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Factors that affect Price of Suit

Summary: Whenever you go to buy suits, you usually think that the price of the suit will determine the quality of the suit and you mostly end up buying quite expensive suit. However, reality is something different and here in this article you will get to know the factors that affect price of suit. It is quite confusing the way people react to the price of the suits and you are not an exception. Sometimes we feel price of a particular cloth is quite expensive while sometimes you feel the same piece of cloth is very cheap. Actually its mostly about your expectation and the market trend. If you think you are too smart then you will look for a higher value of your dress than the price of the dress. In addition, sometimes you will try to bargain as much as you can to get the right piece of cloth. A perfect business is the one where both parties are left happy and satisfied.

Here are some factors that you must consider in the price of Suit:

1st factor – Pattern
A first price factor in menswear is about the pattern of the garment; and how many men can wear the pattern. If the particular clothing is made to fit a large number of men, it will be usually of lower price as it is for general audience. If it’s made to fit for a special body type like thin or sporty, then it will be priced higher than usual as it targets a smaller audience.

2nd Factor – Fabric
The price of a piece of clothing comes from the materials used. Mainly the type, the quality and the fabric weave is responsible to determine the price of the garment. prices for tuxedos range from a few cents a yard to hundreds of dollars per yard.  A shirt normally takes a single 1 yard, trousers from 1 1/2 to 2, with a suit on average demanding 3.5 yards or more.  Garments made in large volume can save fabric as well the price of the dress. Synthetic fabrics are least expensive but cotton fabrics are highly expensive. Among the most costly fabric, there come two fabric one is the silk and wool as they are made from animal hairs. Most men’s suits are woollen and hence the price of the suit is normally quite expensive. 

3rd Factor – Construction
Construction is the skill and method with which clothing is assembled and that influences the cost. Machine stiching is cheaper and quicker, which brings the price down, while hand stitching takes time and skill in which they create a fine finishing to the product makes the clothing more expensive.  The advantage of hand stitching is the perfection and durability.

4th Factor – Before and After Purchase Service
The price of suit also decides on the service the store or the tailor give before you are going to buy the dress as well as after buying the product.  If you have a good experience in buying the attire then you will come repeatedly and you will recommend others also, but in case of bad experience you may simply don’t want to visit the store again.

 5th Factor – Brand Names & Reputation
If you are after a designer label that is hot, then just be sure that you are going to pay more because of that particular brand name.

A higher price tag is not always a good quality of attire. So be very careful about the price of suit before you buy.

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