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Tom Ford Suits

If you are a person who likes wearing suits especially the designer suits then you would have definitely heard about the Tom Ford suit or even have one in your wardrobe. While some people may avoid going with designer suits since they will be expensive when compared to the usual ones. But with the increase of people looking for quality tailoring the designer suits like Tom Ford suit are gaining a lot of attention. If you are one among them and thinking of getting a Tom Ford suit then here is everything that you need to know about it.

If you are new to the name then you have a lot to learn about Tom Ford. Tom Ford is one of the world’s foremost fashion designer and he owns a world famous brand in his own name. He is also regarded as one of the most important visionary in the fashion world. Most of the time you can note that the fashion designers are all from Italy or France but Tom Ford grew up in Texas and then New Mexico and this makes his story furthermore interesting.

Thomas Carlyle Ford was born in Texas to parents who were real estate agents. Even in the young age people recognised him as a special one. He was very invested in fashion and even used to review the clothes that their parents clients wore complaining about how it could have been better. He was a perfectionist and is said to have committed to make the world more beautiful. His parents were vey supportive of the child’s interest and provided him with the tools that he needed to pursue the passion. When he was 11 his family moved to New Mexico. He studied in the Santa Fe preparatory school and then joined w degree in history in NYU. But he dropped out of the college to pursue his career as an actor.

Although he enjoyed acting the feeling that he was not in control made him drop out of it soon. He then enrolled in Parsons for a degree on architecture but it didn’t take him long time understand that it was not his area of interest. He was not invested in the classes and had most of his time spent partying and on the web. But after some time in the school he realised that he was more focused about adding details that implemented fashion on the architecture than the design of the building itself. He left the United States and moved to Paris. He worked there as an intern in chloe but realised that his passion was on fashion and thus took some electives in his last year at the college.

Tom Ford graduated with a degree in architecture but his interest has shifted now to fashion. But he also realised that apart from his interest he had no idea or experience about fashion designing and construction. With the tag of a Parson’s graduate he set out to find a new job. He never mentioned his major which made the interviewers think he was a fashion designing graduate. He had a hard time at his new job since he knew nothing about the fashion. Once he was asked to sketch a skirt for which he went to a local store and turned all the skirts inside out to learn about it’s construction. He then spent time with seamstresses and soon started to learn a lot of about fashion. From there his experience grew and after 4 years of his first job he moved to Europe. When he met the creative director of Gucci it was one of the major turning points in his life. It was 1990 and by then gucci was in a financial crisis. He started out with womenswear but then also took over the menswear and the shoes. The new product line came under his watch and soon became the creative director of the brand. The gucci sales increased by 90% and in about 10 years he made the brand that was near to bankruptcy to a one that was valued to be 4 billion dollars. Then in 2006 he created his own brand that consisted of menswear, eyewear, accessories and beauty which later expanded to womenswear too.

One thing about Tom Ford that people who work with him attest to is his attention to details and seeing things in a different way. This combined with the perfectionist quality has made him one of the most renowned visionary in the fashion world. Even today the Tom Ford suits are considered to be a great choice by people who appreciate fashion.

You would have noted that the Tom Ford suits are a lot expensive even for the designer suits. This is because of the fact that is brand was an instant success and he was soon assigned with dressing celebrities and influential figures. Some of the celebrities he has dressed in Tom Ford suit are Tom Hanks, Johnny depp, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Henry cavill and many more. He wished to dress Prince Harry and Barack Obama in Tom Ford suit one day.

Now coming back to the Tom Ford suit the suits they are not only expensive because of the popularity of the brand but also because of the impeccable design. One of the major thing that sets apart the Tom Ford suit from the rest is the fit. The Tom Ford suit are tastefully made and the details on the construction makes it expensive. You would find this claim interesting since it is an obvious fact that the Tom Ford suit are well fitted given that they have to pass a array of expert tailors, stylists and many more before they reach the hands of the customer. But the thing is the Tom Ford suit are made in a completely different way when compared to that of the other suits.

