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There is a new trend in town and it is everywhere – literally everywhere. You can see pastels ruling the fashion market starting from the suits to the iphones and there is no exception to this. We have lived most part of our lives in monochrome given that they are the only ones that are considered to be appropriate for the work. But pastel color suits are making a comeback and now it is a strong one. Pastel suits are the biggest trend now and what is more surprising is that they have taken over menswear too. Men have been avoiding colors for an embarrassing number of years and now is the time for the colors to find a footing here. We are here to talk more about the pastel suits mens and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Pastel Suit The popularity of the pastel suit set among men can be contributed to a number of factors. First it gives a colorful look which has been denied with the formal garments for a long time. With the market shifting towards new styles and the people also ready to spice up their wardrobe the rise of the pastel color suits was almost inevitable. Also pastel suits are not exactly bold when compared to their brighter colored counterparts. Thus pastel suits is a bold statement that is done in an subtle way and this makes them a favorite among many people. Above all pastel suits look trendy and cool.

If you have been observing the fashion trends of this summer then you would have definitely noted that the pastel suits are the ones on the top. Every award event had atleast one celebrity rocking the mens pastel suit. The trend seems to stay and is expected to be one of the top trends in the coming year too. Thus if you think that the pastel color suits are a style that is worth trying out then you should do it now when the style is at its peak.

There are numerous shades of pastels that are now available in the market and thus we would like you to do your research before you go on the shopping spree. This is because of the fact that each people have different preferences. There is a style for everyone and it is only a matter of finding what works the best for you. For some pista green might be their jam but some people might be content with the baby blue suits. Thus it would do you good to explore the different looks before you decide on the one.

Linen Suit Knowing when to style the pastel color suits is another important thing. Though the pastel suits are at the height of their popularity and look good on almost anyone you cannot simply style them for your work. People wearing light colored suits are usually not taken seriously (remember Obama with tan suit?) and we don't have to mention what would happen if you showed up in a coral pastel linen suit. Thus it would be best if you stick with the dark colored suits for the formal events and work related ones while you can go with the pastel colored suits for the casual and fun ones. Summer and spring are the two seasons which would easily accommodate the pastel suits because of the bright lights. Have an invitation to a rooftop party or a summer wedding? Pastel colored suits would be a great choice and when styled with the right accessories would give you an awesome and trendy look.

The fabric of the pastel suits matter a lot since it is important to stay comfortable in the suit. Light colored suits tend to show the sweat stains easily and given that the pastel suits are best for the summer use it would be better for you to go with the lightweight suits. pastel color mens Cotton suits are the ones that are most recommended especially if you are attending a wedding or a similar event. But if it is more casual like parties and such you can choose to go with the linen pastel summer suits or even seersucker pastel color suits. These suits tend to show wrinkles but would give you a cool look when it comes to summer events.

Pink Suit Since pastel color suits are relatively a new trend there might be a lot of confusion when it comes to styling these suits. Thus we have compiled some tips which would make the styling process for you easier. Firstly while selecting the shade of the pastel suits keep in mind your skin tone. There are soft and hard pastels and they suit different skin tones. For people who have fair skin, hard pastels like coral linen pastel suits might be a good pick since they might look washed out while wearing the soft pastels like peach linen pastel suits. People who have darker complexion fare well with almost any shade and thus you can feel free to play around with any shades of your choice.

Usually when it comes to suits the most common advice would be to go with the perfect fit. We are all so obsessed with the skinny and slim fits and we agree that they work great for the monochromatic suits. But when it comes to pastel color suits instead of the slim fit suits go with slightly loose fits. But this does not mean that we are recommending to go with the oversized suits. If you are used to the skinny fit suits then go with the pastel color slim fit suits design and if you are used to the slim fit suits then go with modern fit or classic fit pastel suits. If you aren't comfortable going with the whole suits then you can start with the pastel suit jacket first and then style them with the chinos and loafers.