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Gray wool suits are a common sight in working men’s wardrobe and it will be of no surprise if you already have it in your wardrobe. This is an article for people who do not have a wool suit in their wardrobe and also for the ones who have it but do not Utilize it to the fullest potential. Gray has become the new black and everyone has admitted to the versatility of the suit. But none of us are ready to use it in a different way other than to style it for work. Thus we have come here to make you know that there are other ways in which you can make the gray suits work.

Gray Suit 3 Button Suit Wool Suit Vested Suit

If you are thinking of getting the gray wool suits for the first time you should definitely think about the shades. By now you would have already known that there are at least 50 shades of gray but in reality there is a lot more. Each of the gray provides with a different look and thus depending on the event for which you are purchasing the suit so that you can make it work. Dark gray wool suits are considered to be more formal than the lighter shades. If you are aiming for formal suits that you can wear to work then stick with the dark shades like the charcoal wool suits and such. But if your office is quite casual with the dress codes then you can even get away with the light grey wool suits.

The fabric of the suit is what keeps the wearer comfortable and thus it is important to choose it wisely. When it comes to formal suits, wool suits are the ones that are considered to be the best because of its properties. Wool suits tend to have a nice look since the drape is nice. The soft material will also keep you cool through the day and warm at night. There are different styles in gray suits and concentrating on the details would help you get a great look according to the event. For example worsted wool gray suits are the ones that are recommended for the formal events and office use. But when you need a textured look that is more interesting then go with the gray flannel wool suits.

2 Button Suit 100% wool suits are the ones that are considered to be ideal but it would not be possible. Thus most people go with the wool blend gray suits. Go with the blended ones that have more wool in it. Polyester wool suits and rayon wool suits are some of the recommendations for the people who are looking for cheaper picks. Styling the gray wool suits is not a very job since the neutral color pairs well with almost all colors. Here are some of the best gray wool suit outfits that we think would help you get a great look for any events.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba is one of the best dressed celebrities and we can see him looking great in all the events that he attends. For the swanky bar launch of his wife Sabrina he was the perfect host dressed in men’s gray wool suits. He was seen wearing a the dark gray suit which he paired with a darker gray crew neck t-shirt. The “suicide squad” actor completed the wool suit outfit with a luxurious watch and a pair of black leather formal shoes. If you are a person who loves to invent new ways to style the gray suits then you should definitely try Idris Elba’s gray suit look for an off duty day.

Channing Tatum

3 Piece Suit Channing Tatum is one of the most in demand actors in Hollywood right now. For the special screening of his latest movie Foxcatcher the actor was spotted at MOMA in new york city. He went for the formal look when he styled the 3 piece gray wool plaid suit with a white dress shirt and black and white striped tie. Instead of the odd vest that seems to be the trend now Channing went with the matching grey wool suit vest. He looked great with a tinge of facial hair and he completed the look with a pair of perfectly polished black leather formal shoes.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell seems to be a fan of gray suits as much as us and we have spotter him rocking the gray wool suit style for different occasions. If you are a person who loves to play with the shades then you can go with the gray suit look that Colin wore for the lobster event. He was seen wearing the grey plaid 3 piece suit wool that he wore with the light grey dress shirt and dark grey print tie. To finish off the look you can add with it a orange and black animal print pocket square and a pair of black leather formal shoes.

Quality Suit Other than this you can also go with styling the suit as separates. For example gray wool suit jacket is easy to style but you can also choose to go with the gray suit vest and style it with different garments. For example you can take the Colin Farrell’s outfit that he wore to the event of The way back. For this event he wore a black suit which he paired with a white dress shirt, light grey scarf and a mid wool suit vest. He finished off the look with a pair of black leather formal shoes.

If you are looking for a formal look that you can wear to the office without a second thought you can choose the look that Colin wore to the event with Hollywood foreign press association. For this event he was spotted wearing a two piece gray wool pinstripe suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and a black formal tie. You can go with black oxford shoes but when you want a cooler look you can go with black leather loafers.