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Information about Mens Brown Suit

A color avoided by many men and think as not worth a timepiece suit. However mens brown suit gives an earthly tone and also a down-to-earth feel. It deviates from the predictable “safe” colors like gray and navy.

Mens Brown suits in USA can be easily matched with earth tones from yellow to gold to tan colors. Depending on the tone of your brown, combination with maroon, cream, or even navy blue is also possible. When it comes to suit colors - no-one has ever, anywhere, made an impact or cut a dash in a mens chocolate suit .

All suits are not the same. Obviously there is the single breasted Brown Suit, the double breasted Brown Suit and the highly ostentatious triple breasted Brown Suit. There are also subtle distinctions like the vents or slits up the back. There is the single vent that allows you to sit without creasing your jacket and then there is the double vent that looks like you have a cat flap in your bottom.

For the vast majority of men who wear the standard dark polyester suit, the only chance they have to express themselves is in their choice of tie.

If you are concerned about the type of suit you're wearing, count the buttons on the jacket. If there are more than three buttons, then you are wearing some sort of weirdo creative combo.

Suit separates are the ideal solution for the man who is not an off the rack fit. Athletes, body builders and portly can now select jacket and pant sizes separately for a perfect fit. The Mens Charcoal Brown Suit with a grey pin stripe is the height of fashion and a keeper for a well rounded wardrobe.

Mens Business Attire VS Mens Smart Casual

Mens Business Attire

  • Men’s "Business attire" is a full suit with matching pants, a dress shirt and tie.
  • It differs from the type of outfit you might wear to a wedding or evening event.
  • It is conservative, designed to be sharp but not flashy, and elegant but not overly formal.
  • The idea is to showcase the individual, not the clothes.

Mens Smart Casual

  • "Smart casual" is a more relaxed, yet professional look.
  • Pressed pants, a collared shirt, and clean, matching accessories.
  • A sport coat will add a touch of class to a casual look.
  • Avoid jeans, sneakers and T-shirts.
  • You should never dress completely casual to an interview.

Enhance Look with perfect Shirts and Ties

Dress shirt for Mens Brown Suits:

Shades of light to mid blue are most effective. If you choose another color, pastels are safest. Subtle patterns are fine, white shirts create a more formal look.

Silk Tie: Keep it subtle, should coordinate with suit and shirt

Please remember patterns of shirt, tie and suit are different designs and size.

Casual Shirts in Mens Brown Suit:

  • Long-sleeved are more business oriented
  • Button-down is a neater look
  • Cotton or cotton-blend
  • Solid pastels or small subtle patterns
  • subdued patterns
  • Crisp, clean and pressed
  • Avoid T-Shirts and black
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