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Mini Pattern Suits

Even if you are a person who suits up on a daily basis for work it is rare that you have a patterned suit in your wardrobe. Most men are content with the solid navy suits, charcoal gray suits and variations of it. This may be because of the fact that most men consider the patterned suits to be a garment that is hard to style. But with the fashion constantly changing there are new styles pouring in every day meaning that there is a style for everyone if you know where to look. For people who think patterned suits are hard to style we introduce you to mini pattern suits which might be the style you are currently looking for.

2 Button Suit The mini pattern suits mostly come with small or thin patterns that often blend in well with the suit. These pattern suits might look like a solid suit when seen from a distance since the patterns are small and light. This is one of the reasons why we recommend trying out pattern suits for the people who are content with the usual navy suits and charcoal gray suits. The mini pattern suits can give your wardrobe a subtle twist without shaking up too much. Also people who are self conscious of trying out new styles and would like to start off slow can go with the pattern suits.

There are a lot of patterns in which the pattern suits come. You will need to look thoroughly through the styles and select the one that best suits your taste. Also you need to consider the purpose for which you are getting the mini pattern suit and the type of event for which you are going to style the suit. The pattern on the suit to some degree determines the formality of the suit and is one of the most noticed element of your suit style. Thus it might be better to go through the styles available in the market before deciding on one.

2 Button Pinstripe Suit For example if you are looking for a formal garment that you can wear on your regular office day without attracting much stares then it might be a good choice for you to go with mini pattern pinstripe suits. Pinstripes are considered to be a formal pattern and was used extensively by bankers. Nowadays the pinstripe pattern is one of the most preferred one when it comes to formal suit style. When you go with the pinstripe pattern suits the pattern is subtle because of the thin lines. The pinstripe pattern suits will also make you look flattering since they make the wearer look taller and leaner. Thus if you are looking for a mini pattern formal suit then your choice should definitely be pinstripe pattern suits.

Other than the pinstripe pattern suits you can also try out the other styles of striped pattern suits like chalk stripe mini pattern suits and such. But the stripes on the chalk stripe suits are thicker and thus will be more visible when compared to the pinstripe suits. When you need a distinct mini pattern garment that will attract attention then you can go with chalk stripe mini pattern suits. Also these suits are best to be worn for semi formal and casual events where dressing up might not be a problem.

If you are not too fond of the lines then you can try out other mini pattern suits like mini pattern herringbone suits and birds eye pattern suits. The herringbone pattern suits will have a zig zag pattern that resembles the bones of a herring fish and hence the name. The birds eye pattern suits will have patterns that resemble small diamonds with each having a dot in the center. These pattern suits are mostly recommended for casual use like date nights and friends gathering since they look more prominent than the subtle pinstripe suits.

The fabric of the mini pattern suit also plays a major role in the look that it gives. When you need a formal garment you can go with mini pattern wool suits. There are variations in wool fabric like worsted wool mini pattern suits and flannel pattern suits from which you can select the one that suits your style. Cotton pattern suits are also a good pick for formal use and mostly recommended for summer or spring use. When you need a dressy yet formal look you can try out the sharkskin pattern suits. Luxurious ones like mini pattern silk suits and mini pattern velvet suits are best to style for special occasions. For a cheaper budget synthetic ones like polyester pattern suits and rayon pattern suits are recommended.

Beige Business Suit Charcoal 2 Button Suit Grey Slimfit Suit Tan 3 Piece Suit</p>

The color of the pattern suits is an important detail that you should choose by keeping in mind the look that you are aiming for. If you are looking for a subtle formal look you will have to stick with the classic pattern suits like navy pattern suits and charcoal gray pattern suits. For a versatile choice you can even try out the black pattern suits. Other than this you can also try out the dark colored pattern suits like mini pattern midnight blue suits and mini pattern olive green suits. If you are getting the suit for a special occasion then go with slightly brighter ones like burgundy pattern suits or maroon pattern suits.

As for using as separates you should style the garment carefully since it is patterned. Most of the time the mini pattern striped suits are best to be worn as a whole than as separates. Whichever the style you are going with make sure that the garment is perfectly fitted for your size. A mini pattern slim fit suit or a mini pattern classic fit suit are the ones that are most recommended. You can also try out modern fit pattern suits and skinny fit pattern suits.