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scarface loafer There are a lot of classic films in Hollywood but only some tend to stand the test of time. Also only some have the perfectly dressed characters which still inspire the men of these times. One among these fashion forward films was al Pacino's scarface. The gangster film had managed to maintain its place even after about 40 years since it's release. While the thrilling screenplay was one of the main characteristics which contributed to the films success one of the other things that was perfectly done for the film is the wardrobe choice of the characters. In this article we discuss the scarface suits and some of the best ways in which you can style the suit for today's trends.

The scarface film is based on the life story of the American gangster al Capone who was also widely known as scarface. This was a man who was born to the Italian immigrants in Brooklyn new York. Even in the young age he left school and joined the gang which conformed with the illegal activities like smuggling, prostitution and gambling. Soon he rose to the power in the organisation and was feared by most men in his line of occupation. Till today al Capone is considered to be one of the most notorious gangsters of all time.

Other than the illegal activities another thing that the scarface was popular for is his love for impeccable style choices. Though he was a big man he was mostly seen in suits that nicely accentuated his body type. He always considered him to be a business man rather than a gangster and thus he always dressed time look like an elegant gentleman. He greatly concerned himself with appearances so much so that he avoided being photographed on the side of the face which had the scar which earned him the name scarface. Also he preferred to be known by the name snorky rather than scarface which meant elegant and ritzy.

scarface loafer scarface loafer
He was never the man of subtlety and thus the scarface suits was never simple and subtle. He also loved flaunting his wealth and would even take a stroll around the city while wearing these expensive scarface men's suits. He also paired these flamboyant scarface men's suits with diamond rings and such other expensive accessories. As for the al Capone scarface men's suits most of them were made of high quality materials which were imported from Italy and on today's money a single suit of his would cost you several thousands. Most of the time it was silk scarface suits and silk blended Scarface suits which was preferred by the man. Al Capone always preferred to go with the three piece suits and most of the times these scarface men's suits were patterned. When you want to go with this al Capone suits you can choose to go with the pinstripe scarface men's suits and chalk stripe scarface men's suits. The standard attire for the man would a 3 piece scarface men's suit paired with a dress shirt and a tie. You can add with it a fedora hat, flashy accessories and if possible a cigar in your mouth.

As for the color of the scarface men's suits most of the time the man seemed to go with the classic colored suits. Charcoal scarface suits and navy scarface men's suits were the usual styles for the man but when he wanted a bolder style he would go with the lighter or brighter colored styles like the tan scarface suits and purple scarface men's suits. Choose the one that would suit your style depending on the nature of the event you are attending and also the season at which you are styling the outfit. While the dark colored scarface suits are best for the winter and fall seasons while the light and bright colored scarface men's suits are best for summer and spring wardrobe.

When it comes to the scarface film one of the things that they got perfectly right is the fashion choice of the main character which was played by al Pacino. The flamboyant and flashy look of the original scarface men's suits were perfectly reproduced for the film. There are a lot of styles in scarface men's suits that featured in the film but one among the most famous ones is the white scarface men's suits. White scarface men's suits easily showcased the characters love for the stylish and flashy look in terms of fashion. In the film al Pacino wears the white scarface suit on two occasions and he showcases it in different looks. If you are thinking of getting the scarface white suit look then read the article further so as to know the best ways in which you can style the scarface white suits.

In one of the scene where the character flaunts his new found power and wealth to his concerned mother and his sister be wears the scarface white suit in a perfect attire. In this scene al Pacino wears a 3 piece scarface white suit which he pairs with appropriate combining garments. The single breasted scarface white suit is paired with a black open neck dress shirt. This scarface white suit most likely would have been made by the paramount tailor tommy velasco for the production. Also this white scarface men's suit attire is believed to be inspired by an outfit in Saturday night fever but the details of the suit has been updated to match the 80s style at which the film was produced.

The notch lapel scarface white suit jacket comes with long double vents and straight flapped hip pockets. Also the construction of the scarface white suit jacket was altered to being wide and making the shoulders to be padded. The single button scarface white suit is paired with a black open neck shirt and then added with a black pocket square which he wears loosely puffed in the welted breast pocket of the scarface white suit jacket and it complements well with the black dress shirt. Also he wears this ensemble with a single breasted vest which comes with five buttons. He perfectly wears the vest with the first four buttons fastened and the last button left open. As for the trousers of this scarface white suit he wears the flat fronted ones that come with flared bottoms. The flat fronted white trousers are finished at the bottom which turn up cuffs.

