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Peaky Blinders Suit

Peaky Blinders Suit

Suits have been an integral part of mens lifestyle for a very long time. The suits have a history that dates back to centuries. The suits that originated in the early period were different from the designs of the suits that we currently wear but the basic structure of the suits have remained the same all through these years. For centuries there were variations that were put in place because of the changes in the taste and lifestyle of the people who wore suits. Therefore, you can imagine the amount of changes and versions that the suits underwent to stay relevant all through these years. This obviously means that we have a lot of styles of suits that we can go through. Now the thing with old styles is that they tend to come back in the future. Even in recent times you can see a lot of styles coming back in trend gaining the popularity of being vintage styles. The styles whether be it old or new when it is impressive can make a comeback in the fashion world. Another major contributor for these styles to come in and go out of trend is the Hollywood. Year after year we see films and series that are based in a historic period with our favorite stars strutting about in the vintage styles. This creates a much stronger impression on the movie buffs and people on the whole than a lecture about the old styles and how they are important. The visual representation and the interesting storyline of a film or series can make the character interesting and consequently making the viewers observe the costumes of that character.

One such recent addition to the list of series that has created a buzz in the fashion world is the Peaky Blinders. The series revolves around Birmingham's most famous criminal hand and their activities. The series is based in the 1920s timeline and continue to one of the most famous decades in men's fashion the 1930s. The 20s timeline has rather a great fan following especially after the film The Great Gatsby. The 2013 film itself created a great stir in the mens fashion world. Now the Peaky Blinders series is restarting the fashion and this time with a gangster twist. While the Great Gatsby film mainly focused on the richer side of the costumes the Peaky Blinders is all about sturdy suits and especially overcoats. Like any other gangs, the Peaky blinders also have some sort of uniform that instantly gives you the thrill and admiration. If you have not watched the series it is time that you go and check out the handsome man roaming and fighting with their overcoats swirling in the wind. The Peaky blinders costumes have created a separate fan following for their own in the shirt time. If you are a person who loves vintage styles or someone who doesn't mind trying something new then you can check out the Peaky blinders suit style.

With all the mysterious overcoats, tight hairstyles, newsboy caps and boots one major thing that has managed to gain the attention of the viewers is the Peaky blinders suits. The Peaky blinders suit and costume as a whole is different from the usual bold fashion choices in other gangster movies. The series and the costumes in itself are always set to be in understated monochrome palette and expertly avoid the unnecessary flash and blings. The protagonist of the series Thomas Shelby leads the gang and slowly climbs the social ladder. With the progress in their condition the fashion choices also change.

The series is inspired from a real gang which ruled the streets in Birmingham in the late 1880s and the 90s. This was the time when the industrial revolution started but failed in its purpose of lifting the living standards of the people living in poverty. The show is not exactly based on the events but is loosely based on the story and is set on the timeline of about 3 decades later. The famous adaptation in the series that depicts the use of razor blades sewn on their caps does not have much truth to it. The gang was known to wear trademark caps but the double edged razors were not in market before the early 1900s. The Peaky blinders were originally were a single gang which soon evolved to become a generic name in the locality. They were greatly known for their style in clothing especially the trademark caps, bell bottoms and ties.

As for the style in the 1920s was one of the most important in the men's fashion history. By the end of the decade the mens fashion was transformed fully from stuff Victorian styles and into more of a comfort style. The tailcoat which was a famous style disappeared almost completely and instead replaced with suits that were loose and had long legs. The jacket of these suits were compressed in the waist and put more emphasis on the shoulders. This was the basis of the suits style that we have now and this is what makes the 1920s basic wardrobe usable even 21st century excluding some of the unnecessary details. At that time the people lived in harsh conditions and did not have the heating system like we have now. Thus, the clothes that they wore were always heavy and sturdy. Working class men at that time wore standard style of a suit with an overcoat paired with the boots. This was the basics of the costumes designed for the Peaky blinders series.

