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Mens Grey Chalk Stripe Suits

When it comes to patterns most men do not like to experiment and tend to stick with the usual ones. By the usual ones we mean the pinstripes and nothing more. Even the plaids are not allowed by most people when it comes to suits. But it would definitely do you some good if you try out new styles now and then. In this article we are going to talk about a style that has been in use for over centuries and the one we would like to see more – grey chalk stripe suits. Chalk stripes are not as popular as the pinstripes but they are still easy to pull off style if you know the right things.

Grey Suit So what is chalk stripe and how is it different from the pinstripes? While the pinstripes are very thin and usually not wider than 1/18 inch chalk stripes are thicker. The pinstripes are placed close together in the fabric but the chalk stripes are placed further apart. Instead of looking like a line drawn with a pinhead the chalk stripes look like ropes. The reason why pinstripes are much preferred than the chalk stripes is because most people consider the thinner stripes to be subtler and crisper. Thus the pinstripe suits are often used in the business environments given that they look like a solid suit from a distance.

Grey chalk stripe suits or any chalk stripe suits for that matter gives out a fuzzy effect which is classified to be more casual. The grey chalk stripe suits are usually made of flannel and the look of flannel on the chalk stripes have become a characteristic of the garment itself. On the other hand mens grey pinstripe suits are often made from worsted wool since they are mostly used as business suits. This is a detail that you would need to remember when you go purchasing for the grey stripe wool suits. The wool suits are the ones that are most recommended when it comes to formal look.

When you go looking for chalk stripe suits you might also come across the rope stripe suits which are close in look to the chalk stripe suits. There are also other choices like shadow stripes, pencil stripes, self stripes and many more. Go through the different options available and if possible try the suits out before you choose the right style for yourself.

2 Button Suit Some people especially the ones who are trying out the look for the first time might need some help with the styling of the chalk stripe suits. We are here to provide you with just that. Here are some of the grey chalk stripe suit outfits which we consider are some of the best styles that you can copy without worrying too much.

Before going into the styling of the said suits it would be best if you know when and where to style them. When asked about the grey pinstripe black suits most people would instantly name the places where it would be appropriate to wear but that might not be the case with the chalk stripe suit mens. This is because of the fact that we are not quite acquainted with the chalk stripes as we have with the pinstripes. This is also the reason why you cannot style the mens chalk stripe suits for your regular day at work. Of course the bankers would love the look since this was a prominent style among them in the 1900s. Other than this you can style the mens grey chalk stripe suit for the summer events since they are considered to be more casual than the pinstripe suits. They would also suit the beach parties and such type of events.

The event for which you are styling the suit influences the look of the outfit a great deal. If you are attending a semi formal wedding then you can choose to style the dark grey stripe suit with a light blue dress shirt and a black print tie. You can finish off the look with a pair of black leather formal shoes. This would be a perfect wedding outfit that is simple but dressy – one that does not overpower the groom too much.

Stripe Suit On the other hand if you are attending a summer wedding then you can choose to go with a light grey striped linen suit and pair it with a grey dress shirt and a navy pocket square. A pair of navy canvas derby shoes along with black sunglasses would give you a cool style. If the summer event is still not the dressier side then you can choose to style charcoal grey stripe suit with a white dress shirt and an orange tie. But instead of the black leather formal shoes you can add a pair of black suede loafers along with a pair of dark brown sunglasses and white straw hat.

If you are thinking of styling the grey chalk stripe suit for the office events then it would be best to be as subtle as possible. For example ditch the light colored suits and go with the dark grey chalk stripe suits. Also it would be best if the stripes on the suit are of darker color be it black or grey since they would blend in nicely with the suits. For a simple smart casual look you can style the 2 piece grey striped suit mens with a white dress shirt and then add with it a pair of dark brown leather double monks. This is a cool look that would give a breath of fresh air to the usual navy suit outfits.

For the special occasions you can try the 3 piece chalk stripe suit style since it gives a sophisticated look. Vest grey 3 piece suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black tie would be a standard style. You can choose the grey stripe suit vest or go with the odd vest - whichever suits you best.