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Mens Celebrity Suits

If you are a person who loves movies and are also interested in fashion then you can probably name some of the best dressed celebrities in Hollywood with ease. While the costumes that they wear on the silver screen are a whole other story the ones that they wear to the red carpets and other promotions of the films are mostly fascinating. In fact some of them even make the trends of the year. Thus we can learn a lot from some of the styles and ideas of these fashion conscious celebrities. In this article we discuss the celebrity suits of some of the most famous ones.

When it comes to analysing celebrity suits you will have to understand that while you enjoy looking at the outfits of everyone there are only some that you can try out in your daily life. This is because of the fact that while some are suited best for red carpets only some of the styles would resonate with your own sense of style. Thus you will have to first identify the celebrity whose taste matches your own and then you can take inspiration from the looks that he wears. Here we present with the celebrity suit styles of people who are on different spectrums of the fashion choices. You can go through each styles and then choose the one that would suit your personality.

For starters it is best time start with the tamest celebrity suits. For this we pick the Leonardo DiCaprio suit looks. It is not a new knowledge that the actor has played varying roles and has tried almost all types of outfits. But when you note his celebrity suit style when he is on the red carpet then you would have noted that the man has a kind of standard style that he keeps constant for the events. For every film premiere or any of the award events that he appears he wears a standard black suit or a blue suit that is paired with mostly a white dress shirt. This celebrity classic suit style is the signature look of leonardo DiCaprio and you would note that the man makes it work every single time. For example if you note the celebrity suit that he wore to the premiere of his film Revenant you can note the Sartorial pattern of the suits that he wears. For this event he wore a celebrity black suit and then paired with a white dress shirt. He went for the no tie option and left the top two buttons open. The matching trousers if the suit were slim and well tailored. Though this celebrity suit style was originally from Armani it is very easy to imitate the style. Go for the good quality fabric suits and then tailor it perfectly so that it fits your body type. This classic suit style would work for men of all age groups and is a standard style that you can wear to formal events or even to your regular office day. Thus the Leonardo DiCaprio celebrity suit style is best for men who likes to go with the classic and subtle suit look.

When you need to go with the classic suit style but want it to be more detail oriented and refined than the Leonardo DiCaprio celebrity suit style then we would recommend you to take a look at the David Beckham suit styles. For anyone who know about David Beckham it might not be a great surprise that the Britain’s foremost footballer is in the list of celebrities with impeccable suit styles. The man for long now have been in the list of best dressed men every year and is considered to be the best dressed man of Britain holding the title with little competition. In fact his whole family have been giving the dressing goals for people for many years now. Thus if you are a person who is invested in dressing up ans wouldn’t mind spending some quality time for it then you would want to go through the David Beckham celebrity suit styles.

In the Cannes of 2017 he wore a black tuxedo look for the gala which is a great style that you can take notice for formal events like black tie ones. The velvet black tuxedo jacket which was paired with the white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black dress pants was a good look since the whole outfit was well fitted on all aspects. He is also a fan of double breasted styles and you can often spot him in celebrity double breasted suit and double breasted overcoats. The double breasted celebrity light blue suit that he wore with a white crew neck tshirt and white canvas sneakers is still a stylish look. Also when he wore the double breasted celebrity black suit with a brown turtleneck he mastered the look of pairing the casuals with the suits too. Lastly when he attended the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan markle he became the talk of the day since he perfectly carried the morning suit that he wore to the event. The difference between the Leonardo DiCaprio celebrity suit look and David Beckham celebrity suit look is that while the former seems to stick with the classic styles for most of the time the latter do not mind experimenting a little more on the styles of the celebrity suits.

Now when you want a style inspiration from a person who likes the classic style but also like to step out of the comfort zone once in a while then Ryan Gosling might be your best choice. Ryan Gosling has had a great evolution in his career and with this his fashion sense seems to also have evolved. He has the perfect sense of mixing the classic styles but also trying out the new styles. For example the man once was seen wearing well tailored celebrity three piece suits for two days at the red carpets. Though this is a classic style the man seems to have pulled off the style with a modern look. The secret to the impeccable style of celebrity 3 piece Ryan Gosling suits is that he purchases suits that are made from high quality materials and also he focuses on the glove like fit of the suits.

