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There are trends that come and go but some tend to stay evergreen in the minds of the people. Safari suits are one of this kind. Though they went out of style long back, they still are well known among the people and it also seems to have captured the hearts of the young people now. There was a time when the suits was the attire of most of the famous people – starting from James bond stars to writers like Ernest Hemingway. The style is almost back and if you are interested about the particular fashion then we are here to tell you all about it.

Walking Suit The suit was at the all time high during the 1970s and it travelled all the way from India to become famous all over the world. It became the official business attire in India while for rest of the world it became the summer appropriate attire. The official suit seems to have its style origin in Africa. The two piece suit was designed by the top designer companies for the people to wear during the safari tours in Africa. Variations of the suit were also used by the British army men who were stationed in South Africa during the Boer war.

The British army uniforms at that time were originally designed to fight the cold and be easily recognisable in the crowd. But with the change in the terrain and the fighting method, it became important to find a better suit for the uniform. To fight the heat, lightweight cotton materials were chosen and this kept the soldiers cool. The button down jacket of the suit had four pockets that were capable of holding weapons, bullets, binoculars and other essentials. The pants also came with pockets and then the shirt had a large collar. The shirt was held in place with a belt that was worn at the waist.

The safari suit first came into existence in the start of the 1900s but started to gain recognition in the 1930s. At the start of the 1970s, the garment which was popular among men until then started attracting women too. With the introduction of polyester fabric in the clothing industry, the mens suits became cheaper and hence more accessible to all people.

Taupe Suit The safari suit has become a popular symbol of the past summer attire but the style – at least a part of it is seemingly having a comeback. The safari suit jackets has been changing form and style according to the modern needs of the people. The young people are finding it to be an appropriate style for the outerwear. But since it is a reinvented style, you will have to be a little careful with the styling. You have to get it just right or you can look like a traveller from a wrong timeline. This summer style is a great choice if you love vintage reinvented styles and we are here to provide right guidance on how to style it right.

There are different types of suit jackets and you can choose the right one which could work for you. For example, if you want the real vintage look for any costume event or party then we would suggest you to go with the safari formal suit jackets which you can pair with the matching safari pants. But if you want to start slow and try out the new style then you can go with the safari suit style.

The casual suit jacket comes with the practicality of the field jacket but is made of the lightweight fabrics like cotton and cotton blend. These are quite loose fitting and reach the mid portion of your thighs. They come with the signature four pockets – two in the chest area and two in the waist area. When it comes to the color of the stylish safari casual suit jacket, the common colors that come are beige and khaki. If you want the right type of look, you can go with the ones that have the epaulettes and belt. If you are a person who loves your outdoor time then you should definitely be having an unique style suit in your outerwear collection.

Red Suit Here are some tips to properly style the safari suit jacket. To start, let the suit jacket be the main part of the outfit. The suit has been the star and will be always. Hence choose simple combining garments to complete your outfit. For example, you can style the beige safari suit for wedding with a grey crew neck t-shirt and a pair of navy jeans. You can add a dark brown leather belt and a pair of white leather low top sneakers to the outfit. This is a great choice for the cool and breezy style for the summer season.

You can style the safari suit jacket up or down depending on your choice of outfit. For example, if you are going for a formal event, you can style the stylish suit jacket with a simple shirt, knitted tie and dark colored flannel pants. Adding a pair of black leather loafers would be a cool way to complete the look. For a casual look, you can style the safari low cost suit jacket with a t-shirt and white jeans. A pair of white leather sneakers would be a good completion for the non chalant look.

When you are choosing the suit, there are many choices. Always choose the best quality suit and search the websites for the right look. You might want to shop offline, especially when you want to go with the safari most expensive suit. But if you want to check a lot of variety then it is best to purchase the suits online. Check for the websites which have the safari suits on sale and then find the ones that match your needs and budget.