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How To Choose A Suit

Suit Selection

How to Choose A Suit

You don't need an extreme makeover in order to change to your look, just a minor tweak in your regular clothing can do wonders. When it comes to mens suits, you can make a range of variations and appear great. Read on the article to know more about the different styles, lapels and patterns associated with a suit.

1. Single breasted and double breasted style

Probably this is the very first element of the suit that everyone can easily notice. Both styles are totally different in arrangement, but will give you a stylish and unique look. Single breasted suits do have a single row of buttons down the front. The suit flaps only overlap in order to allow for buttoning. Double breasted suits do have 2 rows of buttons arranged on both the sides. The front portion overlaps enough to let both flaps be attached to the opposite row of buttons. The choice between these two styles is a just a matter of your personal fashion taste, but they do have their own pros and cons. Taller men can benefit more from double breasted suits whereas shorter men can prefer wearing single breasted suits. Double breasted suits are great for men with round bellied stature, as it has the tendency to give a slimming effect to the wearer.

2. Lapel styles

Basically there are three lapel styles associated with mens suits namely, peak lapel, notch lapel and shawl lapel.

Peak lapel

This is the most popular choice available out of all the lapel styles. It usually has two points of fabric that run on both sides of the suit and project in the upward direction. The fabric tends to narrow towards the lapel and the collar and gradually disappear into the suit. With this kind of lapel, you can have a broad V-shaped opening on the front of the suit. This is actually a traditional style that can be preferred by men with conventional fashion tastes in mind.

Notch Lapel

This is quite similar to peak lapel style but the fabric also points inwards where the lapel and V-cut meets the suit. This style is perfect for accentuating the shoulder width and it is an ideal choice for tall and broad shouldered men.

Shawl lapel

This is actually a smooth edge and rounded lapel without any cuts available. The lapel completely rolls back and narrows towards the collar until the lapel meets the suit.

3. Vent choices

Vents are flap like slits usually available in the bottom portion of the suit which allow for easy and free movement. It also offers easy access to the pant pockets. The two major classifications are single vented and double vented. Single vented suits are also called as center vented suits whereas double vented suits are called as side vented suits. If you take center vented suits, you will have a single slit at the back of the suit and it lets the suit expand at the bottom portion while sitting. With center vented suits, you can expose your posterior excellently. Side vented suits do have two vents one on either side. They are usually arranged just behind the pants to offer easy access. Side vents also allow for comfortable sitting. But this kind of vent prevents the rumpling of the back of the suit. In short, they won't let your suit crease or wrinkle. Other than side vented and center vented suits, you can also have ventless suits. As the name implies, they come with no vents but they provide an extremely sleek look to the back of the suit. The only disadvantage with this choice is the appearance of crease/wrinkle when sitting down. 4. Pant styles

A dress pant can make or break your look. So, you need to choose a right dress pant that goes well with your body shape and helps create a striking impression on others. You are having three choices here, single pleated, double pleated and flat front pants.

Single pleated

Single pleats are considered as the oldest and traditional versions that can excellently accommodate people with heavy thighs. This style has the tendency to make the wearer look slim. This choice would be the best option, if you want to have that slimming effect all through the wearing time. Though this style is not preferred by many, but men with tall physical build often opt for this choice because it works best for them.

Double pleated

These suits do have pleats on either sides and are designed by having round bellied men in mind. These pants are roomy enough to accommodate the big torso and thigh of bulky men. Since the suits are made with enough space in both torso and thigh areas, the wearer can easily sit, stand, walk and move around with ultimate comfort. Double pleats are extremely good if you do have a shorter stature. With this choice, you can have a baggy look that can catch the attention of many.

Flat front

Flat front pants feature a very young and energetic look that can be unmatched. This style is perfect for men with slim build and it goes well with the natural waistline of the wearer. With this style, you can have that right dressy look and exude elegance. This will give you a flawless look, when worn right.

5. Common suit patterns

Pinstripe suits

This is the most basic pattern you can get. This style consists of vertical lines running all over the suit to give out a heightened effect to the wearer. These suits do come with stripes of medium width and thickness. In this style, you can have pencil stripe and chalk stripe patterns too. Pencil stripe suits do have thin stripes that are closely spaced. As the name suggests, chalk stripe suits do have thick chalk-like stripes. If you would like to have an authoritative and more formal look, pinstripe suits are the finest choices.

