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Cadet Suits

If you are looking for a break from the usual suit style and would like to try out something different then you can go with cadet men's suits. In this article we dicuss the cadet suits and some of the best ways to style them.

Blue 2 Button Suit For people who are wondering cadet suits are the ones that have the military design on it. While they are were mostly used in military they became a civilian fashion because of their cool look. The military cadet men's suits are usually made of heavy durable fabrics like cadet wool suits but now they are available in almost all fabrics.

As for the color of the cadet men's suits they are mostly available in dull shades that match the look of the original military suits. Safari cadet men's suits and cadet olive green suits are the ones that are most prevalent and the ones that are most preferred for an authentic look. But you can also go with other colors of the garments like cadet black suits and cadet brown suits.

There are different styles in cadet men's suits while some come with lapels some come with Mandarin collar. Also some of the cadet men's suits come with belts in the waist portion while some don't. The cadet men's suits has the usual feature of flap pockets two in the chest region and two in the hip region. The 5 button cadet suits are the ones that are mostly available especially if they are cadet mandarin collar suits. But when it comes with lapels there are usually less number of buttons on it. You can get to know the styles available and then you can select the style that suits you the best. If you are a person who already have a cadet suit in your wardrobe but are not sure how to style it then here are some tips that might help you in the process.

Olive Cadet SUit Black Cadet Suit Olive 2 Button Suit Rust Cadet Suit

A dark blue cadet suit paired with a simple white crew neck T-shirt is a good style that you can pair with black formal shoes. When you need a distinct style then you can go with sleeveless cadet suits paired with striped dress shirt and black dress boots. For a cool yet dapper look you can pair the peak lapel cadet suit with a gray crew neck T-shirt and black whole cut shoes. For a formal look you can pair the gray cadet suit with a black T-shirt and a black overcoat. You can complete the look with a pair of athletic shoes.

It is best to go with fitting cadet men's suits since they give you a perfect look. cadet Slim fit suits and cadet classic fit suits are the ones which are preferred the most. As for the pants of the cadet men's suits most of the time for a cool look you can go with wide leg cadet suit pants or cadet flat front suit pants. But when you need a slightly formal look you can go with cadet pleated suit pants or cuffed bottom cadet suit pants.