the look. If you want to add some old school magic then you should adding trouser cuffs to the mix.

Most times men of bigger stature avoid the double breasted suit style but this should not be the case. The mens double breasted suits can offer an impressive look for the bigger men too with the right styling. As for the lean men they should definitely go for the look. The fit of the suit is most important since you will be wearing the suit buttoned most of the times. Hence make sure that you choose the suit that fits you properly.

Depending on the event you are attending, you can choose the details for the suit. We would recommend everyone to always choose the best quality slim fit double breasted Men's suits. When the fabric is of the best quality the suit will last for a long time. The budget that you choose for the suit also matters. For example, if you are trying out the slim fit double breasted Men's suit style for the first time and aren’t too sure about it then you should be going with the slim fit double breasted cheap priced suit or low cost slim fit double breasted Men's suits. On the other hand if you are choosing the suit for an important event like a wedding or such then you can choose the most expensive slim fit double breasted suits.

Green Suit You can use the slim fit double breasted suits near me option to find the sites that have the slim fit double breasted suits on sale. You can check out the various styles offered there and compare them to get the best choice. Take some time to figure out the best fit for your body type. If you are thinking of getting the double breasted slim fit suits online then you should be getting your measurements done already then check with the size chart to find the right look.

If you are ready for the double breasted adventure then here are some styling tips that might help you get the best out of this suit.

Leave the last button of the formal slim fit double breasted suit jacket unbuttoned. Buttoning till the last can make the suit strain and lose its shape.

The double breasted suit style is itself a style statement of its own and hence it will be best to choose simple combining garments. Go for a solid dress shirt and if you must go for subtle patterns.

If in doubt always choose the slim fit double breasted suit jackets with 6 buttons.

You should be wearing the slim fit double breasted suit jacket buttoned almost all times unless you are sitting down.

Choose to wear the double breasted suit style for the important and high end events. It would be best if you avoid choosing the suit for events like interviews since it exudes a powerful look which can be mistaken as arrogant.