The black shirt that he wears with this scarface white suit is of silk fabric and comes with spread collar. He leaves the wide collars of the black silk dress shirt spread over the lapels of the white scarface men's suit. He wears the black silk shirt with the top half number of buttons undone and when he wears the shirt alone he rolls up the sleeve of the shirt. As for the accessories he wears a belt with a square gold single prong buckle. Scarface also wears two gold necklaces and a lot of gold rings and diamond rings. As for the footwear he goes with the black shoes which comes with the raised heels.

The next scarface white suit that we are going to discuss about is the one that he wears at his wedding. This is great style when you want a truly impressive and eye catching outfit. If you are the groom and you intend to go with the outdoor wedding then it would be a great choice for you to go with this style of scarface white suits. This wedding white scarface men's suit is more of a cream color rather than being white. When you go with the cream suits rather than going with the stark white ones you tone down the look since it does not stand out too much like the white suits. So if you are a person who is trying out the white suit for the first time and you consider it too flashy then it would be a better choice to go with the cream suits.

In this scene he goes with the2 button suit scarface white suit jacket but he wears it open most of the time. The single breasted scarface white suit does not fit the man perfectly and hangs off his torso. The Scarface white suit comes with padded shoulders and comes without the vents. For the celebration he wears a carnation on the left lapel of the suit jacket. Again the three piece scarface white suit is paired with a single breasted vest that comes with 6 buttons. As for the trousers he goes with the reverse pleated ones that comes with plain hemmed bottoms.

As for the shirt to pair with this scarface wedding white suit he goes with a white formal shirt that comes with a wing collar and rounded cuffs. For this scarface white suit style he adds a tie which is a rare look with scarface men's suits and in this he goes with a dark red silk bow tie. As for the accessories he goes with pairing the scarface white suit with a pair of tan leather Oxford shoes and he matches the look with a slim tan leather belt. Again he does not shy away with adding jewelleries and goes with two gold necklaces and two gold rings. He wears a ruby ring that matches the look of the red bow tie and then a gold wristwatch.

The next style of the scarface white suit is a patterned one and this has gained a lot of fans all over the world. He wears this scarface pinstripe white suit for his meeting with sosa. For this scene al Pacino is seen wearing a pinstripe scarface white suit which is adorned with thin dark colored pinstripe stripes on it. As for styling this white scarface men's suit he wears it with a red shirt and red handkerchief. The white of the suit and the red in the combining garments give a contrasting look for the man proving it to be a catchy style. The double breasted suits scarface white suit comes with the 4 x 1 button front. The peak lapel scarface white suit comes with a slanted gorge which makes the suit lapels to glare along the lines of the padded shoulders. Again the scarface white suit comes without any vents but it fits the man perfectly without looking tightly pulling ar the sides even when he fastens the front buttons on the jacket. He keeps the scarface white suit jacket buttoned all the times but unfastens it when he sits down and also when he has a heated conversation with sosa on the meeting.

Again Tony Montana Scarface white suit is paired with a open neck dress shirt and leaves out the option of tie. He wears the shirt open for halfway and as for the handkerchief it comes with small white polka dots throughout the kerchief and he wears it loosely puffed in the chest pocket. He wears the Scarface white suit with a pair of red cordovan leather Oxford shoes and dark red silk dress socks. The fabric of the Scarface white suit is another important factor to note while purchasing for it. As mentioned before the white suit is well suited for the summer and spring events. Thus it would be better for you to go with the fabrics that would suit the climate. Lightweight ones like thecotton scarface white suits and linen scarface white suitsare some of the recommendations for you to try. This would help you for with the breathable styles which would help you keep cool throughout the hot days. Lightweight wool vest scarface white suits would give a formal look but when you need a special look then it would be better for you to go with the silk scarface white suits. Synthetic ones like polyester scarface white suits and rayon scarface white suits would be available at lower price range than the natural fabric ones. As for the fit of the scarface white suits it would be best for you to go with slim fit scarface white suits or classic fit scarface white suits.