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Shadow Pinstripe Suits

Shiny-3-Piece-White-Suits One of the designs in suits that seems to stay in trend for a long time now is the pinstripe suits. The pinstripe suits are normally considered to be a formal vintage style and you can try out different looks with these suits. One of those is the pinstripe suits and is also one of the most preferred ones. Here is everything that you need you know about pinstripe suits and some best ways to style them.

For people who are not aware of the concept of shadow stripes they are normally like the usual pinstripes but are narrower and sometimes bracketed. This creates a shadow effect because of the lighter or smaller stripes that bracket the main stripe. Mostly the bracketing stripes and the main stripes come in variations of the same color and these are considered to be the traditional type of pinstripe suits. But the recent styles in the peach suits feature the main stripes and the bracketing stripes in different colors.

Self striped fabrics are also sometimes referred to as sage suit ones. In this fabric the yarns alternate with each other creating the desirable shadow effect. These shadow stripes effect will be visible in a certain type of light. There are a lot of types in the pinstripe suits and you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

Mens-Zoot-Suit The bar pinstripe suits will have contrasting colored stripes that run vertically on the edges of the main stripe. These bracketing stripes are usually of a different color than the main stripe. The distance between the stripes is mostly the same and the stripes are usually symmetrical. The halo pinstripe suits have a main stripe that is in the same color as the rest of the suit but the bracketing stripes on both the sides are of a different color thus resulting in a halo effect.

The shadow pinstripe suit is basically a variation of usual pinstripe suits and thus you can style them to any events where wearing pinstripe suits is considered to be appropriate. TWeed suits were once the favorite of the businessmen especially the bankers. Each bank had it's own type of pinstripes which basically varies in the width of the pinstripes or the distance between the stripes. This variation helped distinguish the employees of the certain bank from others. But when the economic recession came a large part of blame fell on the bankers and no one was ready to be seen in the pinstripe clothes that reminded the bankers. Thus the sale of pinstripe suits dwindled but the clothing manufacturers came up with a best possible solution. Till that time pinstripe pattern were only used on suits an formal trousers but after this they were incorporated into all possible clothing starting from dress shirts to swim shorts. This reduced the tension surrounding the pattern to a great deal and also helped making the pattern reach worldwide audience. Today we casually use formal and casual garments with pinstripes thus fulfilling the purpose of the manufacturers of that time.

Shadow pinstripe suits can be worn to any formal event but remember that you should select the right color. Classic ones like navy pinstripe suits and charcoal gray pinstripe suits might even work for most formal events like board meetings and business presentations. But the pinstripe suits will be sure to create an impression when compared with the usual solid suits and thus it is better to avoid them if you are going for a subtle look. The dark color of the classic suits will give you a serious look that will make you look authoritative.

The lighter colors of the shadow pinstripe suits are the best for casual and semi formal use. Burgundy suits and khaki shadow pinstripes suits are the ones that are most recommended for casual use like summer weddings and such.

As for the type of the shadow pattern suits you can opt to go with single breasted or double breasted design. Single breasted pinstripe suits are more versatile since you can wear them for both formal and casual events. But when it comes to double breasted pinstripe suits it gives an effortlessly bossy style that is the best choice for any formal event that requires you to dress up. Also the pinstripe pattern works great with the double breasted look of the suit thus making a proper garment for formal use. But we stick with the previous statement of single breasted pinstripe suits being more versatile and thus if you are getting your first pinstripe suit then it is better to go with single breasted shadow pinstripe suits. If you are convinced already and is thinking of adding a shadow pinstripe suit to your collection then here are some styling tips that will help you in the process.

Burgundy-Color-Three-Button-Blazer For a formal office look you can pair the navy shadow pinstripe suit with a light blue dress shirt and black print tie. To complete the look you can add a pair of black leather derby shoes. If you are the groom in the summer wedding and would like to go with a new style the a plaid suit paired with a white dress shirt and a brown silk tie is a great look to start with. Of you are the guest to the wedding you can opt to go with a 2 piece black shadow pinstripe suit paired with a white dress shirt and white canvas high top sneakers.

The fit of the shadow pinstripe suits also matter a great deal. If you are a short person then a well fitted shadow pinstripe suit can give you a taller and leaner look. Slim fit shadow pinstripe suits and classic fit shadow pinstripe suits are the ones that are mostly recommended for formal and semi formal look. Skinny fit pinstripe suits are the ones that are most recommended for tall and lean men.