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Mens Navy Suit Grey Vest

If you are a working man Especially in the corporate sector then you definitely would have atleast one of the navy suits in your wardrobe collection. Navy suits have been a savoir for the formal occasions but you cannot always be content with one style of the navy suits. You might be already browsing on different ways to style the suit and today we bring you one of the winning combination that we think would definitely work for you. Navy suit grey vest is a formal style that has been approved by the formal radar of many companies and thus it would be even safe to wear it for a Monday morning.

Blue and grey is one of the stylish combinations that you can find when it comes to dressing for the formal occasions. Navy suit with grey vest provides a conservative and perfect style and is considered to be one of the classic combinations for the working men. While there are many shades in blue, navy is one of the most important shade. Navy with grey is one of the most versatile combinations you can choose to get into your wardrobe. If you are not a vest style of person and want some motivation to go with the navy vested grey suit style then you can try out this combination first with the navy suit and grey tie look. This is one of the easiest styles to pull off and would help you get used to the combination.

We know already that the 3 piece suit style is not as common as the 2 piece suit style. Vests have been in and out of style for a long time now but right now we are at the in style phase. We have been spotting increasing number of people embracing the vested style and thus this is the right time to try out the grey vested blue suit look. The 3 piece suit gives out a more formal look when compared with the 2 piece suit and thus is recommended for the special occasions. If you are styling it for work then we would suggest you to wear it when you have important meetings or any kind of event. 3 piece suit is the equivalent of dressing up in case of work events. But if you live in a place which is naturally cold most of the times then the navy grey slimfit suit style with vest can pass as an everyday style. Most of the organizations have no qualms with 3 piece suit style but if you do not spot any of your co-workers wearing the 3 piece suit style or if you are quite new to the company it would be best to consult the dress code once or ask the higher ups. Considering these small points would make your outfit look more relevant for the formal atmospheres.

If you are convinced about trying out the navy suit grey vest style then we are here to help. Here are some of the grey vest navy outfit that you can try right off the bat. You might already know that there are different styles in the vests. Usually the U neck vests are reserved for the tuxedos or for the dressy occasions. Thus if you are styling the suit for a simple regular day then we would suggest you to go with the V neck vests. Also there is the option between single breasted and double breasted vests. Single breasted vests would give you a standard and classic look while the double breasted vests make you look authoritative and dressed up. Alternating between the styles according to the events might help you find the right look.

Now as for the outfit recommendations think about the event you are attending and the vibe of it before choosing the outfit. The shade of the grey vest can also be determined depending on the event. Lighter the color gets more casual it becomes. For example if you are looking for a grey navy wedding suit ensemble then we would suggest you to pair the navy slimfit suit with a light grey double breasted vest, a white dress shirt and a blue striped tie. There is no better way to complete this outfit than by adding a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes.

On the other hand if you are dressing for an office meeting then you can choose to go with the navy formal suit grey vest look. Styling a navy windowpane suit with a white dress shirt, brown tie and a Charcoal grey vest can get you through the event. For an instant boost to the style of your outfit add a pair of dark brown leather loafers. Instead of the plain vests you can choose to go with the textured or patterned ones since they tend to offer a more interesting look.

For example when you need a classic navy grey vest look then you can style the navy suit with a white dress shirt, burgundy tie and a tweed charcoal vest. To pull together this elegant ensemble you can add with the outfit a pair of brown leather derby shoes. If you want to go with a navy grey vest dress outfit that is equal parts classy and modern then we would suggest you to style the slimfit navy grey suit with a white dress shirt, navy knit tie and grey check vest. If you want to tone down the outfit a bit then you can add with it a pair of navy suede tassel loafers.

Instead of the formal style you can also choose a smart casual look with the navy suit grey vest look. For example when you are on the lookout for the modern mens navy grey suit look then you should style the navy suit with a white dress shirt, light grey vest and a white pocket square. Instead of adding a tie you can simply leave the top 2 buttons open.