The main thing that you can note with the Tom Ford suit is that the brand offers perfect suits for almost men of all body types. Most of the time even the prominent brands shake up a little when it comes to this point. But the Tom Ford suits can suit a muscular man like Aaron taylor Johnson while it can also provide suits for Andrew Garfield. Now while the others can also provide this the Tom Ford suit looks like it was actually made for the person which is why the construction of Tom Ford suit is interesting.

For the muscular type of build the Tom Ford suit that you choose will focus upon the good bits like wide shoulders and smaller waist by simply going tighter on the body of the wearer. While the usual suits are designed to be slightly cinch at these places the Tom ford suit appear to be nicked and tucked in a little further. This results in a glove like fit of the Tom ford suit which also makes the wearer look masculine. If you are a person who thinks that the Tom Ford suit are too expensive then you can get this slight Nick and tuck by taking your suit go your local tailor. While the effect might not be the same as Tom Ford suit there will still be a large improvement.

While the fit is the most important thing that makes the Tom Ford suit impressive there are also some other factors that are too big to ignore. For this again the detail oriented mindset of Tom Ford comes into play. Most of the designer Tom Ford suit that you can see will have a standout detail that will serve as the finishing touch. For example it might be a provision of velvet lapel, satin fabric or any other small yet influencing factor on the Tom Ford suit.

The introduction of the new fabric like the satin, velvet or the pattern like the jewel print for the tie might not be to everyone’s taste but these are the signature styles that will make the Tom Ford suit stand out from the rest. The thing with Tom Ford suit is that they are expensive and if you can’t spend thousands of dollars on a single suit then you sure can imitate the tactics that will help you get the same effect as the Tom Ford suit. You can find a lot of Tom Ford suits or the imitations of the Tom Ford suit that will help you get the same effect in a lower budget.

Now if you are thinking of getting the Tom Ford suit or the ones with lower budget then here are some ideas that we think might help you in the process. The designer Tom Ford himself is a fashion enthusiast and there are a lot of things that you can learn when you observe the man’s style choices. Here are some fashion ideas that are Tom Ford approved.

One of the most recommended fashion advices by the man is to go with Tom Ford black suits or any other black suits. This is one of his most favorite personal fashion choices. He would be often seen wearing a solid Tom Ford black suit that is paired with a white dress shirt with French cuffs and a black tie or a no tie option with open collar. His love for solid black has been there for a long time and you can see it in the time he worked with gucci. In fact while the gucci owner wanted round and brown designs Tom Ford fought to retain his black and sharp design choices for the brand. While you are going with the Tom Ford suit style it would be a better choice to add details like a pair of bold sunglasses and a bunched pocket square.

When you want to go further than the Tom Ford black suits then you can go with Tom Ford brown suits or Tom Ford navy blue suits. As for the lapels on the Tom Ford suits you can see that he always goes for the wider and bolder lapels when compared to the slim lapel choices that are trending in recent times. Other than this you can also see that he sports his beloved Tom Ford velvet suits and dinner jackets on the rare occasions. These velvet ones are a good choice of you are looking for Tom Ford wedding suits or Tom Ford suit for any special occasion.

Whether be it the peak lapel Tom Ford suit or the notch lapel Tom Ford suit if you want to have an impeccable look as Tom Ford then it would be a better choice to go with wider lapels and then pair them with ties that also have remained wide all the time in his style. Most of the time he is seen wearing single breasted Tom Ford suits but for the special occasions you can see him sporting a Tom Ford double breasted suit.

Again everything that Tom Ford wears are fitted to the perfection. He always argues that the fit of the suit is one of the most important thing about the garment. Therefore it would be a great choice for you to go with Tom Ford slim fit suits which will complement your body features. The well fit Tom Ford suit should enhance your shoulders while it cinches to show off the thinner waist and the hips. Modern fit Tom Ford suit are also a good choice when you need a versatile pick. For a bolder choice you can go with the peak lapel skinny fit Tom Ford suit. And the accessories also when perfect will give a nicer look to the Tom Ford suit that you wear.

The Tom Ford suit fabric is mostly of high quality and most of it is imported. But you can simply go with high quality Tom Ford wool suits or Tom Ford cotton suits when you need a formal look. For special occasions you can go with Tom Ford silk suits or velvet Tom Ford suits.