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If you are quite bored with the usual suits style and have been looking for a fresh look then choosing a suit can help. Some might know this style while some might not and the easiest reference we can give you is Kim Jong Un. The North Korean leader is often seen wearing a suit and this is considered to be a business look. If you are looking for some easy but formal suit style then you should be thinking of going with the mens mao suits. This is not a very popular style and you might have your doubts but we are here to explain. Know all about suits by reading this article.

The suits differ from the usual suits in the style of the jacket. While the suits mostly come with two, three or four buttons, the suit jackets come with buttons which can be fastened till the neck of the wearer. The mao classic suits come with the front fastening design and thus does not show the dress shirts worn below. The trousers of the suits are similar to the usual suit trousers and they come in matching material as that of the jacket.

Long Suit Black Suit 5 Button Suit Wine Suit
Another major feature of the Mao suits involve a high, turned down collar that lies close to the neck. Also the suits come with four patch pockets – two big ones on the waist level and two smaller ones near the breast. These pockets are often expandable especially the lower ones. They also have a buttoned down flap. These suits are present both for men and women. The main difference between both the styles is that the mens mao suits come with fly fastening for the waistband of the trousers while for women, it comes with side fastening.

Mao suits might seem like a fancy name for a modern garment but the origin of this garment can be traced back to the previous century. This mao classic fit suit for men style is believed to have been introduced by the Chinese Republican leader Sun-Yat-San during the start of the last century. This was the time when the Republic of China was founded.

The suits are believed to be an attempt to choose a style that is modern but without too much influence from the western countries. Sun-Yat-San then developed the style of these suits by taking inspiration from the military suits, student suits and the western suits. By the end of the 1920s, the civil servants who served under the nationalist government were asked to wear the suit.

The suit soon gained political importance and became the symbol of proletarian unity. These suits were often worn by the party cadres both men and women. The four pockets on the suits were said to represent the Four virtues of propriety, justice, honesty and shame and to the five buttons the branches of the Chinese government.

Walking Suit The Mao suits became widely popular after the victory of the communists in the Chinese civil war in 1949. Now not only the political leaders but almost all male citizens started wearing the suit. It soon became the best counterpart for the western style suits. The then communist leader Mao Zedong loved the style and soon it was named after him. Even today the suits are known to have a close association with the Chinese communism with the Chinese leaders wearing them for the important ceremonies.

The stylish Mao suit soon gained traction among the socialists and intellectuals all over the world. You can now see the style being worn randomly. For example, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is neither a Chinese or a Maoist but is often spotted wearing the style. This particular style of the suits are also closely related to military and hence have gained popularity among the men.

Blue Suit If you are thinking of choosing the unique Mao suit style then there are some things that should be noted. The fabric of the suit remains to be one of the most important factors to be chosen carefully. Only when the suit is of good quality it can last long and give the best return for your money. The suits can be made from a variety of materials but wool and cotton are the most preferred choices. There is also the option of choosing the polyester suits or the mix of polyester with cotton. You should be thinking of the budget before making the choice.

For example, there are the most mao expensive suits and there are also the cheap priced suits. People who want to choose the best regardless of the price would go with the designer suits or the custom made ones but most would choose the best affordable suits. Using options like suits near me would give you the list of the sites and shops that have the style. Check out the ones that have the best suits on sale and then pick out the one that suits your taste.

The next thing that should be noted especially if you are selecting the suits online is the fit of the suit. You should be remembering that these suits aren't like the usual suits and you should be buttoning them up till your neck. Hence you should be going with the ones that are of the perfect fit. If you are a tall and lean person then skinny suits and mao slim fit suits might be good choices. Other than this you can also choose the branded suit for men since they have a better option in the fit. You can even try on the style before you buy them. There are various sites that have the suit on discount. Take the time to check through the different styles and compare these styles before making the choice.