Also another thing that you will have to note with the Ryan Gosling celebrity suits is the amount of detail in it. For example the grey herringbone celebrity tweed suit that he wore to the red carpet had a lot of detail and texture to it making the usual grey suit look interesting. While the classic suit look of Ryan Gosling is one side of the coin the man does not shy away from the unconventional suit styles too. For example the celebrity brown suit that he wore for the 75th Venice film festival was paired with vintage inspired silk printed shirt. Also when he attended the screening of his film the nice guys in new York City he wore a white and yellow polo shirt under the dark celebrity suit he was wearing. While these are some celebrity suit looks that men would hesitate wearing Ryan Gosling seems to carry off these styles with ease. This of you are a person who alternates between classic styles and trying out new styles then you can take inspiration from the Ryan gosling celebrity suit styles.

Our next pick is for people who don’t mind being the center of attraction in the event that they attend. Rami malek is one of the best examples you can take for inspiration when it comes to this category. The man seems to have a unique style that makes the standard suit also look different in his styling choice. For example when he went for a celebrity black suit instead of going with the standard white dress shirt look he replaced it with a patterned shirt which gave the black suit a stylish twist. The red tuxedo look that he paired with a matching red shirt is a bold look that only a few men have the confidence to try out. Another time he seems to have wore the black celebrity suit with contrasting colored cuffs on the jacket, dropped trousers and a slightly piped black dress shirt. Patterned celebrity suits are also a great choice when you want to try out the rami malek celebrity suit style.

Another great example of impeccable suiting style on the red carpets is Eddie Redmayne. It is clear that the man has a well organised wardrobe full of suits in different colors and patterns that fit him well. Some of his best fashion choice are discussed below for your reference. The man once wore a double breasted celebrity ivory suit and managed to make the look work. The celebrity brown tweed suit that he wore to the Paris les mis premier is also a good look that explains his fashion sense. Then for the world premiere of les Miserables he went a notch higher in the fashion ladder by rocking a celebrity velvet suit. He wore the velvet celebrity green suit with a white dress shirt and black tie. The bold celebrity suit look was completed with a pair of dark brown leather shoes. The 2014 celebrity purple suit of redmayne is still one of the major fashion choices of the year. He is also the fan of patterned suits since you can see him rocking a celebrity plaid suit in many events. Eddie Redmayne is a man of high sartorial fashion and thus there are a lot of things that can be learnt from his styles.

If you are a person who likes to go an extra mile for the outfit you are wearing and would love to try out styles that other people who normally shy away from then Troye Sivan suit styles can be a great pick for you. The man has lately become a regular in the best dressed list with his unique style choices. When he attended the gucci event in Los Angeles in 2019 he wore a chic outfit consisting of a navy celebrity striped suit jacket paired with a white crew neck tshirt and brown dress pants. Then in the harper icons party in the same year sivan wore a flashy celebrity suit that consisted of a striped shiny suit jacket paired with a black dress shirt, black skinny tie and black dress pants. The casual outfit styles of troye Sivan are also good choices when you need to get out your rock star vibe.

In recent times one style that has been trending is the unisex fashion. People are now more open towards fashion making the boundaries blur in between. If you are a fan of this new fashion then there is no other celebrity suit style that you can take inspiration from other than the harry Styles celebrity suit styles. The man has never been shy of his fashion choices and to describe his style sense we would need another article dedicated just for him. Instead we compile some iconic celebrity suit looks of the man for simple reference. When you need a vintage suit look that you can wear to fun events then you can try out the black and white celebrity floral suit that styles wore for the 2015 American Music awards. For a little more bold choice of color you can try out the celebrity pink suit that he wore for the promotion of his debut album in 2017. If you are a fan of patterned suits then you can try the plaid celebrity red suit style that he wore for the trip to BBC Radio station in 2017. If you need a cool look for a costume party then you can go with the celebrity yellow suit that he wore with a purple bow when he attended the 2020 Brit Awards. There are a lot more bold styles that you can try out of you love Harry styles celebrity suit fashion.