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Mens Pimp Suits

We know that it might be a little early to choose halloween costumes but you can never be too careful with the celebrative outfits. While there are a lot of halloween costumes to choose from we have an suggestion for you – pimp suit. If you are a person with an interest in vintage styles then you might have already heard about this mens pimp suits style. This has been one of the prominent choices for Halloween and costume events. In this article, we will discuss more on the mens pimp suits and the different ways in which you can make the look work for the said events.

One of the reason why the pimp suits are preferred largely is because of the ease with which you can assemble the look. You just have to find the right suit and accessories that go with it. Most stores have this as a set to offer and thus you won't be needing much time and money to get the pimp suit look.

What is a pimp suit?

The word pimp needs no explanation but the pimp suit might. The pimp suit costume has been popular for quite some time. The main element of the outfit is the suit that is often in brightest of color like yellow or orange. You can also choose designer pimp suit with bold patterns like leopard prints and more. The main aim of the fashion is for the people to easily spot you. These suits aren't also like the common suits. They come with wide lapels on the suit jackets and flared bottoms on the suit pants.

Maroon Suits Hence do through different styles and choose one of the bold 1970s fashion suits. As for the accessories, a wide brimmed hat is a must choice to be added. When we say wide brimmed, we mean it. The hat should have a brim size of at least 15 centimetres on all sides. You can also add a giant feather or any other noticeable decoration on the top of the hat.

Other than this, you will have to get a cane with the handle that is covered in jewels or intricate design. Also it is best to add a pair of oversized sunglasses (probably of color) to the outfit. As we have mentioned before, the aim is to attract and hence you can add as much as bling that you can support and it would do great for the pimp classic suit style. As for the footwear, you can go with the black shoes or boots but when you want the look to be perfect, you can add bright colored shoes, if possible white and black leather shoes since it makes the outfit look even more prominent.

If you are thinking of choosing the pimp suit look then it is time to get into the details. The budget would be the first thing to be decided while choosing the Halloween costume. If you have a budget to boast then you can choose the most expensive pimp suit but remember that you won't be using it much other than for the Halloween event. Hence it would be best to choose low cost pimp suits or even get a rental one. There are many sites that have cheap priced suits or offer pimp suit on discounts. You can use the pimp suits near me option to find the sites that have the style. While you are shopping for the pimp suit online, try choosing the best quality of pimp suit on the budget that you have. The suits are the most important part of the pimp suit costume and hence it will be best to spend time in selecting the best one. Also there might be accessories being offered with the suits.

Zoot Suit The styling of the pimp suits is a no brainer since bling is the most important aspect. You just have to round up all the shiny things that you own and wear it with the suit. But make sure that the suit fits you properly. The pimp suit often have an impressive fit which closely hugs the body of the wearer. It might be hard to get the perfect fit and hence try on the style and then take it to the tailor for possible alterations.

If you have decided to try your luck with the pimp suits then here are some outfit styles which might give you an idea of where to start. If you want to start slow and go for an elegant look then you can choose a white unique pimp slimfit suit and pair it with a white long sleeve shirt. You can add the signature hat, sunglasses, walking cane and gold chain to the outfit. The extra touch would be to add a stylish fur coat to the outfit. The extravaganza of the fur coat will make the look a success.

You can also choose a dark colored suit with bold prints on the lapels and cuffs. For example, you can style the black suit with leopard print with a yellow long sleeve shirt and a brown wide brimmed hat. Other choices would be to go with dark brown suits and more.

On the other hand, if you have decided to go all out with your pimp suit costume then you can choose the bright colored suits. Pimp Red suits and green pimp suit are some of the most popular choices. This will provide you the spotlight that you need with the costume. There are even pimp suit in neon green and neon pink colors which could provide you with a distinct look.

The traditional look would be for you to choose a stylish pump suit and pair it with blingy combining garments. If you can throw on a fur coat that make the look more interesting. But if you choose to go with a more modern take on the pimp suit style then you can style the gold pimp suit with a black tank and gold hat.