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Want a new suit to add to your wardrobe collection? Think magenta suits. We can already see some men reeling back with the audacity of our suggestion. But hear us out before you totally dismiss of the idea. Magenta suits have become one of the style favorites in mens fashion and the top designers are gushing over the look. If you don't believe us and want proof then you should just take a look at the number of celebrities who are recently rocking the magenta suit styles. If you need further convincing then read the article further since we intend to talk more about mens suits and how to make it work for the men.

The way we are dressing is changing with the change in our mentality. While in the past there was the risk of a man getting shot for wearing a dress we now see Harry styles rocking a dress on the Vogue magazine cover. With the garments becoming more unisex and the gender lines blurring in fashion there is no way you can still classify colors based on the gender. Pink is no longer a girl's color and boys can wear whatever they like. Thus it is finally time to get out of the navy and grey suit bubble and try something new at least for once.

Magenta Suit But we understand that is easy said than done. While it is now possible to wear the pink suits there is still the risk of getting stared at. You cannot simply wear a baby blue suit for your Monday work. Thus there is a place and time to make the look work. Now for people who are just stepping out of the aforementioned classic suit bubble then it might be hard to simply transition to the light colored suits. Magenta suits can act as the bridge since they are not as casual as the pink or baby blue suits. Magenta refers to the purplish red shade and sometimes even referred to as mauvish crimson. Since the color is a mix of two dark colors the resulting shade is also quite dark. This makes the suits more formal than the light colored suits.

Magenta color suits thus can work for the formal events without getting too many stares. If you are attending a formal office dinner event and want to look dressed up for the same then we would suggest you to think of the magenta suits. Even if you aren't ready to go with the full suit style you can try going with the separates. A velvet suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt, black tie and black dress pants would provide you with a perfect mix of the classic and modern look. To finish off the look in a perfect way you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather formal shoes. If the event is adequately formal then you can even go with the magenta dinner jacket look.

If you are looking for inspiration we have many celebrity outfits to point out for you. Along with the celebrity suit outfits we have also added some of our suggestions which would make the look more achievable for you. It is not like we walk red carpets all the time.

Tom Brady

This is one of the celebrity styles that isn't over the top and you can just make it work by copying it as such. For the 2019 Met Gala celebrating camp held in New York the man looked great in the magenta velvet suit blazer which he paired with a light pink dress shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. To finish off the look he went with a pair of patent black formal shoes.

Notch Lapel Blazer If you are looking to take your date with you for the event then you can take lessons from Tom Brady more. For the event he attended with Gisele B├║ndchen and he was dressed in a rose gold floor length dress. While their outfits are not outright matching you can see the shade matching. This would provide you with a coordinated look for the pictures.

Dev Patel

If you are a person who loves tonal dressing but would like to keep it subtle nonetheless then Dev Patel's suit design is just for you. For the British Independent Film awards he was spotted wearing a dark magenta suit set that he paired with a matching magenta dress shirt. He completed the look with a pair of black leather loafers making it an attainable outfit for any man.

If you want to go with the same type of look but with a more casual look to it then we would suggest you to pair the magenta notch lapel suit with a dark purple polo shirt. To complete the equation of this outfit in a fashionable way you can add with the suit outfit a pair of black and white leather loafers.

Timothee Chalamet

The Call me by your name star has been making headlines quite a number of times due to his bold wardrobe choices. For an event that he attended for the promotion of his above mentioned film he was spotted wearing a 2 piece velvet magenta suit mens which he paired with a matching magenta dress shirt. He went for the hot guy look by leaving out the tie and leaving the top 2 buttons of the shirt open. Along with the simple silver shirt chain and casually styled hair he looked great. This would be a great look for people who are looking for casual magenta wedding suits. People who would try out a different style rather than sticking to the black tuxedo can go with this look. But if you are going with a formal wedding then you can choose a magenta 3 piece suit/ rather than the 2 piece suit look since it gives a more formal and dressed up look.