Shadow stripe suits

This refers to the woven tone on tone stripe look that is very close to satin stripe look. The width of these stripes range within 1 inch and it is usually 3/8th of an inch. It can also vary from slightly wider to regular pinstripe thickness.

Plaid suits

Believe it or not, this is one of the fancier patterned suits available on the fashion market. This is not something like other patterns but it involves intricate tailoring. Plaid patterned suits also cost high. They are further classified into two namely windowpane plaid and glen plaid.

a. Windowpane plaid

These suits give a very stylish and dress effect that greatly differentiates from the standard stripe suits. In this patterned suit, you will have lines running both horizontally and vertically to make square-like windowpane patterns. Other than square pattern, you can also have rectangular windowpane formation that would give out a prolonged effect to your physical build. You can also have many harmonious combinations with more patterns and expose your positive features right. Be it a casual party or semi formal event or even religious gathering, this kind of suit is perfect to show off your individual and unique style.

b. Glen plaid

These suits do come with subdued patterns that can be paired with solid colored shirt and usual patterned tie to have a clean refined look. These suits also come with tight twill patterns of broken checks that would give out a professional look wherever you go.

Herringbone suits

Herringbone pattern usually has two angled lines making small arrows gradually running down the weave. It consists of tight threads that excellently make a kind of zigzagged pattern and it is usually made in thicker twilled fabrics. This pattern is more common in sport suits than regular suits.

Tweed suits

Tweed is a textured fabric that can convey an image of warmth and richness when worn. Tweed suits are made of thick woolen fabric that makes a great suit for formal events on colder days. The tweed pieces can be incorporated separately into your closet or worn all together. The bits of color will usually lend attention to what you wear.

Houndstooth suits

This is actually a standard weaving pattern of broken checks woven in a range of fabrics. Different varieties of sport coats, pants, suits and ties are made using this woolen fabric. They are sure to give you a classic yet stylish look. Wearing these houndstooth suits is also considered as a symbol of wealth.

6. Commonly used fabrics

The most commonly used fabrics in suit making are wool, linen and cotton.


Linen suits can be worn in all sorts of weather and linen fabric can be used for a range of purposes. This fabric is well-known for its strength and durability and they are quite stronger than cotton. Linen suits are finest choices for summertime because of its lightweight and soft nature. The major problem with linen is that it gets stain easily and wrinkles rapidly. Linen is an excellent conductor of heat and it can keep you cool all day long. A well cared linen suit will last for many more years to come. Even after several uses, linen would retain its beautiful look without requiring any sort of chemicals. If you are mindful of your budget, there is nothing better than linen suits.


Like linen fabric, cotton is an excellent choice for you in summer time. This fabric tends to breathe well and has the ability to give you a cool effect and safeguard you from scorching sun. They also tend to wrinkle and crease easily and so they need extra maintenance. Despite these annoyances, they are excellent lightweight and cool substitutes to many other heavy fabrics. Cotton suits stand matchless in respect to comfort, cost and design. The moisture absorption property of lien fabric would draw heat away from the body and let the body remain cool for longer period of time, while making it the finest material to be worn during summer.


If you would like to have good comfort and durability along with style, then you would never go wrong with wool fabric. There are different types of wool fabrics used for different purposes. You can go for tweed wool, flannel wool, worsted wool or tropical wool according to your individual tastes and preferences. Tweed is a heavy fabric that can be worn in pretty cold areas. Flannel suits are designed from corded wool and are heavy too. They are extremely durable and hard-wearing to withstand the harsh winter elements. Tropical wool suits are quite lightweight in nature and are more prone to wrinkle. They are usually light colored fabrics that are capable of giving you a neat elegant look. There is also one more durable and hard-wearing option called worsted wool. It is a great clothing item made by mid-weight corded wools to wear all through the summertime. Wool fabric is highly resistant to wrinkles and creases and it will return to its natural shape after stretching. The impressive thermal insulation properties keep you warm in winter and cool during summer. You can wear it any time of the year and relish in the good look it gives.

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