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Must Have Suits – Wardrobe Essentials

A mans suit says a lot about who he is the cut, the color, and embellishments. But its important to know that there are different suits for different occasions. Dont be left in the dark, but fill your closet with must have suits below and youll always be ready to dress to impress.

Dress to the Nines with the Tuxedo

Wide Peak Lapel Tuxedo - 5 Must Have Suits
Wide Peak Lapel Tuxedo

Tuxedos are classic and will forever be one of the must have suits. James Bond would be the best example of carrying the classic, cool, gentleman vibe. Yes, they can be a bit pricey, but a quality tuxedo can last you a lifetime and you would be investing in yourself. There are many men with one very nice tuxedo, and they would wear it to multiple occasions, but dress it differently (such as a different colored necktie or shirt). A current trend in tuxedos is the leather wide peak lapel. It is a bold finish that brings swag to the classic look.

Channel your inner Don Draper with the Navy Blue Suit

SKU# NVTZ-100 Mens 2 Button Navy Blue Super 100s Wool , single breasted and pleated Suit - 5 Must Have Suits
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A navy blue suit is a doer. A clean-cut navy blue suit is fresh and clean with the options to dress it up or down. You can wear one for an evening out, a job interview, or special occasion. Try a suit structure that is single-breasted and 2 buttoned. It is best to choose a material that is breathable wool so that it can take you anywhere from day to night.

Look sharp with the 3-piece suit

Sku#T633Kr Mens 3 Piece Navy Blue Three Piece Vested Suit - 5 Must Have Suits
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The 3-piece suit is for the sophisticated and polished man. It can give a boss impression by delivering a full or complete look. You can stray away from the all matching colors and try mixing up the colors of your vest and jacket to bring out your own unique style.

Cause a Scene with the Pinstripe Suit

SKU#NVY0272 2 Btn Stripe ~ Pinstripe, Flat Front Pants, Side Vents, Pick Stitch, Super 150s Suit Navy Blue - 5 Must Have Suits
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For the unconventional man, the pinstripe suit is another one of must have suits and is everything. Its the perfect suit to accessorize with, so have fun! Before, pinstripes were just the basic black and white or white and grey, but now there are other colors for the modern man. Try a colorful watch or some snazzy shoes with pinstripes.

Keep Yourself Warm with the Wool Suit

SKU#GRY8221 2 Btn Flat Front Pants Glen Plaid, Side Vents, Super 150s Pick Stitch Suit - 5 Must Have Suits
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The last but not least of must have suits is the wool suit. There are different styles and thickness for wool suits. Wool suits can be worn casually or formally. Avoid getting a boxy cut with padded shoulders. It is best to find a style that is more trimmed and hugs you, rather than engulfing your figure. Even if it is for a special occasion, it gives a relaxed vibe while looking nice.

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