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To any man, be it a fashion aficionado or a normal guy, a suit is the most important asset to him. Choosing it so carefully, he wears it with pride and has a feeling that he should never look like the guy standing beside. This situation can happen a lot if you are in a wedding or at a business meeting. This is where a comes into play. Shielding you away from that dull look, a gray pinstripe suit  can certainly stand out and take you to the monarchy of fashion conscious men.

mens suits This apparently standard suit has something out of the ordinary about it which is not visible until standing next to the wearer, subtlety allowing the wearer to get the maximum use from it; they can also be worn during weddings.
Despite that, the pinstripe suit is for office-use only; it's a thing of the past. With a perfectly tailored pinstripe suit can deal with many important occasions, with that said, it is sure to give you a powerful, polished professional image. On the whole, a quality pinstripe suit evokes a well heeled, clued-up image that simply says you mean trade.
The basic rule when it comes to dressing is that if you feel good you will look better so make sure the look you choose suits you.