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When it comes to suits most of us might not have ventured outside of the classic colors which include black, blue and gray. This is because of the fact that these are the most versatile choices and make your outfit work like magic whichever be the event you are dressing for. But the fashion enthusiasts have been recommending the men to try out new colors with suits and to expand the formal horizon. Most might be hesitant thinking that it is hard to pull off these colored suits. But what if you tell you that we have the perfect color for you to start with that does not make you stray away too much from your usual picks. In this article we discuss the blue Gray suits and some of the best ways in which you can choose to style them.

Business Suit This color is obtained when blue and gray is mixed with the blue in more concentration. The blue Gray is the perfect shade for the people who want to try out a different color for the suits but are afraid of styling it properly. Blue and gray are both classic colors and also pair well with almost all colors. Thus you might not face much difficulty with picking out the combining garments. In fact you can even make do with the existing garments in your wardrobe since these are the colors that you are already used with. By going with mens blue Gray suit style it would help you step out of the bubble but not in a forcible way in which you will feel uncomfortable wearing the style.

While choosing the Gray suits there are a few things that you will have to note. First is the select the appropriate shade of the Gray suits. For a cool and classic style we would recommend you to go with Gray suits that has the blue dominating the shade. This will give the garment a more formal but also dressier look making it possible to wear them for the special occasions too. But if you are getting the suit for the casual events like summer parties and such then we would recommend you to go with the light Gray suits. These match the nature of these hot weather events and give you a laid back and relaxed look.

Skinny Suit Depending on the nature of the event and also the season at which it takes place you can choose the fabric of the mens blue Gray suits. For a formal look go with the wool Gray suits but if you want a lightweight alternative then you can go with cotton Gray suits. For a semi formal and casual look you can go with the linen Gray suits. If you want a dressier look like when choosing the blue Gray groom suits then go with more luxurious choices like silk Gray suits and velvet blue Gray suits which would easily make you stand out from the crowd.

As for styling the blue Gray mens suits here are some ideas which might help you find the right style. For a classic and formal look you can choose to style the blue Gray suit men’s with a white dress shirt, red check tie and a violet print pocket square. To finish off the look of the outfit you can add with it a pair of Burgundy leather Chelsea boots. If you want a break from the grey suit white shirt look then you can try the gray suit blue shirt style. For an elegantly masculine look you can choose to style the blue grey tweed suit with a blue dress shirt, navy print tie and a navy pocket square. To give the outfit a more laid back twist you can add with it a pair of dark brown suede desert boots.

For an outfit that you can make work for an office day you can choose to go with styling the dark Gray suit with a white dress shirt, navy Paisley tie and orange pocket square. To shake up the outfit a bit you can add with it a pair of brown leather loafers. If you are styling the outfit for a special occasion say a wedding you need to put more care into the styling. For example a blue Gray suit paired with white dress shirt, black tie and black leather Oxford shoes is a perfect blue Gray wedding suit outfit. Other than this you can also go with the 3 piece Gray suit combinations. Usually people go with matching suit and vest options but you can try contrasting the colors for an intriguing look. Blue suit gray vest combination would be a cool style for the summer and spring wedding groom outfits.

Plaid Suit The blue Gray suit also works well when paired with casual garments. Most of the institutions have now allowed their employees to go with the smart casual looks and thus you can try your hand with it. For a simple yet smart look you can choose to style the gray suit mens with a white crew neck t-shirt, black striped crew neck sweater and a white pocket square. To finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of brown suede double monks.

You can also try your hand with the blue Gray pattern suit when you need a distinct look. For a formal and classic look you can choose to style the blue Gray stripe suit with a white dress shirt and black tie. But when you need a more casual look then we would recommend you to go with the blue grey check suit or the gray blue plaid suit. You can choose from the variety of the grey blue checkered suits available in the market. If you are purchasing Gray suits online then make sure to know your measurements so that you can match it with the ones provided in the size chart.