As for the dark theme of the Peaky blinders suit and overcoat, Birmingham was an industrial town and it was almost impossible to keep out of soot and grime. Therefore, people in these type of towns always kept their clothes dark and simple. If you watched the series you would have found that the Peaky blinders gang tend to stick with their house rules when it comes to their outfit choices. The Peaky blinders suit and their costume as a whole is designed so that they can stand out from the wealthy class of English gentlemen. But the modern choices of their outfits also depicts their retaliation and rebellion against the traditional upper class. As for the accessories the gang members single Albert chains and pocket watches are often used along with the tie bars and the ties. With the seasons progressing the gang has also evolved from solid suits and ties to using prints and stripes in their outfits. This was a prominent style in the mens fashion of the 1930s.

As for the Peaky blinders suit style they are surprisingly modern and can make one of the best winter suits. The Peaky blinders suit style is more focused on being functional than about the aesthetic sense. These suits were from the period that immediately followed the First World War and hence the styles were mostly inspired by the military styles. The Peaky blinders suits are mostly from hard wearing fabrics like tweeds and flannels so that they can be sturdy and durable. This was also the time of the industrial revolution and thus you can see the Peaky blinder suit jacket being shorter so that the unnecessary flaps that can easily get caught in the machinery can be avoided. The costume designer of the series Stephanie Collie in the interview stated that the main focus of the Peaky blinders suit is to show of their worth. It was all about the gangs status in the neighborhood. The accessories that are paired with the Peaky blinders suit are also picked with care and made sure that they aid the storyline properly. If you are a person who loves the vintage style and also Peaky blinders then get to know the basics so that you can pull off the look.

As for the Peaky blinders suit, the gang has always chosen sharp outfits all through the series. They are widely seen wearing three piece suits as opposed to two piece suits. This is because of the fact that we mentioned before that the people at that time lived in extreme conditions and depended on layers of clothing to keep themselves warm. When you want to imitate the Peaky blinder suit look you will need to have a good three piece suit. As for the trousers of the Peaky blinders suit it should be narrow and shortened. You may not need to instantly go with custom peaky blinders suits since you can make do with off the rack suits. For the fit of the Peaky blinders suit to be perfect you can take it to your tailor. The style that is seen throughout the series is the single breasted Peaky Blinders suit with the single row of buttons.

As for the fabrics of the Peaky Blinders suit, it was mostly of thick materials like wool peaky blinder suits and tweed vested peaky blinder suits so that the wearer can keep warm even in the extreme climates. The Peaky Blinders suit were mostly in gray, blue or brown which were the order of the day at those times. As for the shirts that you can wear with the Peaky Blinders suit, all through the series the men wear a rotating rail of penny collar shirts. These penny collar shirts have smaller and rounder collars when compared with the usual button ups that we have now. The penny collar of the Peaky Blinders suit shirt is a middle of the way style that stands between the traditional collar and granddad collar. Most of the time the gang wears a white penny collar shirt with a Peaky Blinders suit. White shirt is the trademark one for imitating the Thomas Shelby look. You can also go with something darker in color and wear it with some top buttons undone. This type of style looks the best as a casual winter weekend style. For a versatile Peaky Blinders suit shirt you can go with granddad collar type shirt. As the seasons progressed you can see the men wearing patterned shirts with the Peaky Blinders suits. You can also go with the long striped styles that give you a vintage look but avoid it if you are not comfortable with it.

Another major style point you will have to remember when wearing a peaky blinder suit is to pair it with an overcoat. The overcoat or the jacket that is worn over the Peaky Blinders suit has gained a large fan following. As for the jackets you will have to go with long heavy overcoats that have long lapels. Most of the time the style used is the black lapel Peaky Blinders suit but you can also go with notch lapel collar Peaky Blinders suits. As for the design of these jackets they were purposefully designed to be long so as to create the swooshing and flapping effect when the gang walks or fights. The overcoats should be heavy and made of sturdy materials. These overcoats that are worn over Peaky Blinders suit are best to be used as winter coats. Look for sturdy styles that can last for a long time. For a diverse look you can go with patterns on the overcoats like Prince of Wales check or herringbone tweed. For a formal look go with plain dark ones like black, gray and charcoal.

Another main thing in the Peaky Blinders suit costume is to pair with the right kind of boots. For this detail you need to go with a pair of stylish leather boots which needs to be sturdy and durable. As for the color of the boots to pair with the Peaky Blinders suit you can stick to the dark theme and go with black or brown leather. A nice well worn pair of lace up leather boots that reach above your ankle will do the job. These boots should be paired with higher crop of your trousers for a cool look.

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