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White short suits are our recommendation for the summer/spring look today. Because short suits are finally becoming a mainstream style now. If you are a person who likes the crisp look of the suits but would like to wear something that is more comfortable for the summer then you should think going with the short suits. White might not be your first choice of color when it comes to suits but they are not very hard to pull off like you think it to be. Thus for this summer think of rocking the rooftop parties with the trendy mens white short suits.

Off White Short Suit For people who are new to the short suits style there is the basics to start with. Short suits refers to the suit that comes with the suit jacket along with the matching dress shorts. If you love a contemporary look and a ardent supporter of the fashion shows then you might adore the look of the mens white short suits. The short suits have been in use for a while now but it was not very popular except for the fashion shows. But with time people are becoming more open to the style. Before going into the details of styling the suit here is a short history about the mens short suits and how it came into existence.

Mens pants short set is a daring style with the extra skin showing but the style has been popular with some of our celebrities like Pharrell Williams. Fashion editors have always been recommending the look for a long time now but people have been reluctant of the style even for the summer. But the spirit of the short suits seem to be picking up and the look has become mainstream with some of the celebrities going as far as wearing it for the Oscars.

Before all this when you look into the origin of the mens short suits you might find that they have been in use for the centuries. People only have become reluctant with time to showing skin. The origin of the mens short suits seems to be starting from the time when men wore breeches. This was the formalwear to the men between 16th to the early 19th century. When it comes to these menswear it consisted of the tailcoat which is paired with the shirt, vest and breeches that ended right near the knee of the wearer. There were fastenings at the end which held the shorts at the bottom.

Business Suit The breeches style was popular all over the world at that time but were known by different names. The readymade suits came into use in the early 1800s and then trousers became more popular. But this did not mean that the short suits went out of style. It became more popular among the young boys especially when it comes to prep school uniforms and Knickerbockers also became popular. In 1930, Argentinean football players appeared to the world Cup finals in short suits.

In the 21st century the short suits came into scene first in 2006 when the award winning menswear designer Browne sent his models strutting down the runway in short suits. Since then the style has been slowly picking up and now it is being more noticed among people. If you are thinking of trying out a new style for this summer then our vote is for the white short suits.

It might not be easy to style the short all white suits since it is relatively a new style for most people. Also white is a bright color that people usually avoid going with. Thus before going with the mens white short suit it is best to know whether it is appropriate for the event you are attending. There are still people who think that mens short suits are casual and thus it is best to avoid wearing it for the formal business events. White summer business suits is a cool look for the formal work parties but it would be good for the full suits. It would be best if you choose the white suits for the casual summer events like the beach weddings and the rooftop parties.

Summer Suit Jacket If you are not comfortable with the all white suits and think that it is too bright then you can choose to go with the off white short suits. It would give you a subtler look when compared to the pure short suits. 2 piece white short suit is usually recommended but if you want a more formal look you can choose to go with the white short 3 piece suits. The vested look would provide you a cool and dressed up look for the summer weddings and cocktail parties.

When it comes to summer suits it is important for the fabric to be right. Cotton white suits are usually recommended since it can keep the heat away. But if you love a cool and laid back look then it would be best for you to choose white short linen suits. Linen tend to wrinkle easily and thus some people would avoid going with it. But if the event is casual then linen would be a great choice for the events.

For the formal events you can choose to style the short white suit jacket with a white dress shirt and matching shorts. You can add a contrasting white tie to finish off the look. If it is white short toddler suit it is most recommended for the summer weddings where your child is the ring bearer or the flower boys. For a cute look you can choose to add with the short suits a bow tie. Instead of the formal shoes you can go with the canvas low top sneakers. If you go through the white short pants suits sale you can find different styles available and it would help you find the right kind of style that would suit you.